Your limiting core belief is running your life on auto-pilot

Your core belief is your reality.

All of your vibrations are based on your belief.

Your entire life is based on your belief. That includes your:

  • Thoughts
  • Words
  • Actions
  • Feelings
  • Emotions
  • Subconscious
  • Patterns
  • Habits

All of it. Your belief is the core. Everything else is a crust and a shell. If you think you can rise higher in vibes or consciousness, go for the root cause – your belief.

core belief
how everything is rooted through your core belief

What is a core belief?

A core belief is simply a belief you hold and consider true about yourself. However, in reality, it is neither true nor false. There is nothing like a good core belief or a bad core belief.

It’s hard to imagine how one core belief can change your life in so many aspects like your:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Well-being
  • Self-care
  • Relationships
  • Purpose
  • Meaning

That’s the power of a belief. And that’s how you rise higher in vibrations. Work on yourself and change your life by shifting your belief.

core belief

This magical transformation will give you greater clarity to dive deep into your soul. You’ll catch hold of those lower vibrational dark beliefs that are not helping you. Every limiting thought, word, emotion, action, or choice has its root from a core belief.

Please note that there is a striking difference between a core belief and a supporting belief. While your supporting belief might be “I am stupid”it is really coming from a deep soul-level core belief like “I don’t deserve to live”Every limiting pattern that you experience in life is originating from a deeply rooted core belief.

Why your absolute focus has to be to identify your limiting core belief and install a benefiting core-belief

A lot of your life patterns, feelings, thoughts, and emotions are simply a manifestation of your belief. It is neither true nor false. There is nothing like a good belief or a bad belief. All you really need to do and identify is if that belief is helping you or limiting you.

When you identify a core belief, you instantly change and rise higher in vibrations in many ways and areas of your life. Identification of a belief and pure acceptance gives you greater power to change any belief. This magical period will give you greater clarity to dive deep into your soul. Utilize these months to catch hold of your lower vibrational dark beliefs that are not helping you.

The reason why I urge the desire in you to replace your core belief is that I have been working on healing my core belief. And through a lot of shadow work, intense healing periods, and vital deep cleanse. I have managed to replace my limiting core belief with a beneficial one.

Here is my story:

While I was doing this, I have laid out a very detailed structure and the program for you to heal. And the changes the shift the power you feel after you transform your belief is mind-blowing. And I just don’t say this through my experience, I am currently working with two clients who have not just realized their shocking limiting core belief but are also enjoying the fruits of their powerful benefiting core belief.

How a limiting core belief is impacting your life?

You desire conscious relationships

There is a strong wish that you have a deep connection with yourself, feel safe in your body, love, and care for yourself, and build healthy boundaries. You are now looking to make soulful connections with high vibes!

You are not taking inspired action

Are you looking to take action that is inspired by your soul? You wish to change people’s lives, contribute to a loving planet, and create abundance – all through your soulful work!

You keep repeating toxic patterns

Life needs to change and you know it. You are ready to accept habits that are in synchronicity with your mind, body, and soul. Your wish to deeply evolve is not stronger than ever! If you feel the need to unravel a core belief, totally accept it, let go of it, and create a totally new reality.

Here is the step by step process to heal your core belief:

The process helps you break down everything you do that triggers your core belief. All your thoughts, emotions, actions, and ego will be challenged. You will understand yourself through to the core, as this is a deeply transformative work.

core belief is deeply rooted
your core belief is deeply rooted

I will handhold you through each sub-process, and help you uncover parts of yourself that have been hidden, deeply rooted, in your core. You will experience transformative changes in many walks of life – By identifying a limiting core belief and replacing it with installing a benefiting core belief.

First Step: Identifying your limiting core belief:

All you really need to do and identify is if that belief is helping you or limiting you. When you identify a core belief, you instantly change and rise higher in vibrations in many ways and areas of your life. Identification of a belief and pure acceptance gives you greater power to change any belief.

To identify your limiting core belief, start with moving away from your monkey mind. Take a deep breath and have a very strong grounding. You can do this by adopting the 4-4-4-4 breathing cycle:
  • Breathe in for 4 seconds
  • Hold your breath for 4 seconds
  • Breathe out for 4 seconds
  • Hold your breath for 4 seconds
Repeat the cycle around seven times.
Once you do this, close your eyes and imagine angels, the Sun, Earth, Moon, and all the energy in the present space. All the heavenly energies are here to support you in your healing and identification of your core belief. This will help you go to the root of your core belief.
Once you are in this space, talk about one of the most problematic statements currently in your life.
For example, this could be “I get angry when someone insults me” or “I wish I could give up this toxic habit.”

Identify the most bothering statement in your life and once you do that write it down on a piece of paper.

After you write it down on a piece of paper, meditate and repeat the breathing cycle of 4-4-4-4 seven times. Once you do this, question yourself:
  • Why is this so bad?
  • What does it say about me?

Note down the first thought that arises from your innermost being as a one-step deeper statement.

