The judgements you carry about yourself are usually the judgements you have about others

Acceptance helps you to be in the spirit. Judgements puts you in the low vibration physical world. When you accept, you are becoming one with the whole. You can change and transform only when you find acceptance.

A lot of conditioning has resulted us to be judgmental beings. Are you secretly or openly judging others? It’s usually what has happened with you during your childhood. You being judged. You are passing judgements. You have been judging together with your fellows.

Your judgments are nothing but thoughts about yourself

These thoughts are telling you a story about your past self. These stories are putting you in place f a character of that situation. And this character still carries unhealed emotions pertaining to those situations.

You need to control your thoughts with Mindfulness: Your thoughts are the biggest reason why you’re not able to accept things. Thoughts always will keep you stuck in the past, or the pain associated with a past story. A story that you keep resonating with, makes it difficult for you to accept things.

Healing judgements
Are you judging others?

When you find control in the way you’re thinking, question the thoughts that are not helping you with acceptance. Usually, the ones with the most judgement and resistance are the thoughts that are still to be healed to find acceptance.

How to let go of judgements and resistance:

When you are in a position to find the thoughts that are recurring within you to a place of judgement, take a piece of paper and perform the following activity:

1. Write down your judgement:

This judgement can be something that is happening to you on a recurring basis, or something that’s in your recent awareness. For example, your judgement can be ‘My family is so toxic, they do not love me at all’

2. Meditate on the judgement for the root cause:

Write down things like – where did this thought come from? And at what stage of my life did this come up? For example, when in life did you feel that your family was being toxic? What are the incidents in life that made you feel you are not lovable. Try to get into as much detail as possible.

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3. Feel the emotions associated with the judgement in your body:

Feel them and write them down as well. This is when you do not resist and accept the judgement within you. Make sure to take your time to feel it. For example, during the incident that your family made you feel unlovable, did you feel sadness? Or was it anger and hatred. How exactly did the feeling arrive? Write down all about it in detail.
You can look for an emotion chart in Google while understanding the right emotions.

4. Offer a prayer to the spirit to release the judgement:

Once you have your judgement, your root cause, and your emotion, offer a prayer to the Universe.

5. Transfer the judgment energy:

Let go of that piece of energy on the paper out to the Universe. Transfer the energy to the Universe to be healed within you. You can do this by burning the paper and allowing the flames of energy to be released out to the Universe.

6. Set a healing intention for yourself:

You can say to yourself and the Universe that you are now accepting one hundred percent of the judgement, and are now ready to release it. Thank you Universe, for helping me release the judgement, and thank yourself for taking this noble step.

7. Repeat this process:

Lastly, you might find yourself judging the same vibration again. However, the power it holds on you will be lesser than earlier. Follow the same process until you let it go forever!

Remember, acceptance is what truly helps you with judgement.

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