If you are searching how to love yourself, it usually means you feel life is challenging.

Let’s understand what an uncomfortable situation is. Usually, it’s a phase that creates change. And change creates growth.

Growth can sometimes be painful. The caterpillar to butterfly concept perfectly describes the painful growth.

I have a 7 month niece. To the outer world, it seems like she has no worry in the world. No school, no homework, no schedule, no work, no appointments, and no household chores.

However, her life is one of the most uncomfortable lives I am witnessing in this present beautiful magical moment. This is because she has just learned to stand up on her own.

In clear words, if you really think about it – this is a paradigm shift in her life. Firstly, she was lying down. Secondly, she started to barely sit. And finally, she now stands on her own too feet.

Do you think this transformation to her was easy? Certainly not. It was challenging. I have witnessed the challenge and the will in her from my own eyes. However, if you ask me if she loves herself, I would without any doubt or reason, say absolutely yes!

You have a lot to learn from infants on how to love yourself

She fell down multiple times. However, she didn’t give up. She gives a huge smile when she is applauded for doing such things. And that smile indicates she still loves herself. In conclusion, she has already won the game in life.

Let’s try to understand the difference between internal and external:

Whatever happens in the internal manifests in the external. However, if you manage to stop whatever happens in the external to manifest your internal, that’s when you’ve already won.

love yourself

If you don’t play, you’ll never win. Life is going to throw you challenges, and that’s the game. That’s where life is asking you to win. Isn’t this an interesting opportunity to create peace within?

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And when you do win, do remember to have that wide smile on your face. Always! And when you are in the middle of a challenge, that’s when you need to remind the love you need to give yourself the most.

When you go through the rough challenges, your soul is feeling lighter and rising higher. As a result, you vibrate higher.

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