Chakra Quiz: Your Exhaustive Chakra Assessment(2021)

Chakra quiz: Discover your chakra frequency with the world’s most exhaustive chakra quiz assessment:

Highbrate’s chakra quiz gives you a complete 360 inspection and assessment of all your chakras. Find your balanced and unbalanced chakra’s now!

What are Chakras and why this Chakra Quiz?

A powerful chakra quiz brings awareness to your balanced chakras. The Hindu mythological traditions believed in a energy wheels running through the body. These chakra wheels are from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra, seven in total. From the base of your spine to the top of the head. These chakras are part of the subtle body, flowing along the energy of the body. As a result, bringing awareness to these forces is helping you balance the body, mind, and spirit.

Why does balancing chakras matter?

In addition, when there is a chakra block the energy in our body is not moving freely. To clarify, this is affecting your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual life. For example, feelings of emotional instability, financial lack, relationship issues, headaches, and the list goes on..
chakra quiz
Vibrate Higher and Raise your vibrations with the chakra quiz

Each chakra is either open, spinning quickly or closed. Firstly, with an open chakra, energy is flowing smoothly. Secondly, with a fast spinning chakra, the energy is experiencing a slight unbalance. Lastly, during a closed chakra, the energy is not experiencing a smooth and graceful presence. After that, you find yourself feeling “off,” with tension, negative vibrations, and more..

Chakras for Vibrations:

Each chakra is vibrating with the same frequency of its location on the spine. In conclusion, the more aligned your chakras are, the more you will experience the utmost energy flowing from this area.

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