Once you do that repeat the 4-4-4-4 cycle seven times and repeat the same process and note down your statements.
Continue to repeat this process until you reach a statement that is the root of this problem. Once you find the root, it will be very shocking for you to believe. When you come to a point where you have no further statements, that is your core belief.
Pro-tip: It usually takes 7-21 statements to get to your core belief, so stay patient!
Once you identify your core belief, it is an empowering feeling as well as a shocking one. You realize that this is what was holding your life back always.
Now, finding messages in the past that echo this belief. These could be early experiences where you must have come across such a belief for yourself.
It may be difficult to find the exact experience but the more you meditate and go deep within, the higher your chances of you finding the experiences. Write down everything that happened in your past that correlates with this belief. Make sure you write down things in extreme detail as this will be helpful for the steps going forward.
Continue to write down all the criticism and comparison that your belief has held you down for. Write down all the natural responses. Identify all the areas where this belief is impacting your life. You have any common thoughts patterns or actions that are following this belief. The more you take time to do the shadow work the easier it is to get rid of this core belief.

Second Step: Letting go of the limiting core-belief

Now that you have identified your core belief, it’s already time to start letting go.
First and foremost, you need to understand one important truth. The core belief that you have identified is not the truth or the reality of your life.
  • Examine this belief
  • Question yourself
  • Decide what to believe
  • Choose your beliefs
Understand there is a different truth. Beliefs are not true or false. They either limit you or benefit you. Understand how this particular belief is limiting you and how it is benefiting you.
If you find that this belief is limiting you more than it’s benefiting you, accept it completely.
Once you accept and relate to this truth, it will be easier for you to lose its power.
You really need to come to the realization that you as a human being can change and evolve.
Now, create some space to heal the belief.
For example, if your core belief is “I do not deserve to live”, create room or space in your life where this core belief is manifesting. For example, identify instances where you meet someone and they regularly make you feel that you don’t deserve to live. Limit yourself from these instances. At least for the time being.
The next step is to seek forgiveness. Forgive yourself for holding this belief for your entire life. Forgive all the external agents that caused you to believe.
Give rational reasons for your beliefs. Ask yourself if this belief is not true, how would you react differently.
Keep a journal and record all of it down!

Third Step: Understanding Rules/ Responses

Help yourself come to the darkest of space. Meet the belief at the core. Once you meet your belief at the core, identify your rules.
Rules are are the set of procedures for actions for patterns that you follow once you come to terms with the belief.
Follow the 4-4-4-4 breathing cycle and repeat the cycle 7 times. Now, Repeat or Narrate your core belief to yourself.  Once you do that close your eyes and imagine yourself believing this belief to be true. You need to in totality believe this belief to be true. Once you relate to your belief in your meditative state, identify what action items that you do.
  • Do you start moving around anxiously?
  • Are you finding yourself calling someone?
  • Would you feel like procrastinating and doing something else rather than doing what you need to do?
Usually, there are 5 to 7 rules in a sequence that you have been following once you come to the frequency of your core belief.
It’s important to meditate and then understand all your rules. Once you’ve written down all the 5-7 rules you follow, try understanding your emotions. Against each rule, follow this emotional wheel chart and identify what emotions you feel when you go through a particular rule.
core belief: understanding your emotions
It’s important to be extremely specific about your emotions. Usually, these are the emotions that pile up and make you feel low vibrational like anger or sadness. Do you know down your emotions identify all the associated emotions as well? Note down the main emotion and the sab emotion.
Once you do that identify situations where you feel these emotions arise in the next week.  Do you feel them linked to your core belief? How do you respond differently?

Fourth Step: Identifying thought patterns

Now that you’ve identified your rules and emotions, it’s time to come to your thoughts. Against each rule of your core belief, list down 12 thoughts that arise. Ideally, you would like to have around 2-3 thoughts against each rule.
Again, it would be great if you sit down and meditate the 4-4-4-4 technique and repeat the cycle seven times.  Within each rule, identify the first two to three thoughts that come when you read and connect with that rule.
Once you list down all your thoughts, identify whether each thought is limiting or benefiting you. Do not hold any judgment. Your task right now is just to identify whether you consider that particular thought to be limiting or beneficial.
Next step is to create benefiting thought patterns against each limiting thought. Furthermore, you could also plant new benefiting thoughts which are even more beneficial than your previously considered benefiting thought.
Once you do that, for the next 7 to 10 days, identify situations in your life that have been manifested with each newly created benefiting thought. Make sure you record the situations and instances and keep journaling about each and every newly created benefiting thought.

Fifth Step: Healing Associated Emotions

Now that you have listed down all your emotions, it’s time to heal them. healing your emotions is not easy but it can be very simple. All you need to do is bring your consciousness to that particular incident or situation that brings out this feeling.
Once this feeling arises make space and give room to truly allow and feel this particular emotion. While you feel these emotions, if you manifest this through anger, hatred, sadness, or cry, let it all out. Allow yourself to feel all of it completely. The more in-depth you feel these emotions the faster you can heal.
Next, identify situations where the emotions come out. After you feel the emotions in-depth, identify if the emotions have the same impact during the situations. For example, you might feel that you not powerful when somebody bosses your around. Once you heal this insecure feeling, identify if you feel the same way next time somebody bosses you around.
What you need to really do here is identify the intensity of the emotion. If you feel that your emotion is less intense with each and every passing situation, you are healing quickly.
Continue to work on healing all the emotions that you had identified against each rule. Once you are working on healing your emotions make a daily and an hourly log of your emotions. Once you keep track of your emotions in a log identify if your emotions are slowly becoming positive or continue to remain negative over the course of time.

