Attract Soul Mate with Higher Vibrations

Love is who you are in your most natural self. You are a high vibration being, that has been conditioned from your childhood. While undergoing this conditioning and programming (the person(s) who has conditioned you was also conditioned), you learn to protect yourself. You create a protection survival layer called the ego to avoid getting in touch with darkness (the conditioning). Attract soul mate with higher vibrations by shining your light. However, how can the Sun, shine its love, when it is surrounded by dark clouds of this world?

Currently, you might be in any of the following situations in your life:

  1. You are unhappy and want love (Lowest Vibe)
  2. You are unhappy and do not want love
  3. You are unhappy and in love
  4. You are happy and want love
  5. You are happy and do not want love
  6. You are happy and in love (Highest Vibe)

To attract soul mate with higher vobrations, you need to understand the frequency of al the six statements above. As per my opinion, point number 1 is the lowest vibration and point number 6 is the highest vibration. The list moves from the lowest to the highest vibration. My sense is a lot of people are vibing from 1-3. Of course, you can be unhappy sometimes, or even most of the time, but if you are unhappy all the time in a relationship, don’t you think there’s a problem there?

What Love Frequency Vibration are you in?

Please note: The above is just to ensure you understand the context of frequencies. This is not to assign yourself in any position of number for any kind of judgment. Personally, I was at 5, then moved to 2, then 1, then 4, then 5. I now oscillate between 6, 3, and 4. It’s not necessary that you will go step-by-step in the above statements. Any of the above statements can apply to you being in/ not in a relationship.

Why being happy and in a relationship is necessary to attract soul mate with higher vibration

The statement – You are happy and in a relationship is extraordinarily powerful. I feel the Gods (whatever you wanna call the highest power) with the highest of vibrations are at this stage constantly. Wait, not sure if even they are happy constantly though. Flowers also do not pollinate at all times, and only cross-pollinate when the season comes (aka when they feel good, they connect, and are happy).

There is no doubt that when you work on your vibrations, you become happy. But what does being happy in a relationship mean? It means there are lots of instances where you feel the vibrations of love. This might or might not happens in each other’s company. You both allow each other to create and nurture the frequency of love within each other. Without any hindrance from the ego. You will now naturally attract soul mate with higher vibrations even after you are in a relationship.

You and your soul mate will need to do the work

This makes it clear that a happy relationship would need to involve two people who are doing the work. Two beings who are conscious enough to support their own growth and create the space for the partner to grow as well. Now, even if you are not in a relationship, to attract a relationship with love, you need to become happy. The higher your vibrations, the better frequency match you will attract.

And of course, when you do attract soul mate love with higher vibes, you will notice something magnificent. You will notice you have a lot of high vibrations. You will notice joy. Peace. A sense of calm and contentment. You will not react with any ego. You will both hold space for higher vibrations to flow through each other. And when that exchange of higher vibrations happens, you both will instantly know that you have both found love. That’s how you attract soul mate with higher vibrations.

What number are you vibrating in your current life? You can reply in the comments!

How to know if you have Higher Vibrations to attract your Soul Mate?

I get it! You have been working on yourself and your transformation for a long time. So how do you know your vibrations are up? What makes a person high vibrational?

Well for starters, you will always be on this path to vibrate higher. Let me explain. There is no summit. There is no peak. This is infinite. You are an infinite energetic being.

You are moving towards expansion. You are always on this path. To rise. To feel lighter. To feel greater love. Experience more joy. That’s how your spirit is merging with unity consciousness. To become a greater part of the whole. The whole that is ever-expanding.

Your life flows smoothly when you attract love

Remember the last time in life when everything was so easy and flowing? Or is this happening with you right now? At this very moment? When the energy is right, everything feels right. With high vibrations, you align towards your truth. When things really feel good, there are some advanced signs of high vibrations that you experience in life.

Everything in today’s world demands speed. It demands quick solutions. However, you need to realize that processes work with time. I am really in love to work with processes. There’s a big difference between quick fads and processes.

It’s not viable when it comes to raising your vibrations. You cannot expect to show advanced signs of high vibrations without working towards your own consciousness. Healing takes time. And you deserve to give yourself some time. You deserve to undergo a process. That’s how lasting changes come. And the outcomes you truly desire.

Who is a high vibration person?

When you do undergo transformations by giving it enough justice and time, you rise higher in vibrations.

Some of the ways that you can identify yourself with when you are in high vibrations:

You are living your life with intentions.

Your thoughts are intentional. You perform actions backed by your intention. In other words, you are following an intention-based living. An intention before any action will help you stay focused, know what you want, manifest your desires, have Universe’s back, and align the stars for you. When you meet a person with high vibrations, you will notice that every action is backed by a loving intention.

