Full Moon Energy:

Full Moon Energy is deeply restorative that can help you rejuvenate. Feeling a powerful transformation and shift is common during the full moon. That is due to the cleansing of energies in your energy system. This may be stagnant, low vibration energy which you may have picked during your moon-cycle. The full moon energy allows you to let it all go, and heal you into a being of higher vibrations.

The full moon heightens your emotions. If you feel angry, you might feel amplification of your anger during the full moon. Moon controls a lot of tides in the oceans of the planet Earth. Water is 80% of the Earth, and so is your human body – consisting of 80% of water. If the moon can cause an upheaval in the water bodies of the Earth, it sure affects your watery emotions and feelings.

full moon
A full moon night

How long does full moon energy last?

The full moon energy is a heightened state of activity, feelings, emotions, and vibrations. The full moon energy lasts for about a week. This is 3-4 days before the full moon, the full moon day, and 3-4 days after the full moon. This gives you a full-moon phase to carry out your shadow and heal your low vibration energy.

The ancient rituals saw the full moon as a great tool for inner-healing. When you consciously decide to connect with the full moon phase, you connect deeper to your body, your emotions, and your soul. This, in turn, helps you connect and become one with the Universe. The stronger a relationship you develop with the moon and the full moon phase, the deeper your healing and vibrations will result in. Your relationship and awareness with the moon decide how the moon energy lasts in your life.

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Every 28-30 days, the Universe helps you to stop, recalibrate and move forward with your life. It is important to identify this powerful time to connect deeper with yourself and the Universe. You are energy and vibrations. The full moon allows you to fine-tune your vibrations to match the vibrations which you desire and is meant for you. It takes work, healing, self-care and a lot of belief to help you transform your life during the full moon.

How to use full moon energy:

The full moon allows you to bring your attention to your emotions and intentions, take full accountability and responsibility for them, process it to the best of your ability, and release them after recalibration. This process might be daunting and unknown to you. Here are 15 things to do to get through this powerful shift during a full moon.

1. Moving beyond your older self:

A lot of full moon energies helps in cleansing your energy fields. This may result in you moving beyond your ego patterns. You feel you need to re-assess your life and raise your vibration from your current state. Your new life, guided by your higher-self reflects your current choices of actions. This heavy confrontation might result in triggering your ego. You find it challenging to let go of your old self.

you can move beyond your own self during the full moon
you can move beyond your own self during the full moon

2. The comfortable, familiar version of you starts to fade:

You feel you are going through a challenging time. This is not only in physical earthly life matters but also in your emotional world. You undergo a transformative shift of feeling heavy emotions. This is cleansing of the lower vibrations states from your energetic fields. You need to feel rest assured that the other side of the shift is going to be better than what it is now.

3.  You feel liberated:

You have the courage to let go and transform your lower vibrations results in clearing your space. This would result in you feeling liberated. Liberated from the worries, anxieties or anything which was bothering you earlier, in this world of illusion. You feel that everything up to this point is not worth stressing anymore. There are bigger things in life. Like connecting with your soul and having an increased state of well-being and relaxation.

4. Expansive state of vibrations:

All the qualities of your true spirit – which are meant to be the ‘real’ you, are blooming out. This could mean empowering ideas, refreshing thoughts about a better life, and enhanced feelings of happiness and joy. The higher vibrations you start to attract force you into a newer being with higher consciousness, increased playfulness, and elevated joyfulness.

5. You let go:

Although this transition from lower vibration state to higher vibration state feels daunting, you have the courage to let go. Let go of your old self and welcome the new with warm open hands. Your alignment with your soul troubles the ego. But you allow this to happen, as your alignment with your soul is of the highest possible vibrational energy, which the full moon allows you to match.

The transformative process during the full moon happens with great awakenings and emotional outbursts. There are certain actions that you can perform to help you go through this massive healing process with ease. This will help you transform your life rapidly!

Things to do during a full moon:

1. Slow down:

Things are so fast; you may not even have time to think about slowing down. But that is exactly why you should. Slowing down means to cancel energy-draining activities. This might be you cancel your unnecessary appointments and take time to self-care.

2. Journal:

Another easy way to process your heavy emotions after you slowdown is to journal your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Journaling allows you to access your subconscious mind. This results in a powerful outlet for unexpressed, bottled-down heavy emotions finding an easy outlet.

