When I started my Online Business, I Wish I Could Start it Right and Build a Quality Audience

You have it! The perfect inspiration. You are pumped to launch something and build a quality audience.

Maybe you already have it decided and are now getting started.

Now there are two ways in which you can start pushing your value:

  1. To give value to the whole wide world
  2. To give value intentionally to a certain section of people

While the 1st option sounds counter-intuitive to follow (I did this, too), I will show you in this blog post why the second option is better, and how you can do it too.

When I Produced Content for an Audience of the Whole Wide World

I started sharing content to vibrate higher (for the spiritual, heart-centered community) back in 2016.

Backed with a lot of energy from my own passion and the co-creation of the Universe, I created powerful pieces of content on Instagram.

This was partly inspired by a lot of spiritual posts that I started viewing about new age spiritual growth.

Heck, I was interested and I did this to just anyone who would follow me and comment on my posts.

I started to feel good about myself and was in a way satisfying an ego, that I realized much better.

Suddenly, I saw myself as a creator. Someone who shares knowledge on the internet.

It was definitely a powerful feeling for me.

Although, some of the videos I recorded starting having 100+ views in a matter of days, my topic, and the people I was talking to were all over the place.

This went on for some time and everything was good.

However, things started to take a backseat.

My inspiration to create consistent content started to fall. My motivation was done.

All the posts that were being posted were irregular and inconsistent.

I ended up having a plateau with the number of followers. Here is a screen of my current Insta stats:

build a quality audience by choosing the right approach: my instagram audience

After around 251 posts, I only ended up with 388 followers.

No doubt, Instagram has helped me make my first online profits. (Yes, my business is profitable and only die to Insta)

But that was traded with a long time (4 years now, I’m still active) and some hard lessons that I have learned.

Lessons had I implemented, I would have had a greater, and a much higher return on investment.

Before you start to build quality audience, here are the three biggest lessons that you need to keep in mind:

  • Stay consistent in delivering value – this will bring you trust
  • Stay Patient in terms of audience growth – I missed out just because my audience wasn’t growing ‘quickly’
  • Know your audience – so that you can talk to them

What I Would Do Now to Build a Quality Audience for my Brand:

Now that my big Instagram lessons are learned, here is how I would apply myself to build my audience:

  1. Find out what I am good at
  2. Know my audience
  3. Build my brand
  4. Create a small group
  5. Build 10 loyal fans
  6. Interact with my loyal fans and get to know them
  7. Nurture 100 people like them
  8. Find a problem they are willing to pay for
  9. Provide them consistent value

9 steps to build a quality audience infographic

Let’s look to break down all of them…

1. Build a quality audience by finding out what you are good at

This is something that not a lot of people start with.

However, I would definitely consider this step to be the top-most priority!

As a matter of fact, before you set out on the noblest journey to help people, help yourself.

Unless you don’t know what you’re good at, how will you make and provide the best value?

  • Filmmaker? You could consider making videos
  • Writer? You could publish blogs and newsletters
  • Coder? You could build a SaaS platform
  • Listener? You could become a coach
  • Digital artist? You could build a visually appealing NFT token
  • Reader? Then I hope you got the point…

It’s a combination of life skills, behavioral skills, and technical skills.

Find a mix of things you are good at.

Zero in on how you can provide the most value.

Zero in on something that you can do easily and keep improving.

There are some things that you can learn, and improve. But with your self-awareness, you could create a base that you can work on.

I started with creating Instagram posts and writing Instagram feeds. Then, I moved on to recording videos. And after all that, I came back to writing.

Although, this time with blogs and newsletters.

Note that things will keep evolving. There is no right way or wrong way.

But choosing something you are good at or can become reasonably good at, will save you tons of effort later on.

Another important thing to consider here is time.

How much time can you devote?

Recording a film vs writing a blog post vs building a chrome extension web app takes a different amount of time.

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2. Build a quality audience by knowing your audience:

The focus here is not to build a large audience, but to build a quality audience.

A high-quality audience is highly engaged, frequently responsive, and purchases your services.

Once you know the value you will provide, look for people who want the value.

The best way is to list down who your target audience would be.

For example, if you are writing about helping spiritually awakened people transition from a full-time job to a full-time purpose-led spiritual business, you would describe your audience in the following way:

  • Have a full-time job
  • A spiritual inclination
  • Inspiration to make a real difference
    And more…

Now you would look to find out where these people are hanging out on the internet.

For example,

  • Are they writing comments on a popular spiritual video?
  • Do you see regular posts on Instagram about them wanting to make a real impact?
  • Have you read them discussing ideas in a Reddit thread about how to move forward in life?

You really need to dig here and do your research.

Get to know everything about your audience, in detail.

If there are writing about stuff, there are chances that they will read what you write.

However, if they are mostly commenting on YouTube, it makes sense to create videos on YouTube.

If you find them in a community, like a Facebook group or a Slack group, you might accordingly need to publish content.

The goal to know your audience is to vibrate at a frequency in which they are already present.

