How Your One Act of High Vibrations Can Change the World

Starting 2020, a lot has been taught to humans with respect to kindness. The pandemic has created distance and space between you and other beings. You are forced to feel disconnected.

Yet, nature is connecting you in multiple ways. A collective fight against the survival of species has allowed us to some extent, reflect, and possibly create change.

Do you remember that time? When you finally cleaned your house in the evening. You brew your coffee and it smells perfect. You go out on your balcony and there is no sight of a car on the road, nor a sound of a horn. All you hear is birds chirping, and the evening sunlight falling gently on your face. While you sip the delicious coffee that sitting at home magically taught you, you wonder there is an opportunity for the collective to heal…

When situations cause discomfort, you incline to complain, criticize, and point fingers. It’s what you commonly see in people, and now, even countries. It’s the collective energy, so don’t beat yourself hard if that happens from time to time.

The collective is made up of individuals. If you find things in the collective that trigger you and see the collective in a low vibration, it’s also because of you. You are in some way, responsible.

You are a high vibration being and you desire that we come together as a collective to spread more love. To create peace, harmony. To have freedom of expression, and an atmosphere to freely share higher vibrations.

But it starts from the individual.

 kindness and hw the world changes with one kind act


Your one act of kindness today has the ability to heal thousands of lives.

Not sure?

Here’s a story about Joe and how kindness changed his life:

Joe was a student who was constantly bullied at school. After a lot of pain, suffering, and mental torture, Joe finally decided to change his school. However, this time, he wanted to create an impact and make his energy felt.

Joe adopted a rather unique and difficult approach. Joe chose the path of kindness. He was a good young man and was bullied for his kindness. He realized his kindness as a strength. Instead of shutting off or retaliating, Joe shared and spread kindness when he walked into the school. He genuinely cared and was there for people.

Joe didn’t expect anything in return. All he did was embody his true self, and give power to his sensitivity. He held doors open for others and wished them good morning. He became the source of encouragement to his classmates.

Joe was now popular. It changes the vibes of the school. It created confidence in other students to let go of fear, and take that leap towards expressing positivity and high vibrations. The students changed their attitude towards other people. It created a ripple effect of kind vibrations.

You as an individual are powerful

Individuals are vibrations of love by nature. Yet, there is fear to express and embody the vibration of love. And the fear is in the collective. It takes empowering individuals like Joe, to create high vibrations in the world. To take that jump from fear to love.

Your forgiveness for an ego-based projection has the ability to mend thousands of broken relationships. Your genuine expression of joy has the ability to bring thousands of smiles today.

It all starts with you.

To create shifts.

And to create hope.

You are the hope.

You are powerful to make a difference.

Embody your power to change.

You are powerful to create awareness.

Embody your highest self today.

Act your greatest version.

Would you like to start making a real difference starting today?

Star with a printable daily vibe-high worksheet. This is powerful and you will start noticing shifts within a week.

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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