You feel aligned with source energy

When you are in the flow, your energy is aligning with the massive source of energy. Source energy is the highest form of energy. When you think about it, the creation/ creator or in some cases (God) is considered as source energy. You feel your connection with the source of energy is increasing, you are moving towards it. From birth, you are pure and with high vibrations. You are love. When you vibrate higher, you realize love is the highest vibration. When your actions are inspired by love, you are rising higher in vibrations. You now feel joy and love in every action you perform.

You are making the right choices

Life is nothing but a series of choices. You making choices is backed by the Universe and divine timing. When you feel courageous about meeting decisions, and actually feel good about them, you are moving towards higher vibrations. This may be against the usual societal norms, and that is understandable. You see, courage is the neutral vibration between love and fear. Most of what is holding you back from taking that massive life-changing decision is fear. Most of life, you are ‘programmed’ to make certain decisions in a ‘normal’ way. But when you jump higher from fear to neutrality and oscillate between neutrality and love about a decision, you are surely vibrating higher. When you feel good about making a decision that you feel good about, you are moving higher in vibrations.

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You work for a cause bigger than you

Love is expansive. Fear is contracting. When you vibrate higher, your energy is expansive. It expands and flows to everything around you. When the energy of love gets in touch with other energies around you, it automatically charges everything you. At this point, you understand we are all one. And it’s much more about just you. At this stage, you feel like sharing this high vibration energy with everyone else. You start feeling inspired to create and share with the world. You now are looking at ways to help people. A lot of people are working for themselves or towards their families. When you work for the community, it indicates you have a high source of energy and are willing to share it with everyone. You understand when you share this energy; it multiplies not just within you but to everyone else around you.

You are in alignment

You are a multi-dimensional being. Within your energy systems, there are multiple sub-energy fields vibrating with each other. You have an understanding of these sub-energy fields and how they respond and interact with each other. Often, a higher tuning in one field results in a higher coherence in another. Likewise, when one sub-energy system fails, everything else gradually shuts down. It’s a big interlink of energies interacting with each other and playing a role in your overall energy system. The five main sub-energy-systems you can ‘logically identify’ with your limited capabilities are mind, body, soul, emotions, and the Universe. Performing actions that help you create a balance within these sub-energies is a strong indication of a higher vibration.

Do you think you are in higher vibrations? Which of the above strongly suggests that you are?

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Why do people leave when you raise your vibration

You finally made it. You’ve become that change, put in the work, moved forward in life, and raised your vibration. Wait! Suddenly, you feel you are not vibing with the people you used to hang out with earlier. You’re not on the same vibration and there is a mismatch of resonance. You’re feeling guilty about this.

You would want your people to rise higher and see this new beautiful reality. But they are not willing to change. You force it and then leave behind scars and bad blood. In short, you’re no longer friends with people after your shift.

The Universe will test your vibrations in two ways:

  1. Are you capable to say No?
  2. Are you capable to attract the New?

The first step in raising your vibrations is to say No

Let’s take a scenario as an example: The Universe will test you by repeating and revolving your same past patterns. This is just the manifestation of your immediate past. When the earth revolves around the Sun, it takes a complete turn. Even if you decide and commit to creating a new life pattern, the circle has to be complete before you take a new, greater revolution.

Are you attracting toxic relationships? When you reflect and work to raise your vibrations, your toxic friends will reach back to you. You will continue to attract toxic people for a while. This is the momentum of your immediate past pattern that will continue to show up. When you say No and reject to follow along this path of the past pattern, you will slowly rise and start a new revolution that will attract a higher vibration.

Once you become comfortable in rejecting your current pattern, the Universe will ask you if you are ready to level up to a new revolution pattern. The Universe will ask you –

Attract soul mate with higher vibration by knowing why people leave when you raise your vibration

Are you capable to attract the New?

Now that you have let go of your toxic patterns, this new revolution of vibrational patterns in your life will provide a lot of opportunities to work on yourself. During this period, you will notice you do not have any friends. You’re in a transition and you may meet people who are on a similar path. People who are working to raise their vibration and level up. Once you find a new revolutionary pattern that becomes stable, you will attract new friends and people who are vibrating at that level.

However, if you fail to reach a new stable revolutionary pattern – that becomes your frequency, you will fall back to your past pattern. You tried, but you failed. However, the good part will be that you will realize you have an opportunity to grow. You and the universe want you to grow. You will continue to attract situations in your life that will help you move on from your past patterns and allow you to grow to your new vibrational revolution.

Are you comfortable saying No to your current toxic patterns?

Finding high vibration beings and soul mates into your life

This world is feeling a massive awakening. The advent of the internet and its interconnectivity has led vibrational resonance towards a higher rise. However, while you are on your path towards higher consciousness, you’re craving for connections the resonate with your path too.

Imagine you suddenly wake up as a farmer. It’s sunrise and you move towards the huge farm. You’ve been nurturing the soil for some time and are expecting the crops to bloom from mother Earth soon. While on your daily routine walk, you feel a sense of calm and accomplishment. You see a small crop starting to slowly bloom from the soil. After walking for another 15 minutes, you notice another small crop trying to find its way on top of the soil. After 2 months, you notice the entire field blooming with small crops.