3. Meditate:

Meditation is the most powerful technique for processing heavy emotions during a full moon. Meditation acts as a purifying system for your energetic state. It allows you to tap into your subconscious mind and make peace with your past feelings of hurt. This helps in processing your low vibration states to experiencing high vibrations with greater detail. Take the Days 11:11 Minutes Meditation Challenge.

4. Spend time in nature:

Nature acts as the perfect balance for healing your energy. Spending time in a forest, or on a beach, during a full moon is powerful for the elevation of your vibrations. This is because your body works in synchronization with nature’s energy. A full moon allows a lot of elements in nature to reset its energy state, and your body will have a complete cleanse when in nature. Allowing other activities like meditation and journaling in nature adds to a deeper cleansing of your energetic system.

spend some time in nature and solitude during the full moon
spend some time in nature and solitude during the full moon

5. Solitude:

A full moon is a powerful time for recalibrating your energy levels. It is natural that you would want minimal interference from other energetic states. It is a good move to move a couple of hours away from the worldly matters to solitude. Being in solitude helps you re-align with your natural state much faster. You feel more in sync and alignment with the highest possible vibration. Allowing some time in solitude, in nature, while you perform meditation or journaling, is potent for your transformation in a full moon.

6. Relaxation:

The body and your energetic state need to recalibrate to withhold the higher energetic state. It is essential to relax and stay calm during this powerful energy period. Massive awakenings and a rise in vibrations can be experienced only if you stay relaxed and calm. perform multiple relaxation techniques like mindfulness, deep breathing, body cleansing, walk-in nature, etc.

7. Long baths:

Water behaves in crazy ways during a full moon. A lovely sight of erratic waves at a sea-shore on a full moon night is a prime example. The moon controls a lot of water associated elements in nature, including you. You feel rejuvenated, reset, and empowered when you take long water baths. This might mean having a cold shower, taking a dip in a natural water source, or washing by the beach. Doing these activities during a full moon acts as a powerful catalyst to recharge your energy.

8. Saltwater baths:

Adding some healing products like sea salt, Himalayan pink salt, or eucalyptus plants in the bath adds to the healing properties. Spice this up with candles, relaxation music, herbs, oils, and salts to recharge your healing and activate your consciousness during this powerful transition phase.

9. Essential oil diffusion:

Your environment plays an important role in helping you raise the vibrations and heal your energy space. Adding essential oils diffused with an essential oil diffuser or a powerful Himalayan salt lamp to the environment creates a vibe of calm and relaxation, guiding you to an increased state of awareness to raise your vibration. Performing such acts during a full moon heightens its properties and helps you align closer to your highest self.

10. Paint:

Expression of emotions through art is absolutely fantastic! Painting under a full moon might result in your expressing a master-piece! All the greats knew this, and have painted during this time to maximize their creative outlet to create some mind-blowing work of art. If you are new to paint, it’s a good time to feel inspired and release those expressions on a canvas with your paintbrush.

11. Creativity:

Creative expression is the energy released from the primal life-force. There are many chakras which get aligned during a creative outlet. These chakras (Sacral Chakra and Third Eye Chakra) are not fully activated due to energy blockage. This results in your creativity not functioning at its best. The full moon is a powerful time for you to release these unwanted energy blockages. The best way is to start something creative. Do you like working on one of your ideas? Would you like to sing? Do you create music or feel like doing an interior makeover? Act on whatever makes you feel creative. This activity would help you stay creative for the entire course of the waning moon.

12. Eating healthy:

Your body is transforming the most during the full moon phase. Your body undergoes massive calibrations during an energetic shift, and a full moon is no different. When the vibrations of your energy are rising, it is natural for your body to be able to withstand the positive energy. Eating raw, organic, and alkaline diet will help you evolve tremendously during the full moon cycle. Likewise, if you eat unhealthy food while processing heavy emotions, your body will fall further down in energy, resulting in you feeling cranky, lethargic, and a little crazy.

13. Charge your Crystals:

Crystals hold on to the energy and vibrations from you and their environment. If you use the crystals, it might be the right time to charge, purify and recharge their energy during the full moon. When the moon is full and powerful, it is a powerful time to release everything that is not serving you.

charging crystals during the full moon
charging crystals during the full moon

How to charge your crystals during the full moon?

Step 1) Wash them well:

Clean your crystals with purified water the day before the full moon. Put on high vibration music or chanting while washing to add further benefits.

Step 2) Moon Bath:

Place them on a natural surface for a full moon bath.

