Identify, Connect, and Heal your Inner Child Wound to Vibrate Higher

I talk about a work incident on a regular Monday that triggered my inner child wound and how I healed from it.

This week started with an emergency!

There was panic everywhere. Friends, colleagues, and extended family pleading for help.

The second wave of Covid in April-May 2021 has hit India hard.

Yesterday at noon, a close colleague of mine was asking for help. She required an emergency plasma donor for her mother.

While I am currently safe and so is my immediate family, I felt rather helpless.

There are many resources floating around social media with help. However, most of the information is not verified. The information is also not organized.

I decided to act. I created a live excel platform for my own vertical at work with about 1000 people. This platform would help in two ways:

  • Update any verified resource availability
  • Log all the requirements of help from our colleagues

I spent the entire Sunday working on this dashboard. With all the permutations and combinations of the requirements, I filled in every verified resource available.

Finally, I got the chance to present this to leadership this morning. I shared the link and explained how it could help.

However, the idea was immediately dismissed. The reason stated was that WhatsApp groups already have the info. Also, maintaining this file would be a headache.

I protested saying I could volunteer with three to four people to keep this updated. However, the platform wasn’t utilized.

Now something strange happened.

I felt immensely triggered…

After reflection, I understood this was a wounded inner-child abandonment issue that surfaced.

What’s an inner child wound?

A lot of information out there on the internet is confusing to me. However, this is what came to me when I thought about it:

Your inner child wound happened during a phase of your childhood that deeply hurt you and never got the opportunity to heal.

You closed it and buried it somewhere deep down. And it will now manifest in many ways.

inner child wound

understanding the relationship with you, your inner child, your ego, and the world.

Your inner child wound can be of three types:

  • Abandoned: Coming from feeling ignored, neglected, or abused
  • Fearful: Coming from constant criticisms and threats
  • Playful: Coming from neglected early adulthood with a decent childhood

Identifying the type of wound will help you be specific on your healing.

Your wound will manifest with feelings of sadness, anger, depression, reactive, or frustration. However, the more you bring this to your consciousness, the lesser you feel reactive to things that trigger you.

What does that mean? An immediate vibration boost.

How to identify your inner child wound?

There might be incidents and situations where you:

  • deep down feel there is something wrong with you
  • feel anxious when you venture out of your comfort zone
  • please people
  • find it hard to let go
  • cling to toxic relationships

Now, Most of us would have felt one/ some of the above in certain situations.

However, it is important to identify the intensity of the above feelings. If you feel the intensity of your emotions felt is high, you can work on healing your wounded inner child.

Remember, the triggers are only bringing us deeper to self-awareness.

How does your inner child wound show up? 

  • Your inner critic is loud
  • Feel triggered with anger, rage, and sometimes shame
  • Feel intense pain and self-doubt with disagreements or rejection

How to connect with your inner child?

  • Talk to your inner child
  • Write your inner child a letter
  • Be mindful of your thoughts and associated feelings

How to heal?

  • Ho’oponopono: Practice connecting with your inner child trauma and then repeat to feel the following four statements until you find peace
    • I am sorry
    • Please forgive me
    • I love you
    • Thank you
  • Visualize: Meditate and visualize yourself connecting with the younger you. Start to build a relationship of trust and allow your inner child to communicate the deeply held trauma.
  • Journal: Write down your connection and conversations with your inner child. Continue to reconnect with your deep subconscious to bypass the ego that protects you from feeling those emotions.

Inner child healing is deep. You can heal, awaken, and evolve to new versions of yourself spiral you higher in vibrations.

I healed today’s trigger with Ho’oponopono. It was an abandonment wound where I felt my ideas are taken seriously and ignored. Although it wasn’t intense, it certainly helped me to write about this topic and experience.

Coming back to my support dashboard, I realized my leadership was right.

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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