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I am on a mission to send a high vibration impulse to the cosmos

Hi there! My name is Ricky

I am the founder of the Highbrate- Vibrate Higher community. My massive spiritual awakening helped me realize my lightwork abilities. I’ve been guided by my spirit guides to start the community and help you vibrate higher. I live in India and am working on raising my vibrations. #VibrateHigher

Vibrate higher to begin an extraordinary life…

I’m a “high-vibe coach”, and help inspired individuals to vibrate higher. I create programs and share ideas to level-up your life on all fronts. Vibrate higher to elevate your life with your mental space, physical space, emotional space, and spiritual space. You see rewards in all walks of your life – health, career, relationships, and self-care. I help you vibrate higher with:

  • Start-up spiritually to create high impact work. You  create massive change and lead a fulfilling life of purpose and passion
  • Nurture your Relationships to create love, happiness. Create a connection and a sense of belonging with yourself. You nurture relationships with your family, friends, and the community
  • Transform your lifestyle vibrations to create a healthy sense of well-being. Elevate your life and grow personally to shift your way of life

ricky high vibe coach

I help you vibrate higher with a mix of the following three elements in all my coaching programs

Identify your limiting core belief

Start-up Spiritually

Your vibrations flow like ripples to create a wave of passionate energy. I help you co-create with Universe and fulfill your purpose to the highest degree.

Identify your limiting core belief

Nurture Relationships

Interact your high loving energy with all forms of life. I help you nurture your relationship with yourself and in-turn nurture deep long-lasting relationships with other human beings.

lifestyle vibrations

Transform Lifestyle

Your mindset, actions, environment and food are the four pillars that raise your vibrations. I help you reset your lifestyle in the highest vibration that transforms your current lifestyle.

High-Vibe Life Boost Program - 1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching Program

High-Vibe Life Boost

Get on a 4-month ride with me on a life-altering program that will transform your life to a whole new vibration! This is an intensive program which works on all aspect of your vibrations in life with around 40 live sessions, and a 120-day workbook that is capable to create a whole new you! Get Started

Reset core beleifs

1:1 / Masterclass Session

Identify your Limiting Core-Belief

Identify the shocking limiting core belief that has been limiting you all your life. Heal all your emotions that are attached to this limiting core belief. Investigate your sub-conscious thoughts associated with the core-belief on autopilot. With an increased focus on spiritual work, deeply heal all instances of your life that has been run by this limiting core belief.
Get on a 2 hour session with me.