Peace is a luxury. You have to create a peaceful state within. This is the work that you have to do upon yourself.

Usually man’s inside is a constant conflict. It is an ongoing civil war.

We have to disperse the whole crowd from inside — the crowd of thoughts and desires and memories and imaginations — so that we can know who we really are.


We are lost in a crowd

We are lost in this crowd, and this crowd is constantly fighting. The fight makes so much noise that one cannot enter into one’s own being. The crowd can be dispersed very easily, and with the crowd all conflict disappear. The fundamental work is of being watchful.

Make it a point to watch whatsoever goes on inside you. Watch as much as you can, without any judgement. It is a simple watchfulness, no evaluation is implied.

Then one starts feeling a miracle happening: watchfulness is so magical that it simply helps the crowd to disperse without making any effort to disperse it. The crowd starts escaping from you of its own accord.

Man lives either in pain or pleasure. He goes on moving like a pendulum, between pleasure and pain. Each pleasure brings its own pain, and each pain brings its own pleasure. They are not opposites, they are two sides of the same coin.

The moment one becomes capable of seeing this — that they are complimentary, not opposites — one stops choosing. When you choose pleasure you have already chosen pain. Choose one and the other comes with it automatically, they are inseparable.

Seeing this one stops choosing. One becomes a choice less witness. Then whatsoever comes one simply watches.

One neither hankers for pleasure nor does one try to avoid pain. If pain comes one is a witness, one is not in a hurry to get rid of it. If pleasure comes one is a witness, one is not greedy to prolong it. In that understanding peace happens.

Peace is the flowering of choiceless awareness. And unless one knows what peace is, one knows nothing.

Inspired from Osho

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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