5 Advanced signs of high vibrations. These take you to the next level

Remember the last time in life when everything was so easy and flowing? Or is this happening with you right now? At this very moment? When the energy is right, everything feels right. With high vibrations, you align towards your truth. When things really feel good, there are some advanced signs of high vibrations that you experience in life.

Everything in today’s world demands speed. It demands quick solutions. However, you need to realize that processes work with time. I am really in love to work with processes. There’s a big difference between quick fads and process.

It’s not viable when it comes to raising your vibrations. You cannot expect to show advanced signs of high vibrations without working towards your own consciousness. Healing takes time. And you deserve to give yourself some time. You deserve to undergo a process. That’s how lasting changes come. And the outcomes you truly desire.

When you do undergo transformations by giving it enough justice and time, your rise higher in vibrations. An advanced level of high vibration would be to consider yourself experiencing one of the five signs listed below:

Here are five advanced signs of high vibrations that you are on the next level:

1. You are intentional

Your thoughts are intentional. You perform actions backed by your intention. In other words, you are following an intention-based living.

In Hindu mythology and rituals, when you start anything new, a ritual is performed with intentional prayer.

There are reasons for this. An intention before any action will help you:

  • Stay focused
  • Know what you want
  • Manifest your desires
  • Have Universe’s back
  • Align stars for you

The best way to become intentional in life is to start small with short periods. For example:

  • Starting a new habit? Start with an intention on how you would like to see yourself
  • Performing meditation? Set an intention for the practice such as I would like to feel more joy after the session
  • Investing? Set an intention that you will receive a far greater ROI
  • Performing Yoga? Set an intention for the practice such as I would like my body to feel flexible after the session

When you state your intentions, subconsciously and sometimes unconsciously, your energy is bringing you closer to your intention.

And if you feel you are not aligned with intention-based living yet, here’s what you can do:

  • Start your day with an intention.
  • Set a reminder on your phone to live the next hour with intention.
  • Write down your intention
  • Say your intentions out loud
  • Visualize your intention coming true

Practice intention-based living. Everything you do, back it with the right intention. Watch your energy multiply!

2. You understand the source of energy and its love:

When you are in the flow, your energy is aligning with the massive source energy.

Source energy is the highest form of energy.

When you think about it, the creation/ creator or in some cases (God) is considered as source energy.

You feel your connection with the source of energy is increasing, you are moving towards it.

From birth, you are pure and with high vibrations.

You are love.

Advanced signs of high vibrations
You are reaching towards the source energy

However, societal conditioning brings your vibration down.

You start to synchronize with the frequency of fear.

Deep down, you are still the energy of love.

When you vibrate higher, you realize love is the highest vibration.

When your actions are inspired by love, you are rising higher in vibrations.

You now feel joy and love in every action you perform.

What happens when you connect with the source energy:

  • You feel highly energetic
  • You are faithful
  • Your conviction increases
  • You start to see all forms of life as one interconnected web
  • You see more love around you

How to increase your connection with source energy (in no particular order):

  • Prayer: Prayer is just simply having a heart-to-heart with the source energy. And trust, that the other end communicates as well.
  • Nature: Nature is as close to the source as any on planet Earth. Just 30 minutes in nature will shoot your vibrations high!
  • Kindness: Practice random acts of kindness with no expectations. It’s easier to perform acts of kindness with people who are way less fortunate than you are.
  • Heart-centered living: Move away from your headspace (thoughts) and shift your focus to the vibrations of the heart. Energy grows where focus flows. You will slowly help your heart chakra open up
  • Feeling love for yourself: When you start feeling greater love for yourself, your body is attracting higher vibrations

Love is the highest energy of energy and higher abundance. When you move towards the source, you are flowing smoothly without any resistance.

If you feel you are facing resistance in any activity, you can do two things:

  • Identify your priorities and stick to what’s moving you closer to source
  • Perform some shadow work and see if your healing around certain areas need to happen

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3. You are making the right choices:

Life is nothing but a series of choices.

