You are what you eat. When you are in your spiritual transformation, you understand how important what you eat is. It’s not just what you eat but when, where, and how you eat that matters too. Let’s read a complete guide on how to raise your vibration with food.

You are going to become aware of a hidden secret today.

Have you ever wondered how some people are always:

  • Lucky
  • Full of life
  • Content and happy
  • Joyful and appreciative
  • At their productive best
  • Happy in their relationships
  • Living a life of contentment and peace
  • Having the best of ideas and intentions
  • Energetic to do everything they want to do
  • Living a life of freedom and doing what they want to do

Also…these people might be:

  • Running a soulful business
  • Living the life of their dreams with an abundance
  • Always at their peak physical shape and radiating freshness

All these people have one common secret.

target audience: how to find your niche
You are happy and successful when you raise your vibration with food

They are eating high-vibration food. They raise their vibration with food

When you start taking high vibration foods, your body and its state of being will change. The higher vibrations change the structure of your DNA and help you evolve into a sentient being.

When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you generate an insane amount of energy surges and energetic downloads. Here is how a high vibration helps you:

  • Live a life full of purpose and passion. You get mental clarity and your intelligence and intuition start to sky-rocket!
  • Confidence and an immense self-esteem boost. You change your perception of life, feel abundant and alive
  • High vibration food affects your emotions as well. As you now know, your emotions are directly linked to the food you eat. You will emit a higher vibrational frequency of love and happiness. You feel appreciative of all beings and live your life of freedom.
  • Your thoughts are positive and optimistic and your dreams become a reality.
  • Experience a life full of passion and attract everything your heart desires. You feel calm, peaceful, and content.

High vibration food brings down negativity too

On the other side, you will notice the lack of negativity in your life. All forms of fear, anxiety, and overthinking start to disappear. It changes your mood and how you feel and your intentions become pure.

T. Colin Campbell, a renowned nutritionist in his book The China Study has come up with a study saying sixty percent of chronic death diseases in the world could be avoided by eating a high vibrational plant-based diet. The natural nutrients present in the food help us prevent cancer, diabetes, and strokes while improving our heartbeat.

However, there is a myth surrounding that the plant-based diet lacks protein. A plant-based diet contains 9 essential amino acids which our bodies can’t produce. There are a lot of valuable seeds and grams which contain a high amount of protein and omega-3. High vibrational plant-based diets also contain low saturated fats contrary to high saturated fats in processed food. A lot of live enzymes help in proper digestion.

High alkaline properties present in high vibrational plant-based food help maintain the PH balance in our body. Acidic food produces inflammation and causes diseases. The higher the alkaline property in food the higher the vibration. Avoid low vibrational acidic food.

Conditioned reality of your food

The ancient Greeks and the ancient Indians were well aware of a very important fact – The importance of the food that they ate. The ancient Greeks would celebrate, make merry, play music, and dance in groups while preparing their food. They would often give a plethora of blessings to the food before eating. The ancient Indians used food as a medicine to heal.

The world has changed in a mighty way. You have come a long way. The cyber and digital information age has changed your life to an instant. You barely finish your meals in time, often finishing your presentations or playing with numbers in your excel sheet while gobbling your last bites.

A lot of these bites come from supermarkets and modern grocery stores. The supermarkets run by big businesses prepare ‘food’ for you which is processed, which is machine-made and is by no means natural. There was no Sun involved in its making, no rainwater or soil, and hence lacks all the vital energies from the cosmos which your body is a part of.

This results in a dead vibration being fed constantly leading to your body emitting a very low vibrational frequency. The fast-food, milkshakes and processed sugary items are made specifically for you to crave by adding chemicals to keep you in their loop.

organize to have a high vibe environment

Food is now a Business

Businesses need money to run and they need to make you a fool and keep you in its conditioned state to earn major profits. And they are by no means interested to lose you as their valuable customer. These chemicals are causing massive imbalances in your body.

Processed foods set you up for addiction. The food is addictive in nature. If you have ever realized, you can eat 100 packets of chips only because it is addictive. But there is no way you can eat 100 apples. Apple is coming from nature and nature is not addictive.

The core reason for depression and anxious energy in you is eating low vibrational foods. You feel low, you feel depressed, and you vibrate at a very low frequency. You then crave a lot of these low vibrational food items and keep operating at an even lower frequency. This makes you run in a vicious cycle. Just by changing the vibrational frequency of the food that you consume, depression and anxiety can be easily taken care of.

