How food affects our vibrations and frequency:

The source of energy we infinite energetic human beings primarily get is from the food we eat. The vibration of food we put into our body is the vibration we emit. Therefore, it is really important to be conscious of the food we feed ourselves with. Food carries its own vibration and frequency which gets transmitted to our body’s frequency after consumption. The majority of energy we manifest is from the food we eat as it acts as the primary source of energy for the body to function.

Here are 5 ways food affects our vibrations:


The amount of energy we possess is naturally sourced from the food. But with high vibration, high energy food, we experience insane energy surges and energetic downloads which help us live with higher vibrations and frequencies. This results in us living in the present moment, with a feeling of appreciation and bliss and working at our most brilliance.


The vibration of thoughts is directly linked to the food we eat. Since food acts as a major catalyst for the energy in our bodies, the higher the food’s vibrations, the more positive and uplifting are your thoughts. Your thoughts are creating your reality and it is important to only focus on what you want.


Emotions are linked with thoughts and situations and the vibrations of emotions we emit or experience is again directly linked with the vibrations of food we eat. Feel alive and feel lighter with high vibration food. Low vibration foods adversely affects and adds baggage to our lives.


Food also plays a major role in how we see the world. The reality we experience is simply how our senses perceive this world. With high vibration foods, the perception of our reality of life shifts towards higher vibrations of love, joy, peace and happiness. It is important to have a positive perception in life to manifest abundance.


Our lifestyle, habits and routines determine the outcome of success in our life. The most important factor of a positive lifestyle is a positive mindset which has its roots in the food we eat. The higher the vibration of food we take, the better the mindset we have towards our dreams and goals.


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