Admit it. You need Mindful Exercises in your life

Because our lives have exponentially fast-tracked. Maybe it started when we hopped on wheels. Our speeds today though, has become hyper-sonic. If I notice – this is man made illusion. I always try to relate events with nature. The tree grows at its own pace. You can’t help the child start running in 3 months. Everything has its own pace. Mindful exercises will bring you closer to this natural pace.

A problem aggravates when we try to force this pace. Our lives have fastened, more so without a seat belt. A recent study indicates that 94% of Americans suffer from performance stress i.e. always having the desire to do something on the go. Fast vibes aren’t leading to high-vibes in the long run 😉

My first introduction to mindfulness happened back in 2016

During those years of massive awakenings, my life was turned upside down. I wanted to accelerate from gear 2 to gear 374! My body collapsed like a burned engine. I had to feel ‘all of it’. And that’s when I connected with my spiritual fuel – my breath. Ah! What a wonderful feeling (wait! Did I get in touch with my emotions too?). My transformation with mindfulness started like a usual summer morning. Slow and inviting as a sunrise at the start, and then burning at a magnificent vibrant intensity at noon.

mindful exercises

How I Define Mindfulness?

My definition of Mindfulness is the ability to most efficiently experience this moment of magic. I define this moment as the time period of a breathing cycle. In this time period, everything that my consciousness (or me as the universe) is able to experience is being mindful. It’s not a verb. It’s a state of being. With every new time period, helping my frequency tune to a higher vibration. That’s mindful living.

I feel I’ve performed some mindful exercises in my most beautiful journey to mindfulness. Destination of course, is a long way ahead.. Here are some learnings from these mindful exercises:

Milestone Exercise 1 – Mindful of your breath:

This is usually the first step. It started with my intention to meditate. I felt deeply connected with my energy and vibration with my breath.

  • Steps to take: Devote 10-20 minutes. Sit in a quite place and start taking deep breaths until your breathing is controlled. Focus all you attention on your breath.
  • Challenges you may face: Firstly, your monkey mind will bring in a lot of thoughts. Start with a positive intention to connect with breath, and bring yourself back to breath when your mind starts to take over without any judgements. Secondly, it takes time at the start, so stay true and consistent. You’re looking for a 4-8 month window at least.
  • How did I realize this exercise was complete: I could ground myself with my breath at any time. I have become attuned with inner-peace and have had glimpses of bliss. In short, I became mindful of my low vibe-emotions and could keep myself up at high-vibe emotions. I do have my share of negative emotions, but I’m self aware and mostly try to create a positive space now.

Mindful Exercise 2 – Mindful of your body:

For the newly discovered high-vibe emotions, I noticed my body (vehicle) also has to be upgraded. You can’t run High-Vibe feelings in a low-vibe body. There will not be an energy calibration you see.

  • Steps to take: I started exercising and eating right. Highly alkaline food became my norm. I started to deeply develop my practice of body based training. Yoga/ Calisthenics/ Pilates – anything that involves deep breathing, stretching, and some strength is a great form. Drink plenty of water.
  • How did I realize this milestone was complete: I could stay in higher vibrations for a longer duration of time. I felt a sense of connection and communication with my body. I felt high in energy at all times of the day. My digestion improved. I felt my body becoming better everyday. I just felt good with my body.

mindful exercises

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Mindful Exercise 3: Mindful of your senses

This is advanced level. You can achieve this when you do continue consistently with milestone 1 and milestone 2. I still feel myself oscillating between level 2 and level 3.

  • Steps to take: Become aware of your senses. See what’s the farthest distance your ears can hear. What’s that constant feeling of touch with the air. Connect with your eyes to see a difference in the way you are perceiving light – does it look extra bright and refreshing? Your taste has identified newer taste patterns in the same food you never tasted before.
  • Challenges you may face: Mostly to do with frustration. It takes practice to develop this. It requires a deep sense of calm and not vibe completely with your senses. Fine tuning your chakras helps. It mostly helps when you are connected deeply with your breath, your body, and practice engaging your senses.
  • How will I realize this milestone is complete? I will become fully aware of my senses. Firstly, I’ll start to identify the farthest distance my ears can hear. Secondly, I will feel that constant feeling of touch with the air. Thirdly, I will connect with my eyes to see a difference in the way I am perceiving light – does it look extra bright and refreshing? Lastly, my taste would identify newer taste patterns in the same food I have tasted before.

Are you looking to develop and build your mindful exercises? I am currently working on designing a mindful program for a mindful approach to life. This includes having a mindful lifestyle, having mindful relationships, performing mindful work, and so much more. If you think you would be interested in such a mindful program, or would rather like to see a mindful world, help me with this mindful survey.

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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