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To raise your vibration with food, you need to track what you eat

You can have higher or lower vibrations by the quality of fuel you are providing to your body – your food. You can entirely shift your whole diet and transform it into a high vibration diet by simply writing your food intake. Simply writing down your food habits will send signals to your subconscious to eat right.

This is something that you can easily follow in a food journal. A food journal will help you become:

  • Mindful of your eating cravings
  • Balanced with the kind of foods you are eating
  • Organized with the amount of food you are taking
  • Aware of the time period and time intervals between different kinds of food

Here is what you can do to raise your vibration with food by keeping a track of what you eat:

1. Note down everything you eat for a period of two weeks

The most basic thing to do is to drink more water. Yes, water is the most essential fluid for our body. Make it a habit this week to drink water. You can track drinking 2 liters of water every day for the week.

While you track your water, also begin to consciously track what you eat. If you can go into detail as to how much you eat, that’s even better. Just make sure to write it down on a weekly tracker everything you had eaten.

Writing down your food and what you plan to eat will help you understand your eating habits and patterns. You can also go one step further in tracking the reasons why you ate certain kinds of foods. This helps you understand your food patterns. Keeping a food journal or a food diary is an extremely effective way to trigger changes to your food.

Change Diet: Effortlessly switch to a high vibration diet in 8 weeks

2. Plan everything you will eat for the next two weeks

Once you have an understanding of your food patterns for a certain period of time, the next step is to plan your food in advance. Understand all your eating patterns and identify the types of food that you can easily replace. For example, switching something as simple as processed sugar with natural honey makes the difference.

Planning your food in advance will help you consciously make better food choices. When you decide what you will have on a specific part of the day, you force yourself to act on what you plan. Of course, make sure to leave room to fill certain types of cravings. Also, look forward to replacing slowly and steadily.

Therefore, at the end of the day, good food will help you feel satisfied. Measure your satisfaction with every meal. You will know what and when to change. Keep building on this for three months and watch you and your body transform into a fit, healthy, and high-vibration person.

Why organic natural fruits and vegetables will help you to raise your vibration with food

The frequency of your healthy body is usually anywhere between 62-78 Hz. The food that you eat, the thoughts you think, the environment in which you live, and many other factors have an impact on your vibrational frequency.

When was the last time you ate you eat fresh organic fruits that fell from the tree? The vibrational energy benefit of the food is high and rich in nutrients from the sun. Most of the modern fast-food restaurants, large grocery food chains, even middle-of-the-line eateries offer food that is of low energy vibrations. They do not add any valuable nutrients to your body. Eating this food will result in ill health. However, eating food that has conscious, good vibrational energy will nourish you spiritually.

Real fresh fruits are nothing but life

Fruits are flowers and seeds. Fruits are formed from seeds, and then flowers. It’s the most naturally made source of energy for your body. They are the closest to life and nature. Any kind of food that you consume in its pure, raw form—the way it exists naturally—contains energy from the sun, and that energy causes it to vibrate at a high frequency that benefits both your physical and spiritual health. Foods that are processed lose much of their beneficial energy and vibrate at lower frequencies as a result. You’ll receive more healthy energy from eating a fresh apple than from eating a processed apple in a breakfast bar.

Fruits follow a rainbow pattern

The seven major chakras in your body are nothing but a pattern of the rainbow. And so are most of the fruits. All fruits carry a certain color, a code, and a frequency that is in alignment with what your body really needs. Have you been feeling low self-esteem or low self-worth lately? Why don’t you add some fresh lime and mangoes to your diet for a week? I’m sure this diet will help you clean and cleanse your solar plexus chakra. Fruits also provide seasonal benefits. Your body needs different types of nutrition accordingly to where you live and the season you are currently in. Eating fresh seasonal fruits will add vibrance and high vibrations to your body.

raise your vibration with food by eating fruits and vegetables
raise your vibration with food by eating fruits and vegetables

Fruits help you activate your DNA codes

Fruits usually are the lightest form of food. They are the easiest to digest. When you eat clean, you digest that quickly, thus allowing your body to have ample rest. When you eat foods that are dense, your body is actively working at all times to slowly digest the dense food form. Do you know what happens when your digestive organs and juices are working late at night and overtime? You start to carry disease. Easy-to-digest fruits will also help you will flush out toxins along the way, thus helping you feel lighter and fuller with your energy. You will also have it easy to integrate the light codes and information from the Sun, and Nature into your DNA with fresh fruits.

