I would like you to consider your feeling of sadness with house dirt. Nobody likes dust and dirt. You work every day to make sure your home is regular and clean. You either wash it away or clean it. The whole world does it. And openly. When you do clean your dirt, do you feel clean and tidy? Do you feel fresh?

feeling of sadness
Do you feel safe to process your feeling of sadness?

Why do you feel sad?

Your feeling of sadness is similar to having dirt. It’s just that the sadness is internal to you. It is all the dirt you picked up while your body and soul have ascended this life (or previous?).  So isn’t it natural for you to feel this feeling of sadness? And when you do feel sad, and express it out, aren’t you later going to feel good?

What is the feeling of sadness?

Feeling of sadness is experiencing ‘deep’, ‘dense’, ‘unknown’ and most importantly –‘sad’ emotions. Feeling of sadness is always a struggle to navigate. When you feel happy and excited, it is so easy! You can jump in joy, laugh out loud or ‘clap your hands’. You may identify that it is generally easier to express and share higher vibrations of love and joy.

Would you allow me some space to ask you questions about your feeling of sadness? Okay, thanks. Here it goes..

When you feel sad:

  • Do you judge your sad feelings?
  • Where has this judgment come from?
  • Is it due to society misconceptions?
  • Isn’t happiness and sadness emerging from the same source?
  • Isn’t it coming from you?
  • Why is expressing sadness a ‘wrong’ thing?
  • Do you feel safe to express your sadness?
  • Are you comfortable to feel sad even when you are with yourself?

How can you express your Sadness?

Create an outlet to allow you to feel the dense, sad, and unknown emotions. This will allow you to heal. A journal is the safest outlet. It will help you squeeze out all the negative dense vibrations from your energetic system. It will allow you to dive deeper into your sub-conscious thoughts and emotions without inviting anyone else into your space. A journal is the most powerful tool to express sadness. Here’s a journal prompt for every emotion you might be feeling.

Sometimes it is difficult for you to ‘explain’ your feeling of sadness. You are so deep that perhaps, you need to invent/ discover a new language to express how you really feel. During these circumstances, a journal allows you safely process and feel those complex explosions of water molecules that you consider negative or painful.

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What happens when you don’t feel your sadness?

When you don’t feel and express feeling of sadness, it manifests in unreasonable ways in your body. Firstly, the longer the emotion resides in your body, the denser the vibrations. Over reacting, irritation, or uninvited body pain are some of the ways in which you feeling of sadness appear. Since your feeling of sadness does not get healed in totality, it continues to reside in your energetic system.

Therefore, expressing yourself and improving the depth of your experience through the feeling of sadness, will in my opinion push you to vibrate higher towards joy. The greater you feel, express, and release the feeling of sadness, the greater joy is invited.

The world is a sad place. Let’s accept it. Only through acceptance would we find courage. Courage to transcend societal norms and provide a safe space to feel and express the feeling of sadness. And what better way to write it through? I am proud that you are sad, and when you do feel it, you will turn this world into a compassionate space.

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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