You making choices is backed by the Universe and divine timing.

When you feel courageous about meeting decisions, and actually feel good about them, you are moving towards higher vibrations.

This may be against the usual societal norms, and that is understandable.

You see. Courage is the neutral vibration between love and fear.

Most of what is holding you back from taking that massive life-changing decision is fear.

Most of life, you are ‘programmed’ to make certain decisions in a ‘normal’ way.

But when you jump higher from fear to neutrality and oscillate between neutrality and love about a decision, you are surely vibrating higher.

When you feel good about making a decision that you feel good about, you are moving higher in vibrations.

For example:

  • You planning a new job
  • Your diet is transforming
  • You are planning to start something of your own
  • Starting a new diet

How to know you are making the right choice?

  • Helps you grow
  • Makes you feel good
  • Leads you towards love
  • Moves you closer to your truth
  • Helps you be authentic

The more conscious you are about a choice you are making, you create greater consciousness in every action.

Any action performed consciously, and backed with an intention, helps you to quickly manifest.

And that’s how feeling good about your choices creates ripples of better choices in your life.

That’s simply how you transform your life.

How to make the right choices in life?

  • Feel the outcome of your choices
  • Nurture your gut intelligence
  • Listen to your body intelligence
  • Make smaller decisions
  • Trust your intuition

4. You are working for a cause much bigger than you:

Love is expansive. Fear is contracting.

When you vibrate higher, your energy is expansive.

It expands and flows to everything around you.

When the energy of love gets in touch with other energies around you, it automatically charges everything you.

At this point, you understand we are all one.

And it’s much more about just you.

At this stage, you feel like sharing this high vibration energy with everyone else.

You start feeling inspired to create and share with the world.

You now are looking at ways to help people.

A lot of people are working for themselves or towards their families.

When you work for the community, it indicates you have a high source of energy and are willing to share it with everyone.

You understand when you share this energy; it multiplies not just within you but to everyone else around you.

When you work for a bigger cause, you:

  • Share your learning
  • Express your creativity
  • Give generously to strangers
  • Create positivity with your skills
  • Learn to nurture compassion

If you feel you are not there yet, here is how you can start to work towards a cause much bigger than you:

  • Join community work
  • Interact with people doing inspiring things
  • Spend some time with animals
  • Plant a tree
  • Clean a river/ water body
  • Prepare food for your neighbor
  • Mentor someone junior to you

5. You are wonderfully in alignment

You are a multi-dimensional being. Within your energy systems, there are multiple sub-energy fields vibrating with each other. You have an understanding of these sub-energy fields and how they respond and interact with each other.

Often, a higher tuning in one field results in a higher coherence in another. Likewise, when one sub energy system fails, everything else gradually shuts down. It’s a big interlink of energies interacting with each other and playing a role in your overall energy system.

The five main sub-energy-systems you can ‘logically identify’ with your limited capabilities are:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Emotions
  • Universe

Performing actions that help you create a balance within these sub-energies is a strong indication of a higher vibration.

It’s natural for you to feel inclined to work in one sub-energy field, and that helps you stay balanced in all other fields. For example, you have a strong connection with the Universe and that helps you keep your emotions balanced.

You vibrate higher when you understand how all the energies are linked to the overall energy. This not just creates a balance within, but also outside. Your system is complex, and you are doing everything possible to take care of it.

This is a strong indication of a higher vibration.

You can come in alignment with yourself by performing acts like:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Eating Right
  • Connecting with spirit/ psychic abilities
  • Nurturing multi-dimensional connection
  • Deep body forms connections
  • The warrior arts

In conclusion, you understand that it takes years for the energies to come into full alignment. It’s important to stay consistent and in your path with full discipline to achieve this.

How to get started?

  • Start small
  • Stay consistent
  • Do what fits for you
  • Focus on what works for you
  • Have a guide/ coach


Bonus Sign: You are now easily letting go of your past and people!

There you have it!

Which sign are you currently vibrating at? Reply to me at ricky@highbrate.com and let me know!

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