If you shift timelines, we are on a similar spiritual path. Like those one or two small crops that have bloomed, you’re one of the first few who have bloomed to higher consciousness and may find someone on a similar path miles away!

Here’s how you can find or attract conscious people in your life:

1. Desire people around you to win: This is something that not a lot of people consciously do! People around you are the closest vibration resonance and interaction you can have. When you create vibrations of success for the people around you, it is in turn helping you succeed. When people succeed, they raise their vibration. When they raise their vibration, you will have conscious beings with growth with you too!

2. Share your light: When you shine your light, you will attract light. Share your love freely. Share your learnings freely. Share love with freedom. Although this may be true, at the start of your journey, sharing your light in the dark world might be a dense feeling. However, move past the fear and share your light. Allow people to feel the love that you share. Be the Sun. And you’ll slowly find other beings that are sharing their light too.

3. Join high vibe communities: You might find your conscious being in a yoga class. Or in a comment on a spiritual community. Or you may find them meditating in nature. Go out and seek yourself. Stay amount people and seek yourself. You’ll attract beings that think and feel like you too!

Where do you find conscious beings?

How to Raise your Soul Mate’s or Your Partner’s Vibration:

Your partner is someone you spend the most time with. It is natural to desire your partner to experience the magical high vibrations energy. Your energy, frequency, and vibration is in constant interaction with the outer energies. The highest interaction of the frequency happens when you are in the vicinity of another being. When you are tuned to a higher vibration from your partner, you both will in a way, over time, find a stable resonance. There are two things that can happen:

  1. Your vibration has slightly come down and your partner’s vibration has slightly come up to find a common resonance.
  2. You stay in a stable high vibration and allow your partner space to rise with you in a stable vibration too.

For you and your partner’s best interest, it makes sense that either one of you rises high in a stable vibration and allows the other person to catch up. This will bring majestic moments of love, joy, and abundance to your relationship. In various circumstances, there is always be one partner that will slightly be at a higher vibration than the other.

Attract soul mate with higher vibration by understanding how to raise your partner's vibration

Now that you do have a partner that is supporting you and your relationship’s growth, you would need to work individually and raise your vibration.

Here is what you can do on an individual basis to help your partner raise their vibration:

Act, don’t tell

Talk is cheap. If you find yourself asking your partner to rise or level up, maybe you need to hold a mirror to yourself. Stop telling your partner what to do. Stop asking your partner to eat the right food. Stop asking your partner to not watch television. Start becoming the person you want your partner to become. And you’ll notice your partner changing too.

Work on your character

This is your responsibility. Nobody can raise your vibration for you. Work on building your life and yourself. Work on building your morals. Your values. Your beliefs. Don’t just work on what appears good in the material world. Work in-depth on building your character.

Live your best life

A high vibration life is happy, joyful, creative, and fun! Start having more fun. Start dancing around. Become joyful and happy. You’’ throw those vibes at your partner and your will notice your partner jumping on the bed with you. Find time for activities that bring you joy and involve your partner.

Create good habits

Habits help you become a better person in the long term. Start building your habit of joining that yoga class. Stick to your schedule. Work on your life. Create that self-care routine. Your good habits will inspire your partner to work on their own life too. This will create synergy in your relationship.

State your intentions

When you live your life by setting intentions, keep your partner in the loop. Allow your partner to know your next business objective. Help your partner understand the impact you will create with your work. Tell your partner about what you are aspiring to achieve. Share everything you’re doing to make it real – positive affirmations, vision boards, meditation, appreciation for the money that you already have. And when the time to celebrate the abundance comes, the vibes will be extra special!

Remain kind to other people

When you talk to people with kindness, your partner will become a kind person too. When you show compassion to the external world other than your relationship, your partner will develop more compassion too. As a matter of fact, you can change your partner’s entire life with one random act of kindness and compassion

Work on healing your low vibration patterns

If you feel you and your partner are involved in some negativity, you need to realize that half of the negativity is also coming from you. Work on healing your core issues. Work on healing your toxic patterns. Work on your ego-based living and come back to the heart. Your partner will gravitate towards high vibrations too!

End Note

To conclude, your soul mate is always gravitating towards you. Love is always finding you. However, the test is if you are ready to respect love. To respect love, you need to respect yourself and your life. You would need to understand the value of love and your soul mate in your life. You won’t find love when you’re in toxicity. You will only find love when you are in your personal transformation journey. Another key point to note is your soul mate will come at a perfect divine time when you are no longer in need of anyone. And when the soul mate does arrive, it’s all about understanding your life patterns, understanding your bigger purpose within the community, and healing each other to rise quicker and higher in vibrations. All things considered, you will attract soul mate with higher vibrations.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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