Adding organic fresh fruits to your diet is the fastest way to cleanse your body. Consistently eating one or two fresh fruits in regular intervals will create a new pattern of high vibrations in your body. You will start to have more positive thoughts and a higher frequency flow of emotions through your body.

How to detox for high vibrations

Nature is always vibrating at an extremely high frequency. If you tune into the frequency of nature, you will automatically create resonance to higher frequencies. That’s the reason sitting by the ocean on a beach is so therapeutic. Sitting by the river is so healing. Spending time in Sunshine is so empowering. However, any man-made interference with something natural will result in lower vibrations. Today, everything processed is reacting with your natural body and creating an imbalance in your health.

The outside world is expecting you to behave in a certain way that creates this imbalance. This is happening by eating processed food. Your body is a vessel that carries many of your energies. Food is a vital source for your body’s frequency.

Your body is processing chemicals 24*7

Mad-made compounds are now at the highest levels in the processed food that you eat. These chemicals in the body are creating a high degree of autoimmunity diseases and chronic diseases. Autoimmunity diseases result in high inflammation in the body. The body is not accustomed to processing these chemicals. It’s like asking a printer to print on stone instead of paper. This results in your body working at all times and still unable to process the chemicals. A high degree of the chemicals is resulting in viruses, antigens, cancers, bacteria, etc. in the body. And when your body is unable to flush them out, it will eventually lead to disease.

Detoxification helps you to let go of low-frequency chemicals

It is not wise to start detoxification without making your body accustomed. This is because the pathways for your detox are blocked. The excess chemicals are stored in your kidneys and detox organs. When you do not have an outlet that flows smoothly, you will collect toxins in one place. This might do you more harm than good.

The most simple way to start is to start slow and small. Firstly, eliminating certain food choices. Eliminate all the toxic chemicals that are entering your body. This might be from your food, or even from your toothpaste. Secondly, switch to detoxification slowly. You might want to start twice or thrice a week at dinner. This will help your body become accustomed to the practice. Lastly, take gentle strides in performing a complete detox. This would involve a lot of movement, breathwork, sunlight, and natural vitamins and minerals.

Become conscious of the following practices:

  • 💧 Water: Drink lots of water to clean your kidneys. Your water will help you hydrate your cells and organs that will take away the toxins and the chemicals from your system. Avoid bottled packaged water. Acidic food intake only adds chemicals and toxins. Your body requires alkaline food. Check the PH scale of everything you eat and move towards the alkaline side, including water.
  • 🥤 Juicing: Clean and wash your fruits and veggies. You certainly want to avoid the pesticides that are again adding these harmful toxins. Juicing with fresh fruits is a good start to begin your detox. However, starting suddenly might be overwhelming for your body. Start small.
  • 🥗 Intermittent fasting: Eating at times and giving a break to your digestive systems will allow the acids and enzymes to work on cleansing what’s left. It helps in giving your body a breathing space and allowing it to work and rest.

Working on your vibrations is a holistic practice. When you do work to raise your vibration, you are transforming to make empowered choices yourself. Taking back the choices that are aligned with what you and your body needs. Working on your holistic life implies you are taking back your power. One of the ways to take back is to do your research on the food you are eating. The best way to do this is to create a balanced alignment between traditional ayurvedic practices and modern new age sciences.

How Hydration will help you raise your vibration with food

You are around 80% water. Earth is around 80% water. All the plants that give out fresh oxygen require water. Water forms its shape in resonance with the frequency it’s tuning into. It also carries memory. A compound of hydrogen and oxygen is the concept of life and survival. It is a way of life.

A human body consists of many organs and cells working together to create an optimal balance. These cells require hydration and water to function. When you have a deficit of water in your body, your cells do not receive adequate nutrition it needs. When there is a lack of water, the cells build up toxins and chemicals to continue their operation. These chemicals and toxins over time result in disease and low vibrations.