Step 3) Recharge through Sunrise:

Let the crystal stay in the sun and charge with the rays of the sunlight in the morning. Make sure to not overcharge them. The optimum time is 3 hours from sunrise.

Step 4) Set Intentions:

Set any intentions like strengthening your relationships, helping you heal or moving towards abundance. Setting intentions to release or let go of energies might also work well.

Identify the type of crystal and its properties to further deepen your healing energy ritual.

14. Exercise:

Although exercising is not recommended by experts during the full moon, it is always good to exercise during the morning hours of the full moon period. This helps you release all the low vibration stagnant energies from your system, allowing you to release and transform energy from a deeper soul level.

15. Send blessings to people:

It’s a magical time! Send blessings to all the people you love. Let it come from the heart space after deep cleansing. This will allow you to help people close to you release their energy easily. You might some people not aware of their emotions, or even feeling the energy of the full moon. But your blessings can make a whole lot of a difference to their well-being and manifestations.

16. Being calm and peaceful:

The full moon experience can lead to a range of emotions. It is easy to lose your calm and get angry or argumentative during this time. This happens due to your low vibrations looking for ways to find an outlet of energy. identifying your own thought, feelings, and emotions is important for you to positively transform yourself. Allow yourself to release your powerful energy through other above-mentioned techniques. You may notice people lashing out with short-bursts of anger. Help them heal with your blessings.

17. Manifest your dreams:

Allow your dreams to unfold during the full moon. Your mind is in a dreamy state already. Use this time to dream about things you want and achieve in life. This could range from having a good life with your partner, have a healthy lifestyle or that beach house you had always dreamed of! Allow yourself to dream and watch it appear sooner than later during the full moon.

perfect time to journal during the full moon
perfect time to journal during the full moon

18. Restructure your thoughts

You might find yourself all over the place before the full moon cycle. The connection with the spiritual world is heightened. During your times of rising energies during the full moon, it is common to feel inspired by ideas and downloads. Allow these ideas to flood in and release any past patterns that are bringing you down. A lot of your thought structures are aligned with the past patterns you are following in life. During these moments of inspired energy and ideas, make sure that you restructure and re-organize your new thought patterns and let go of the old ones. You will receive strength, guidance, and assistance from the spirit energy to help you positively change your life. be open to allow the transformation of your life.

19. Call in financial abundance:

Financial abundance is something that you are destined with. You are a naturally abundant soul and there is enough for you in this world. You think that there needs to struggle to achieve a certain milestone in your financial life which is not true. Allow the connection to your spiritual world to guide you in increased financial abundance. You could make plans and write things down of any ideas and plans you might have in the future. The spiritual energy will bless you with more and take you to where you need to go to navigate this beautiful experience of life.

20. Clear your mind and space:

Clutter allows your energy to stay within the environment. This includes mind and space. Make sure to release anything which is not serving you. To do this, clear your home and space with unnecessary items. Make room for as much space as possible. This space will allow you to receive something special during this powerful transformative life period.

Things not to do during a full moon:

1. Start something new:

As the full moon energy allows you to conclude and reflect on what you have been, allow the energy to be in the outlet. You may feel such powerful energy and inspirations to quickly act on certain things. But it is wise to focus on what you have been doing in the past and internalize things that need to be changed rather than what needs to be done for the future. To help you create your future, do it during the new moon energy, that helps you set intentions and move towards achieving your goals.

2. Stress about work and other matters

The heightened energy on to the surface to be released during the full moon is felt by everyone. And that includes your workplace. Workplace dramas might heighten up during this time. Avoid getting into unnecessary conflict and try to be compassionate about how other people might be feeling as well. But put yourself as the priority and be compassionate towards yourself. Avoid stressing about work-related matters too as they may feel heavy in the full moon phase.

3. Socializing:

Socializing can also be a daunting process for you. People who are not aware of their rise in emotions would tend to find destructive outlets for expression. This may be an overindulgence in partying, alcohol, arguments, fights and a lot of low vibration energy. Unless, you are meeting someone you know who aligns well with your energy and are doing high vibration activities together, avoid socializing and meeting with a lot of people. It affects your energy state as you might take in a lot of low vibration energy from different people around you.

4. Eating unhealthy:

Full moons and erratic emotions can lead you to unhealthy cravings. When you feel low, in a low vibration space, you tend to eat unhealthy food. That makes you feel terrible again, dragging you further down into lower vibrations. You again crave unhealthy food. The cycle continues… Full moons are important to consciously eat healthily. When you eat unhealthy food, you won’t allow all your built-up low vibration energy to be released. It stays in your energy space and further drags your energy down.

