A high vibe environment determines the quality of your thoughts and emotions

Your vibrations are directly related to your thoughts, emotions, and body. A high vibe environment is the most critical input that directs our thoughts, emotions, and spirit. Your environment plays one of the most important roles in your vibrations.

When your energy interacts with a space, you are first a part of the environment. It influences your vibrations instantly. However, with great self-awareness, you could slowly act at a higher vibration and influence the space with your higher energy.

high vibe environment

Energy interaction for a high vibe environment in two ways:

  • You resonate at the frequency of your environment (either higher or lower)
  • You influence the frequency of your space (either two-way energy exchange or multiple energy exchanges)

Two-way energy exchange is just the resonance of energy between you and your space. For example, you sitting in your room.

Multiple energy exchange is a resonance of multiple energies. For example, you sitting in a public conference, you are in nature, etc.

Consider two scenarios related to a high vibe environment:

  1. When you are in a yoga studio or your meditation center, or a spiritual place where everyone is praying, the place is naturally at a higher vibration. Your thoughts and emotions will oscillate to a peaceful vibration.
  2. When you are in a loud place with lots of people and confusion like a pub, the frequencies are distorted. Your emotions would be out of balance and your thoughts are irregular.

How a high vibe environment can help you vibrate higher:

  • Your subconscious energy is always interacting with your environment
  • You uplift yourself
  • Your intentions are clear and you are focused
  • You feel great about yourself
  • Your relationships improve
  • You are abundant and prosperous
  • Your well-being is awesome
  • You are creative
  • Your happiness and joy increases

Here are ways you can vibrate higher with a two-way energy exchange:

What you can do to create higher vibrations within your environment:

Add color to your space:

Color gives you a psychological boost. Every color adds a different energy to your space. The best approach here is to identify your favorite colors and add them more to your space.

Adding plants:

Plants are natural healers. They will help you purify the oxygen and air quality. Add some nature and greens to your space and they are naturally the highest vibration.

add plants for a high vibe environment


Create some art. Change the outlook of your kitchen. Add some new decor. Change your environment from the usual. A change in the environment creates a change in vibe.

DIY crafts:

A personal object is valuable. Something you have created for yourself adds your own unique vibe. Try creating stuff that you commonly use. Or have someone who is good make it for you from an Etsy store. Avoid using stuff from the huge marketplaces that are mass-produced.

Energy cleanse:

Your space requires a weekly cleanse too. Put on some sage, or light up incense. When you perform an energy cleanse, invite positive energy from all the entrances (like doors, windows, etc.). Allow the energy to purify the space. Likewise, push away all the low vibes from the exits (like drains, sinks, flush, etc.)


A mantra is a powerful vibration to fill in your space. Speaking mantras is like placing high vibration energy from your intentional heart-space around yourself. This invites positivity and helps push away negative.

Add crystals:

Crystals can do magic for the space around you. Crystals are naturally oscillating and vibrating at a very high frequency. The resonance in your space around the crystal increases its frequency as well. You can also add a crystal customized to your need

How to navigate the low vibrations in your environment:


This is the first step. Clean your space, stuff and your house. Allow some freshness and stagnant energy to flow freely. Cleaning adds to your mental health, calmness, and a sense of well-being,


Keep your life simple. The simpler you are, the easier it is to vibrate higher. No wonder the monks are always high-vibe. Organize your space. Put things together. It will be easier to find when in need and balance your mood.

organize to have a high vibe environment

Create more space:

Allow the energy to move and flow freely. Every object in your space is a potential vibration. If you cram your space with many things, this energy becomes stagnant. Stagnant energy slowly becomes low vibration. Take a stock of things that absolutely need to be in your space. And just include that!

Avoid clutter:

A clutter-free environment will give you a clutter-free headspace. When you free the energy in your environment, you free the energy within you to vibrate higher. There’s a reason why cleanliness is next to godliness

Explore minimalism:

Minimalism in the context of space is to own less stuff. Instead of owning three different water bottles, try owning one. Limit your stuff to essentials and make sure they stay high in vibration.

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Get ready and clean yourself:

It all starts with you. On some days, are you holding yourself back? Try picking yourself up. Go for a shower, work out a little, and then clean up your space. Watch how your vibe is suddenly great!

How to stay high vibe in a low vibe environment:

  1. Limit your interaction within the space
  2. Have some solitude
  3. Have strong boundaries
  4. Focus on your highest vibration
  5. Heal and acknowledge your inner-child
  6. Limit your essence and your involvement to low vibes
  7. Create your own personal space

How to have a high vibe environment today?

Nature is you are internally

Nature is who you are internally. It is one of the most relaxing and positive space that you can put your energy and interact, without any interference. It is the best way to ground yourself and to let go of any accumulated negative vibrations and energy.


Home is the place where you feel at complete rest. Your body is also your home. Your mind is also your home. It is important to work on your living space to keep it in a higher vibrational state. You are going to spend a lot of time in this environment and it is your responsibility to keep it clean and purified.

An empowering arena

An empowering arena is where you feel your BEST! Do you feel your best when you are performing on stage? Or when you are watching the night stars in the sky? When you are working out in the forest? Becoming self-aware of how we feel in different environments will help you realize where you are most comfortable. Identifying your empowering arena is where you would want to spend a lot of time.


This is unique. You are a unique individual and there is no one like you. Your energetic resonance is unique. While these tips can add some good ideas, it is ultimately for you to identify how you stay in high vibes to the environment around you. Prefer to do things your way and add your uniqueness. Also, feel free to allow yourself to change your environment from time to time.

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