There has been a lot of talks to raise our vibrations. Along with having several benefits, meditation raises vibrations in our energy field in multiple ways. Vibrations play a key role to help us align ourselves energetically and spiral upwards in the journey of professional, spiritual, financial and emotional growth. Anyone in the path of self-development, self-growth or healing needs to become aware of their vibration frequency. Here is a simple tool, What’s My Vibration  Frequency Quiz to help you know how high your vibrations are!

Yet meditation in the modern world is gaining wider acceptance across the globe. There is much more to meditation than just sitting quietly in a peaceful stance at an isolated location. Meditation has seen many benefits happen on our overall well-being with a heightened state of consciousness and wellness. Along with health benefits, meditation also plays a major role in raising our vibrations.

Here are 5 ways how meditation raises vibrations:

Meditation raises vibrations by acting as a purification system:

Like any system needs constant purification mechanism, it is natural for our own energetic state and morphic field to have the need to purify. Everything is connected with everything else and that includes our energetic molecules. During our day to day lives, our energetic space interacts with the energy of other vibrational states (generally lower, fear-based vibrations) in the 3D, matrix-based dimension. This leads to our energy space vibrating at a lower frequency than that which would like it to vibrate. Our energetic space holds the dark, lower vibrational state and it presents itself in the form of anger, hatred, jealousy and false judgments.


Meditation allows us to become aware of these lower vibrational patterns. A lot of fear-based vibrations are nothing but energy taken from other lower frequency energetic space. Meditation does not help us in naturally cleaning these dark fear-based energies but allows us to become aware of its existence. This helps us in letting go of these vibration states more easily. Hence, it acts as the biggest purification system for our energetic vibration state.

Meditation raises vibrations by elevating our awareness:

Meditation, over an incremental period of time, allows us to become sensitive and fine tune our physical senses. Be it the sense of smell, the sense of sight, hearing, taste, and touch. The regular practice of meditation helps us elevate our senses where the world now begins to appear brighter. The food starts to taste better and our sense of taste starts to differentiate flavors with greater ease. Our ears start to notice the sound of subtle frequencies. We begin to connect deeper with our sense of touch. The aromas around us are fine-tuned and we smell with a greater intensity!

Apart from the five physical senses, meditation also helps us to activate our sixth sense, the third eye chakra. With our third eye chakra activated, we raise our intuition and our connection with the spiritual and celestial world increases ten-fold. We raise our awareness and connection with our body and our intuition develops helping us stay aligned with our spirit. Meditation plays a key role in activating our sixth sense and elevating the sensitivity of all our five physical senses.

Watch our video on 5 powerful ways meditation raises our vibrations!

Meditation raises vibrations by helping us stay in the present:

A lot of everyday hustle in the materialistic world leaves us in a constant state of desperation. By staying in the present, we stay aligned with the needs of our soul and our body. A lot of people in the world are misaligned with their awareness of the moment. This leads to people being in a state of depression or anxiety. When we are staying in the past, we stay in a state of memory, where we are not happy with the present state of reality. This leads to depression.

When we are in the in the future, our mind constantly races, trying to create a future scenario as per what our thoughts want our future to be. This leads to an elevated increase in anxiety. When we are living in the moment, in the now, we are vibrating in synchronization with the vibrations of our universe. This is where we let go of any controlling thoughts and allow the moment to be. This leads to an enhanced state of peace in our lives, giving us clarity to act in alignment with our soul.

Meditation raises vibrations by having control of thoughts:

Our vibration state has a direct link with our thoughts. Our thought patterns determine our vibrations and energy. The way we process our thoughts leads us to act in accordance with our thought reality. When we start to meditate, we become aware of our thoughts, our thinking, and our mindset. Our mindset plays an important role in our success. Our thoughts are what makes us the powerful beings we are. A lot of our thought patterns happen over pre-conditioned programming from our childhood. This leads us to have limiting beliefs which keep us in a lower vibration state. When we allow these beliefs to create our reality, out thoughts act as self-fulfilling proof to our limited state.

meditation raises vibrations

Meditation allows us to become aware of these limited thinking patterns. It allows us to recognize these low vibrations thought patterns and programming. This helps us to let go and re-program our mindset and beliefs, helping us to spiral upwards in a high vibration state. A lot of our thought patterns also come from the sub-conscious mind. Our sub-conscious mind plays a major role in our thought patterns and belief systems. When we meditate, we can gain access to our sub-conscious mind and we can look to re-program out thoughts, beliefs, and reality!

Meditation raises vibrations by helping us make the right choices:

Our lives are a series of choices which we are making in our present reality. This choice is what is leading us to our series of events happening in the future. When we make the right choices, we naturally gravitate towards our soul development, leading us to our soul-growth. People tend to make choices with an unconscious attitude, just carrying on in their everyday lives without putting much thought in the choice which they are making. Every moment, we have a choice to either act in a higher vibration of love or in a lower vibration of fear.

From the choices of food which we are eating (Read the e-book: Food Vibrates to know more about how food affects our vibrations) to the choice of words we are speaking, every action based out of our choice leads us to spiral upwards or downwards in our vibration state. With meditation, we become more aware of what choices we are making, which allows us to connect deeper to our body and listen to our body to make the right, healthy choice. This leads to long-term success and the right soul path and journey towards increased wellness.

To reap the benefits of meditation, it needs to happen over an extended period of time as a habit. Let go of the expectation of extreme changes in behavior with just 3-4 sessions, it doesn’t work that way. We see the real benefits of meditation after a sustained effort. The higher the frequency of a mediation session, the greater the rewards you will feel. Like any positive habit, it takes time to start to reap the benefits. But meditation does pay a far better return on investment in time than any other activity of habit you would perform every day. A serious recommendation!


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