Sixth Step: Outcome of Breaking Rules

There is no fun without breaking the rules is, is there?
What you would really like to do here is to challenge your rules. Next time, when the limiting belief comes up, experiment a lot. Instead of reacting quickly and walking to and fro, sit down at the same place in a calm position.
Wait, you don’t have to do this in reality, yet. What you need to do is identify what kind of outcome will happen if you break your own rules. Once you start to consider that a different rule is possible, notice the thoughts and emotions that pop up. Write everything down.
Meditate on your future self. Meditate and visualize yourself breaking your own rules. Create a new set of rules. Visualize yourself in a safe space and seeing this as a possibility. Slowly, you will start to realize that there is a different possibility. A different opportunity for you to grow and rise. An understanding that you can definitely change your core belief.

Going deep to heal your core belief by healing thoughts, emotions, subconscious actions, and patterns
Going deep to heal your core belief by healing thoughts, emotions, subconscious actions, and patterns

Seventh Step: Self-Compassion + Forgiveness

Heal yourself completely again. With all the above steps and the hard work, give a final purge and a final release.
Start to look at your own rules. Feel the same emotions. Challenge the same thoughts. Break your own rules. Witness the outcome of breaking your rules. Notice the new thought and newly formed emotions.
The entire process from steps 1 to 6 again. This time do this with a lot more self-compassion and forgiveness. Forgive everything:
  • Your past self.
  • Thoughts
  • Limiting emotions
  • Going through your entire life withholding the same belief
  • All the situations and external stimuli that created this whole belief in the first place.
 Forgive yourself for living life in a limited capacity.
Connect with your inner child. Talk to your inner child and seek its forgiveness. Look for ways to you deeply integrate how your inner child feels. For example visualizer smaller self right in front of you and seek forgiveness. Tell your inner child that you did what you could do best at that point of time and that moment and at this moment things are going to. Tell your inner child that now you accept all of it completely and are ready to heal and let go.
Recognize all your habits and toxic patterns, recognize all your unconscious forces that are driving your behavior. Heal everything that is related to your belief completely. You will know you are completely healed when your belief holds no more value in your life.

Eighth Step: Scripting a New Behavior

Welcome to the new you. You are now powerful. An insanely powerful creator of your own reality.
You will now script your own new behavior. Perform some self-love meditation. Provide some self-care. Visualize yourself moving away from your old core belief.
Perform a visualization exercise where you see yourself in a reverse engineering way. Watch yourself six months from now. Notice the way you feel. What thoughts you are thinking. People you are with. There is no limitation now. Visualize yourself in the highest possible way.
Now come back 5 months from now and do the same perform the same visualization and see where you are five months from now from this very moment. Similarly carried as forward 4 months 3 months 2 months and months from now. Make sure you reverse engineer everything that you want to become. Perform these visualization exercises for at least 7 months.
Next, you would also like to provide some physical evidence about your future self in new incidents like in a mirror/ video/ strip/ person. Note down all your emotions and thoughts. How do you feel when you behave in the newer version? Record everything down.

Ninth Step: Creating New Rules

Create your own new rules what you would like to do here is is to manifest and nurture a new set of rules with the same limiting belief try to create your own new rules. Visualize yourself having 7 new rules that have replaced the older rules.
Once you create the seven rules, create evidence of positive beliefs. Create pictures statements/ incidents/ goals/ people right in front of you Look around you with increased awareness. Are you finding evidence from the universe about your new rules that you are creating?.
Any evidence you find with your new awareness recorded down.

Tenth Step: Installing New Thoughts and Emotions

Plant your new emotions. How do you want to feel with respect to each new rule? What are the thoughts that you would like to think? Create a new picture of rules, thoughts, and emotions that you would like yourself to see in the future.

Eleventh Step: Rewrite your Core Belief

Go back and create a new benefiting core belief.
You will create something from a very high vibration state. This core belief will be the complete opposite of your earlier limiting core belief.
Now create new rules for this new core belief create something that is really self-compassionate and identify all your thoughts and emotions.

Twelfth Step: Creating New rules for your Core Belief

Now for the next 21 days identify everything in your life all the actions thoughts that are supporting your new belief
How your new belief will impact your career your relationship to Lifestyle.
Create a new action plan and what evidence of a newly formed core belief coming through and manifesting in your life.
Write down three things you will do to support your career relationships and Lifestyle with your newly found court leaf
Allow yourself to beautifully transform.
Healing your limiting core belief takes time. If you find the above process overwhelming but still want to heal your core belief, you can book a personal 1:1 Begin with Belief program with me.
Thank you for reading.
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