Answer 11 Simple Questions to Know Who You Really Are!

Life is extremely short. And if you know who you really are, you have made it!

There is no point to waste even a second on somebody you are not. In other words, it’s extremely important to know and understand who you are as a person. Only when you know who you really are, you will be able to make those changes. That’s when you take those strides and become the person you were always meant to be!

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Oftentimes, you might tend to start living according to the standards of other people, the matrix, or the society. I have noted down 11 questions for you that will help you become conscious about:

  • Who you are
  • How you feel about yourself
  • What you really would do in life

These 11 questions have tremendously helped me. I have connected with myself a lot more after answering them.

Before you start to answer the questions to know who you really are, please note that:

  • It’s okay to take all your time while answering these questions
  • Allow yourself to be open and vulnerable
  • Reflect a lot while answering them
  • Understand your inner-most self
  • Allow the answers to come from the soul
  • Perform meditation to clear your mind and connect with your breath
  • Play some alpha waves binaural beats in the background

Here is how you can know who you really are:

know who you really are

Question 1: If you had all the money in this world, what would you do differently?

The reason this question is important is due to our time-energy exchange. You might exchange your time with work for money. That is completely acceptable and alright. You need wealth to survive and thrive. That’s how this world works. Money is a good thing.

However, you work on something that you don’t really want to. You might only be doing so for the money. The biggest reason people are not connected with themselves is they are working from an ego space. You then tend to slowly become someone you never really want to be. Then it becomes your biggest regret in life.

The answers to this question can be vague. Do not allow yourself to feel this is not practical. Make sure all the answers are coming from your true self. List down three things you would do if you had all the money in this world.

Question 2: What are the three activities that make you lose track of time, and why?

Playing sports, doing some art, and spending time in nature is something I really enjoy. I absolutely lose track of time when I do this. This answer had come while I was relaxing in nature and it wasn’t that difficult for me to answer.

This question will help you connect with your soul. You will yourself as a person identifying what you love doing. A lot of times you run on a tight schedule and a packed calendar. You trade your time for 10 minutes or some time here ad there. But the difficult part doing activities where you track your time.

It’s important to do things where you lose track of time. This will help you align with activities that you need to do to get further in your life

Question 3: When do you feel great about yourself?

What are the things you do, or who are the people you surround yourself with, that make you feel great? I like being a little popular, doing heroic things, and being appreciated by friends, family, and the team makes me feel really great about myself.

You can identify three to four things where you feel so great about yourself that you completely accept yourself as a person. There are no judgments left for you to hold on to.

It’s not just about eating food or something that you do temporarily that makes you feel good, but something that is deep and a prolonged basis that makes you feel great. It could be helping the world, helping animals, or saving the environment. These things will help you move closer to who you are in terms of your core values.

Question 4: What are three things you are naturally good at?

This could be any skill, habit, or characteristic that you think you are naturally good at. One of my friends is extremely compassionate and can make anyone feel at absolute ease. I would think he is extremely compassionate, understands people’s feelings, and makes them feel good about themselves.

These are some of the things that you can identify. It could also be skill set, where you could be an extremely talented guitarist, or a great soccer player, a brilliant artist, a graphic designer, or a creative writer, or a filmmaker. Whatever they are, write down as they will take you far in life.

I would like to remind you that it doesn’t have to do something related to your job but anything that you might not be doing it you just have done in childhood but don’t do it as often.

Question 5: Who inspires you?

There are three people in your life who you look forward or look up. Dealing with any lfe situation or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. You can remind yourself if that person would have been in the situation, how would they have reacted. We have a lot of people who inspire us and otivae us to the core, apart from listing down these tree people, also include the quality that makes you feel inspired about them.

For example, let’s say you are inspired by Christiano Ronaldo you like his ‘never give-up’ attitude. You also like the way he carries himself on the field. That is one quality that really inspires you to do well in every area and every field of life.

List down three people who inspire you and what qualities about them make you feel inspired.

Question 6: Three most important people or things in your life

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your family or friends or significant other. It can also be a pet. The Three most important people or things that are very close to your heart and life. I would like you to list those three things down as they will help you connect deeper with yourself and your soul.

Question 7: When you were a kid, what did you love to do?

I personally loved doing or making shops out of thin air. Putting up all different products and putting them as a showcase. I have no clues but I realized this while answering this question. That is something I loved going for some reason, but I am still yet to identify how I could probably apply that in my life.

But yeah, there are multiple things that you absolutely loved doing when you were a kid. Maybe you wanted to sing, dance, paint, or play a specific sport, or whatever made you very active and energetic. Write down these activities that you absolutely loved doing as a kid. Introspect and dig down on yourself and understand to note this down.

Question 8: What are the three things you will regret if you do not do in this lifetime?

I personally think if I do not open my own businesses and have a lot of people in my company who work and thrive. I give employment to and giving them a good source of income and creating a huge tremendous value to the world, I would regret to not pursue something like this.

A lot of people have regrets during their end of lives. People really want to do certain things but don’t act upon it or take that risk to play safe. Then they ed up having these deep regrets at the end of the life. If you need to tell something to someone, or if you need to pursue something, or follow your passion project and are scared to take that leap, now is the right time. Doing this might te you somewhere else in life.

Question 9:   What are the three things you can teach to this world?

Everyone in the world is an expert. And that is true. Everyone has a unique story and you have some valuable insights to share with this world.

You might have your story in a unique perspective of how you see a situation. I am sure you must have at least three things that you can absolutely share with this world. It is important to identify this and start sharing and teaching with this world. If you do happen to teach something that aligns with your passion and purpose, you might also add some more value.

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Question 10: If you had these three things, You would find true happiness

You might be vague in answering this like more money, a beautiful partner. But I would insist you dive a little deeper. How much money would make you happy? What qualities of a person would make you happy? If you want to be healthy or lose weight, how many pounds or kilograms would make you happy?

Write as many as possible but three things would possibly be a good start. To know who you really are, it is important to know what will make you happy. Happiness is created from within and it’s you who would make yourself happy. This will help you understand what you can look forward to in life towards creating more happiness and higher vibrations.

Question 11: What is the one thing you would like to change in this world and why does it matter to you?

This would definitely be linked with your purpose. Studies have shown once you identify your purpose and act on it, you become a happy person. You give from your spirit and soul and channel your energy for the benefit of this world. As a result, you feel contentment and happiness in life.

Write down what you think should be changed. Why this one thing that needs to be changed. What would you do to create this change? Also, mention how it will help and benefit this beautiful world of ours.


So these are the questions that would help you know who you really are, get to know yourself deeper, and have a greater relationship with yourself. It has helped me with a lot of new insights that I didn’t know about myself. As I said, start with meditating and create a safe space in your head before you start writing. Apply some 30 minutes to understand where you are you will definitely know how and where to go forward.

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