You create disease in your body due to the acidic states. Diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline state. The first step to work on a deep cellular level in your body is to cleanse the toxins. Your cells, due to lack of alkaline water have stored many toxic chemicals. When you become dehydrated, your body provides communication to let you know about the deficit. The most common sign is dry mouth and parched lips. Acidity is also a result of deep dehydration.

Hydrate your cells to activate higher vibrations

Hydration involves activating your deep cells and organs with alkaline, basic PH, water. This also needs to carry the necessary salts and minerals. The best practice for this is to wake up with a jar of alkaline water and a teaspoon of electrolytes. Your body’s organs are so worked up due to high metabolism, constant digestion. Your blood needs to be pumped constantly for these organs to function.

Electrolytes (saltwater) will help you push the Hydrogen into the cells. Normal water will push things out as a solvent from your cells. When hydrogen is pushed into your cell, the toxins come out from your cells. These toxins are then flushed out with water from your body. This concept of cellular regeneration will help you release stress too!

High vibration food with modern farm energy

We are an interaction of multiple ecosystems. When you stay healthy, you thrive. The ecosystem of your body thrives on the ecosystem of your food. Starting the pandemic, a lot of you are now inclining towards growing your own high vibration food. Growing your own food is a deeply spiritual connection that you can create to merge the frequency of these ecosystems. Coming in tune with the frequency of the ecological movement from your garden to the kitchen, and then to your body is healing your lower vibes and in turn, vibrating higher.

raise your vibration with food with modern farm energy
Grow your own food

Having a direct relationship with the food that has been grown is extremely important. The relationship can also be nurtured in a sense of community. A friend growing food, and their relative making the recipe. And the whole family sitting together to enjoy and celebrate the food. The energy of mankind who has put the love in his farm, and create the essence is what builds the higher frequency. Food carries much more than just nutrition. Food carries history, story, frequency, and love.

Start individually and slowly build a conscious community

The food that you get in the market looks so good. But it doesn’t carry the high frequency. That’s the distortion that happens when we add artificial means to create capitalism. Food is now a commodity. A supply of calories. And not the essence. The soil is depleted. We are now in the movement of artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and many other man-made chemicals. Balance on harmony has diminished. Soil takes a natural 12-year cycle to replenish itself. We are now looking to create food in 12 minutes.

All the systems are falling apart. Your mental, emotional, spiritual frequency and vibrations are gone down along with it. And when you do come down on your frequency, there is something that adds further weight to your vibration. And that’s medicines. Whatever happened to plant meds, we are now ingesting low vibe chemical tablets to rise further down in the loophole. Plants are medicines. Plants are food. Plants are life.

Therefore, the best way forward for us is to start individually. Start to grow your own food in your kitchen. It takes one food at a time. Next, share one food at a time with your neighbor. Slowly build gardens. Bring a community to help merge conversation, encourage reforestation, apply regenerative agriculture, impart education, and continue to nurture the community.

To raise your vibration with food, first, have a high-vibe lunch!

I had a choice today for lunch.

To succumb to my cravings for a delicious pizza order. Or to cook me a really nice stir-fried vegetable. I so felt like having a pizza today for lunch. But I took the latter option.

Transitioning from the old conditioned ignorance to a new transformative lifestyle is not easy. You might feel inspired to follow through for a couple of days but your ‘conditioned reality’ catches up with you and puts you back in its own vibration. You might be inspired to go out and get high vibrational food once or twice but it gets difficult to change it into a lifestyle. I get it. This is why we are here.

Simple steps you could take to raise your vibration with food:

Become conscious of what you are feeding

This is the first and easy way. You don’t have to live in guilt when you realize you are feeding low vibrational food. Becoming conscious is half the job done. You might regret twice or thrice but by being conscious, you will start to challenge your sub-conscious mind and its old programming. This leads to a massive change in your thoughts which eventually changes your reality.

Transform by adopting smaller changes.

Often small changes lead to gigantic transformations. Start by replacing your old habits in smaller stages. It takes routine and discipline to eventually change your lifestyle. Try and set a regular routine that allows you to never miss out on high vibrational food. One high vibration food in a day will start to change how you feel and you will slowly start adopting and taking more high vibration foods. Energy starts to vibrate as a chain reaction. It is a slow process. However, it takes time and patience and the Highbrate community is here to help you with this.

High vibration food is NOT expensive. 

