When you are in high vibration phases, there are times when you feel good.

And then, there are times when you feel your body, energy, and spirit are vibrating at a different level of a high frequency of energy.

High vibration phases happen in two ways:

  1. Inspiration after a lot of healing
  2. Healing after a lot of inspiration
high vibration phases

High vibration phases keep oscillating between healing and inspiration.

Allow me to share two instances in my life where I experienced high vibrations:

Inspiration after a lot of healing:

I am sure you have been through conscious healing. Taking time to heal your emotions. Processing low vibration beliefs. Taking the necessary pain out of your energetic space. True healing takes time, patience.

While you undergo the healing process, you will find joy, peace, and love in many ways. If your energy is sensitive, you might notice high frequencies interacting with your energy. You will feel tinglings with people who resonate with your high vibration energy.

Your energy will now be attracted to loads of inspiration that the Universe and the higher realm of beings would want to channel high vibrations through you. When you do you focus on your breath and be present and mindful in your body, your mind will generate new ideas and inspirations. This would be to help yourself as well as help other beings with your overflowing high vibration energy.

You will feel like a jolt of energy package has been delivered to your body from your crown chakra, and is now circling through your root chakra. When you feel this idea and inspiration with your complete heart, you will automatically notice your body feeling divinely energized.

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How to utilize the high vibration phases of inspiration?

This is a great opportunity for you to experience high vibrations and take action on your inspirations. The greater you allow your body vessel to act through this newly inspired energy sent from the Universe, the higher your body frequency, mind frequency, and spirit frequency will rise.

Utilize this powerful energy and create what you intend to create through your inspiration. The Universe will be happy with your actions and as you are capable of carrying out the divine work through your inspiration.

Make sure to share this high vibration energy with everyone that it is intended for. If you fail to act or carry through this inspiration, the Universe we consider that you’re not yet ready. Your healing process will lengthen. Come back and heal fully.

Once you complete and utilize this high vibration energy, your body will now slowly go back to heel and integrating this new frequency upgrade for your energetic system.

My story:

After a lot of healing and taking care of my mind, body, and soul, I received inspiration from the Universe. This felt like a divine calling and it was to bring all the spiritual beings from the world together. This led me to the idea of creating an event called the ‘Global High Vibe Summit 2020’ where I would invite people to talk and share about their own spiritual journey. I realized how big an impact this would make. The impact was not just on the people that I will be connecting to and speaking with, but also on the listeners who would be interested to join. I utilized all my actions and energy to creating and hosting this event. And my god this was such a wonderfully high vibration experience for me.

Healing after a lot of inspiration:

As you vibrate higher, your body will flush out lower vibration. This is painful. When you vibrate higher, you will receive new energy, new downloads, and new frequency in your energetic system. This would mean recalibration of your entire system. like a software upgrade.

Your body, mind, and spirit will heal. This is to integrate this new high vibration energy. Your body will process the lower vibration junk (like your computer deleting files). This will make you feel tired, lethargic. You will also feel a range of low vibration emotions like sadness, pain, anger. Your past beliefs will come to the surface to heal.

Make sure to purify your energy during this period. Do not allow yourself to feel a victim. Do not tell yourself that this is how life is going to be. This is where most people fail This is not your reality. You are only going through a phase that would need you to feel and heal.

Respect everything that is you. Respect this opportunity to connect deeply with yourself. This is great for you to come closer and love yourself. Allow yourself to witness this massive transformation you are going to undertake. This will slowly help you integrate with the new energy with the universe and the fifth dimension.

My story:

When the summit came close and concluded, I felt out of energy and drained. This was not only due to the physical exertion but also the emotional exchange. My energy interacted with so many high vibration beings that it wanted to process it all. After about a week of slow, sad, and drained energy, I started to come back. I allowed myself to heal completely This had allowed me to integrate the whole experience. And suddenly, I could just sense the shift. I could feel the new powerful energy. It helped me inspire and act on ways much bigger to spread my high vibrations.

Now, wait for the cycle to repeat. Wait for that high vibration inspiration to come to your life again! Until then, make space to heal. Allow these high vibration phases to oscillate in your life.

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