It’s now more than ever, important to raise vibrations from 2020 -2030. Why is it important? We will cover this in another blog.

To clarify, after the spiritual healing of the planet in the year 2020 (you know the reasons!), it has a calling for a decade of higher vibrations!

Do you know the difference between a caterpillar and a butterfly? The caterpillar is dense. The butterfly is light. The caterpillar has a lot of problems. It needs to move its heavy energy from one place to another. The butterfly is free; it flows from one place to another.

raise vibrations

The caterpillar is rigid and in lower vibration. The butterfly is free and in higher vibration.

Do you see the difference?

Are you a caterpillar? Because, great! You can evolve into a butterfly with ease. All you need to do is raise vibrations, and we will help you 😉

But wait, what if you are already a butterfly?

However, a butterfly also needs a metamorphosis. Similarly, if you consider yourself to be a butterfly, I’m sure you do need to rise – maybe into an eagle? Such an indifferent synthesis of evolution, eh 😉

The most mind-blowing fact about us humans is we are spiritual, and are starting to understand the cognitive side of this. We are integrating, and evolving constantly. The most major integration is the energy of the masculine and the feminine.

All this means one simple thing – we are evolving, every minute and second. That’s your nature – to evolve.

If you are a butterfly, you have already evolved so much.

There are three ways you can keep rising and raising your vibrations within this endless spiral:

Firstly, you can raise vibrations by Creating Impact:

The greatest joy we receive in life is when we know our work is helping another being. Most of the people who realize their so called ‘purpose’ relate it with work that is benefiting beings. Here, discernment of our ego ‘wants’ and true soul ‘meaning’ is important.

raise vibrations

But how is it that you can truly create an impact?

In addition, an impact is defined as ‘something on a situation, process, or person that has a sudden and powerful effect on them’.

Is your work helping someone?

Is your business creating a massive sudden effect on a particular situation?

Are you giving your high-vibration energy to a stranger who needs it?

Do you realize how it relates?

The biggest thing that happens when you create an impact every day is massive transformation!

It’s a transformation not just to the person you are helping, but also to yourself.

What are the ways in which you can help beings?

Secondly, you can raise vibrations by Nurturing Relationships:

Accept it. You are a social animal. You exchange vibrations with other beings to help you transform. Your biggest transformation comes only as a mirror with other beings. And vice-versa. How many times have you taken positive (or negative?) action with inspiration from someone?

There are many kinds of relationships. The most important relationship – the relationship with yourself! Your self-love. Your self-care. How’s your relationship with your body? When was the last time you interacted with your inner-child? Have you known your past life strengths?

raise vibrations

You relationship with yourself is the base of all other relationships.

Then your personal relationships, the people you spend your most time with. Of course, your spouse or your better half, your parents, siblings, your family, your friends.

How is your personal relationship with them?

What’s the quality?

Did you talk to them in the past one week?

Are you taking leadership or ownership of their well-being?

Are you driven to develop deeper intimacy?

Do you have the time and energy to heal any past patterns?

Do you have the ability to inspire anyone?

Are you actively taking care to make their lives better?

Do you see and feel the spirit in them?

Are you forgiving?

In conclusion, I’m sure you understand it’s about making your life better too! The highest vibrations can be realized and only shared, to expand higher. You can’t enjoy everything alone.

There is also a relationship with your co-workers, associates, strangers and every other being. How is that? Ho is the exchange? How can it be improved? Can you make their lives better? Do you vibrate higher, with them?

Thirdly, you can raise vibrations by having a High-Vibe Lifestyle:

The most beautiful part about you is your lifestyle. What is lifestyle? It is defined as the way you live. The most high-vibration lifestyle is when you feel alive.

raise vibrations

How do you feel alive? When you know your soul is ignited, and your soul is on fire – You are the most connected with your soul. That is when you feel the most alive.

A high-vibe lifestyle is all about having soulful experiences. The greater you connect deeply with your soul, the higher you vibe!

What activity did you last do that ignited your soul?

Is there a pattern of soulful activities?

Or, for instance, a habit?

Do you feel your body is capable of having a soulful connection for a higher duration? For that, are you eating right? Are you moving this vessel?

Are you balancing your energy?

Or, doing things that is bringing you closer to your higher self?

What other ways do you think you can change your lifestyle?

How is it that you are planning to raise your vibrations this decade? Let me know in the comments.

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