5. Indulging in bad habits:

Like eating unhealthy, avoid getting into bad habits. That may include substance abuse or even emotional abuse. Avoid getting in touch with toxic people from the past. Stop falling into habits that you may have given up a long time back. Avoid thinking of thought patterns that you may have let go of. Do not do anything that doesn’t make you feel happy or in a good peaceful space and vibe.

Full moon rituals: How to perform a Full Moon Ritual?

The moon has been used by mankind for ages. From drawing calendars to designing festivals, the moon has helped us with the human experience of time and culture. Performing rituals during the moon has been popular since ancient times. The magicians, witches, wizards, and occults from the past have smartly used the moon to manifest magic. but modern rituals find plenty of magical manifestations too. Here are 5 ways you can perform full-moon rituals.

1. Make a wish

Yes, the full moon ritual can be as simple as making a wish. The full moon moment is a powerful time. It is easy to manifest at the full moon moment due to its potent energy. Make sure to make a wish that comes from your soul and something which resonates deeply and makes you feel good.

2. Perform celebration

The potent energy of the full moon calls for a HUGE celebration. So yes, during the full moon, dance, make merry and raise a toast to celebrate. You have released so much of negative, stagnant and unwanted energy from your space. When you celebrate, you acknowledge the Universe’s magic and the Universe blesses you with all your desires. Make sure to be grateful.

a random full moon ritual
a random full moon ritual

3. Healing ritual

Here is a simple ritual that you can perform to let go of all the built-up emotions, and heal yourself:

Step 1) Cleanse your space:

Clear your space and mind with all the clutter. This allows you to build space for releasing blocked energies and making space for inviting higher vibrations.

Step 2) Invite positivity:

This could be with inviting the Universe, angels, higher self and other high vibration beings from the spiritual world. Invite them to the ritual so that you have your wishes fulfilled from the ritual.

Step 3) Connect with yourself:

Take time to connect with yourself and your soul. All the wishes that come from your soul come from an authentic space. This makes it easy for the higher vibrations to tune with the wishes of your vibrations. When your head, mind, thoughts, and emotions are clear – manifesting or releasing something becomes easy. Meditation helps you in coming to a relaxed space and connect deeply with yourself.

Step 4) Write down your wishes and everything you want to release:

This comes from your soul and your innermost self. Allow yourself to express everything on a piece of paper by writing it down. This allows all the dark energy to come onto paper to be released and all the good positive energy on paper to be manifested.

Step 5) Release and let go of the energy in paper to the Universe:

The energy of all your shadow self, darkness, and the low vibration energy are surrendered to the Universe for healing. You may allow to release and let go of the paper by burning the paper, letting it sink in a water body or burying it down in the Earth. This allows you to transfer the energy to the Universe, to the infinite for heling. Send all your blessings, prayers and gratitude while you transfer the energy to the Universe.

4. Moon bathing:

Similar to sunbathing, the moon has mystical and holistic healing properties that can help you heal your emotions and your mind, body, and soul. Imagine the moonlight falling on your body and wash away all the toxics. This is similar to taking a bath but without the water but the moonlight.

moon bathing during the full moon
moon bathing during the full moon

A moon bath helps you purify your magnificent aura. Take time to spend in nature and let the moonlight be felt on your skin and your body. Relax and look at the full moon and experience any subtle emotions, sub-conscious thoughts. The full glory of the moonlight falls on you and cleanses your energy to rejuvenate and make you feel good.

5. Read tarot cards

A lot of modern practices involve reading tarot to increase awareness. Tarot cards help you connect with the angels, the angel guardians, the higher self and the spirit. Reading taro is a practice that takes time and practice. If you are familiar with reading tarot, you could allow guidance from the Universe for your life. You could also connect with a tarot reader to find out your life reading during the full moon and beyond.

Conclusion: How to harness the full moon energy for your life

In conclusion, the purpose of the full moon energy is to work through your life, your feelings, emotions, actions, habits and steer towards a direction more suitable for you. As a matter of fact, this includes what could potentially affect you so that you take the required steps to change your life. It is important to make sure you be in a state of calm, balance and relaxation.

Shift your vibrations, awareness, and consciousness towards all the positive things that can happen to you. There is plenty of good out there in the world that you can create for yourself. Focus on how you can change your life for the better. Focus on raising your vibrations. And the full moon cycle will be a happy time for you to manifest the life of that you desire.

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