We are rising to the fifth dimension. We are witnessing a rise in spiritually awake individuals. We are shifting. We are transforming. We are advancing. We are paving our path, every minute as you read this to help co-create with the Universe the next dimension of existence in Earth. The fifth dimension. Ruled majorly by higher vibrations of love, it differs largely from the third dimension-ego driven fear based society which we currently live in. The society which restricts us to be unique individuals which we in our most naturally state are.

The society has always tried to put us in a mode of scarcity. This scarcity has been instilled largely through fear. Fear of the news, fear of people from different religion. Fear of following your heart or diving into the unknown. Fear of not trusting the inner us. This fear leads us astray into a mode of conformity where we start defining our lives based on the decisions made by others like friends, family.

spiritually awake individuals

The moment we start to rely on other people to dictate our lives, we start following the herd mentality of the sheep. The sheep never relies on itself but rather relies on the crowd. The crowd relies on each other and then together they go nowhere.

The lion represents two things

One: It never moves in a crowd. It is always alone, it loves solitude. It is an individual, utterly an individual. It is not like sheep. Just like spiritually awake individuals.

The sheep can exist only with the crowd, with the mob. Alone it is very frightened, alone it is very nervous. It does not know what to do, where to go. It depends on the crowd to be led, to be guided.

And the irony is that others are also dependent on the same crowd. So everybody is dependent on everybody else thinking that others know better. They all live in an illusion.

spiritually awake individuals
The lion

That’s the situation of a human being too. They live as part of the mob psychology they don’t have their own psyche yet. Hindu — yes, Mohammedan — yes, Christian — yes, but it is very rare to find an individual. They can become Communistic very easily. That is another crowd.

All the souls have to be individuals. Each has to depend on himself. There are no detailed instructions to spiritually awake individuals so you cannot depend on anything.

Spiritually awake individuals have to fall upon themselves. Sometimes it looks cruel but that’s the only compassionate way to help: Unless you are thrown back again and again you are not going to be an individual, you will remain part of a crowd.

You can change crowds, that’s not difficult. You can change your affiliations, your labels but the basic thing is missing: You don’t have an independent soul. The lion represents individuality. The lion is a perfect metaphor for spiritually awake individuals.

Spiritually awake individuals require immense courage

And secondly the lion represents immense courage. The lion never escapes from any challenge. It may die but it will not turn its back. The situation is that it is better to die than to be a coward.

To be a coward is a far uglier phenomenon. Death is not ugly. Death can be beautiful if you die courageously. If you die accepting a challenge joyously, dancingly, as Socrates died, as Jesus died, as Mansoor died, it is one of the most beautiful phenomena on the earth.

Death depends on you. If you are a coward even life is ugly, what to say about death?

If you are courageous even death is beautiful, what to say about life?

So remember these two things.

Be an individual and be absolutely courageous. That’s the way: Individuality and courage.

Inspired from Osho

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.


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