3. Build a quality audience by building your brand:

Your brand is the bridge between your work and your audience.

Start thinking about your values.

What kind of attributes would our brand like to represent?

Building a brand is important as it helps create a cadence between you and your audience.

Your brand represents the way you do things.

Wait yes, you might have simpler processes without having a fancy website.

But you still need a brand that delivers value.

And helps establish a real business and not just a social media page.

One important thing to do at this stage is to think about creating a community.

Your brand will be the biggest mediator between you and your community.

4. Build a quality audience by creating a small group

This is the group that will help you test the market.

Announce to the world that you are creating this value.

Build your brand in public to let your audience witness your journey.

In your target audience, find groups where you can create a small group and form a community.

The best way to create a small group is to find people who are close to you.

Reach out to your friends, family, old colleagues, etc., and ask them to sign up on the value.

Once you have some people on board, request all of them to bring one person who they think would derive some value from your work.

Also, share about your brand in all the communities where your audience is hanging out.

  • Create a post on the audience Facebook group
  • Post on your audience Reddit thread
  • Share an article on LinkedIn

Tell them you are new and are creating something interesting.

Have as many folks who you know, and who would be interested in what you create, join you.

Even if you are looking at 30-50 people, it’s a great start!

5. Build a quality audience by creating 10 loyal fans

From the group that you just have, share value.

This is where you will receive the biggest validation of your work.

With your work, make a loyal fan base of 10 people.

Have these 10 people vouch for your value every time you deliver.

Make them wait, uncontrollably at the time you deliver value.

Inspire them to become your biggest loyal fans!

Your 10 loyal fans will make or break your company.

Identify if the problem that you are solving is scalable.

And if the problem is scalable, what is the best solution.

How can you package your product or service?

Identify if the market is big enough.

Understand if the business value makes sense to continue.

6. Build a quality audience by interacting with your loyal fans

And when you do get to that beautiful feeling of a loyal base…

Talk to them.

Interview them.

Learn everything about them.

This will help you with your biggest market research.

Ask them questions like:

  • What do they usually do when not at work
  • How does their workday look like?
  • What kind of tools do they use during their work?
  • What are their dreams, hopes, and desires
  • How do they react to certain situations?
  • What is their biggest problem?

And while you continue to know them, tailor your value to drive to their needs.

Create surveys and conduct in-depth research about your target audience.

build a quality audience by performing your research
One of my survey results

What words are they using daily?

What language are they speaking?

Know everything about your audience.

7. Build a quality audience by nurturing 100 people

Now that you know your audience so well…

Look for 100 people exactly similar to your 10 loyal fans.

  • Are they into cooking and hanging out on Pinterest?
  • Do they garden and post pictures on Instagram?
  • Should you possibly join a digital art facebook group which one of your fans is a part of?

Once you get to know your audience, and where they hang out on the value you deliver –  get in there!

Get your brand right in front of those people.

And keep building and nurturing your list.

Keep providing value and slowly, organically build your way into a quality audience of 100 folks!

Today, with Instagram showing numbers like 123k followers, we often forget the importance of 100 people.

Remember, they are still 100 people, who if you would invite to a room, you would be the happiest!

When you start your brand with a powerful loyal base of that 100 quality audience, who know each other on a certain level, you start creating magic!

You would already be so successful to create a sustainable business.

8. Build a quality audience by finding out their biggest problem

While you successfully deliver your value consistently…

Continue to nurture your audience.

Talk to them and identify what the most pressing pain-point of their consumption of value associated with your brand is.

And when you do find out the problem, probe deeper..

Ask them:

  • Why is the problem so bad?
  • How is affecting their lives daily?
  • What would happen if the problem was solved?
  • How would their lives change?
  • What would they feel daily?

Get to the root cause of the problem.

Uncover all the hidden facets behind a ‘perceived problem’ to an ‘Actual problem’

And then find out how much the problem is worth.

9. Build a quality audience by delivering value

Once you understand a problem that your already nurtured customer is willing to pay for…

Create a product with a WOW factor!

Go all ends to create something with the finest detail.

Build a solution that would ease so much of their problem and pain.

And driver this product/ service as a package that your audience would love.

And while you do build your product, build it publicly.

Building your product in public generates massive attention.

Have your audience be a part of the solution.

let them be invested in your journey.

Share with them each stage of the solution.

And when the product does come out, they will be your biggest brand ambassadors.

Not only would your product be sold at length with the nurtured audience, but also will help in organically selling it to many more people greater than your audience.


Well… there you have it.

My 9 step framework to build a quality audience:

  1. Find out what are you good at
  2. Know your audience
  3. Build your brand
  4. Create a small group
  5. Build 10 loyal fans
  6. Interact with your loyal fans and get to know them
  7. Nurture a community of 100 people
  8. Find a problem your community is willing to pay for
  9. Provide your community with consistent value

Disclaimer: This process might appear slow and would certainly test your patience.

However, you will go so far ahead in online business already when you successfully build a quality audience this way.

And remember, none of these lessons matter if you never get started.

Thank you for reading.

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