It is a myth and another conditioned belief passed on to people that high vibration food is expensive. This is actually the biggest investment you could make on yourself and your family. The high vibration food allows you to vibrate higher and attract greater wealth in your life. Plus, it leaves you to feel fuller where you don’t have to eat a lot of food. And it keeps you energized for longer. Also, do you know how long the hospital bills will come up when you are sick? You end up saving a lot of money with high vibration food. To sum it all, food will make you feel good, so you wouldn’t mind.

Join a community like HIGHBRATE. 

Energies and vibrations are contagious. When you join a community of like-minded high vibrational beings, your vibrations automatically start to rise higher. Plus networking and discussing your experiences with people with the same intentions will manifest your results faster. Communities also tend to keep you motivated and inspired. We are here to transform each other so we could transform ourselves.

Start acting and stop spectating. 

You matter. You are important and your voice can change the whole world. You need to stop keeping yourself small and start contributing your energies towards our collective rise in vibrations. It is important to educate your neighbors, relatives, and families to help them elevate their vibrations which in turn will lead to your own elevation. Therefore, we are all connected and so we all have a role to play and participate in. Do your bit as what you sow, so shall you reap.

Today, if you have a choice, choose one of these 7 high vibration foods:

  1. Sprouts
  2. Herbal teas
  3. Fresh berries
  4. Seeds and nuts
  5. Herbs and spices
  6. Green leafy veggies
  7. Legumes and beans

It’s all about how you feel. When you eat food that is lively and alive, that’s how you will feel.

how to raise your vibration with wheatgrass
Wheatgrass raises vibrations

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To raise your vbration with food, eat mindfully with these 5 steps:

When you do work individually, you have an option to practice mindful eating. This helps you develop a good relationship with your food and body. I did this when I was writing down this blog post one afternoon:

Today, I had an enjoyable meal for lunch! This wasn’t just due to the delicious taste. It was also due to a small ritual that I practiced. This ritual has enhanced my eating experience to another level! Food is possibly the most important aspect of your vibrations. The awake are quite aware of the importance of the food they consume.

However, it was very intuitive for me to practice this ritual that I call Mindful Eating. Mindful eating is very similar to meditation, where you engage all your senses and channel your consciousness to the food-eating experience.

Here is how I went about with the mindful eating ritual:

  1. Firstly, dedicated my time, cut down distractions, and put my focus solely on the food-eating experience.
  2. Secondly, expressed gratitude for the food that is available to me. I gave my gratitude to planet Earth, the soil, water, the farmer who sowed the soil, the person who drove miles to bring this grain to my plate. Everything that I could relate to – I expressed my gratitude.
  3. Thirdly, witnessed the food with all my senses. How does it look like? What is its aroma? What is the taste of each and every texture of food? I consciously engaged all my senses to the food.
  4. Fourthly, noticed the emotions after each and every bite. I felt happy. I felt fulfilled. I felt satisfied. My vibrations felt higher.
  5. Lastly, felt my emotions after around an hour. I felt energetic, inspired, and hopeful.

In conclusion, this developed a very healthy relationship between food and my body. When you listen to your body, you can slowly start to identify if the food is good for you or not.

Here are some of the benefits that you will have with mindful eating:

  • Firstly, food will taste better as you experience multiple flavors in every morsel, which you missed otherwise
  • Secondly, this enhances weight loss. As you start to feel full, your body will communicate when it has eaten enough. usually, the first burp is an indication that the food is sufficient
  • Thirdly, a sense of patience and calmness will spread over you, igniting the feeling of contentment and ease. You will feel you have taken a break from a hectic routine
  • Fourthly, you will intuitively be directed to eating healthy and lighter food
  • Lastly, you will develop a deep connection with your body as you will become attuned to your needs and desires

Slow down. Be present. And eat mindfully.

It’s not just what you eat, but how you eat, that matters!

Food for thought

Food is something that is extremely potent. Understanding what food can do to help you raise your vibrations, creating awareness on the kind of food that you eat, and then detoxification to help your body heal. Your choice of food determines a lot about your high vibration food journey. Backing it up with mindful eating will help you establish the right way to accept food to your divine body. It takes a slow, conscious, and patient approach to create a balanced relationship between your food, your body, and your emotions. After all, it’s not just about what to eat to raise your vibration with food, it’s also about when you eat, from where you eat, and how you eat that truly matters!

Are you looking to raise your vibration? Here are some ways I can help you:

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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