Your life is running on auto-pilot through your core-belief
Is it limiting or benefiting you?

It's time to transform your thoughts, emotions, actions, and patterns.
Replace your limiting core-belief and install a benefiting core-belief


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How your core-belief is limiting your life?

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You desire conscious relationships

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You are not taking inspired action

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Hear my story with core-belief and how I healed and transformed

How does it work?

Begin with Beliefs is a three-month core-belief transformation program involving spiritual and practical work


Phase 1: Diving IN!

Identify the shocking core-belief that has been limiting you all your life. Heal all your emotions that are attached to this core-belief. Investigate your sub-conscious thoughts associated with the core-belief on autopilot. With an increased focus on spiritual work, deeply heal all instances of your life that has been run by this core-belief.

Raise your vibrations and vibrate higher with Highbrate

Phase 2: Blooming OUT!

You are now in a great position to replace your powerless limiting core-belief with a powerful benefiting once! Replace a new core-belief, install high-vibration emotions, and change your thought patterns associated with the new core-belief. Identify all the new positive changes that are now starting to happen as your core has been changed!

What people who have attended Begin with Beliefs are saying?



Tell prospective customers more about your company and the services you offer here.  Replace this image with one more fitting to your business.



Tell prospective customers more about your company and the services you offer here.  Replace this image with one more fitting to your business.

Ready to identify your limiting core-belief?

Book a free session to understand how you can change your core-belief with me

Begin with beliefs: Program details

This is a one-one coaching program where you will be hand-held to change your life! This involves deep spiritual work where you will be guided with transformative meditations. It also involves practical shadow work, where you will challenge your thoughts and emotions.

Session Details:
Week 1 - Identify your core-belief
Week 2 - Let go and forgive
Week 3 - Describe your core-belief rules
Week 4 - Identify thought patterns
Week 5 - Heal emotions attached
Week 6 - Break core-belief rules
Week 7 - Heal at a core soul level
Week 8 - Bloom with a new behavior
Week 9 - Change core-belief rules
Week 10 - Install new core-belief
Week 11 - Create new core-belief rules
Week 12 - Install new thoughts and high-vibe emotions

Program Details:
Program Length: 12 Weeks
One-One LIVE sessions: 12
Guided Meditations: 12 (Live) + 12 (Virtual)
Everyday Work:  90 Days Program Workbook
Support: Constant support with respect to Email and Voice Messages
Investment: $4444 (or) $1500/month for 3 months

Get Started!

Let's shift my core-belief!

What you will get?


A three month personal coaching to help you transform in your journey of un-learning all the limiting vibrations and re-learning a new benefiting, conscious vibrations.


A 90-day self-help workbook guide that will help you work on your core beliefs every day. This workbook will need work in accordance to the program and the sessions we will have together.


This is a deeply spiritual work that will require customized meditations designed each week for you. The live meditation sessions and recordings for days you will work with yourself is provided.

Hi There! My name is Ricky...


I am the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath, and a fierce Indigo, I've been guided by my spirit guides to start the community and help raise your vibrations. I live in India and am working on healing myself, improving my lightwork abilities, and raising my vibrations. #VibrateHigher

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