How to make 11,700 in 4 hours with your one to one private sessions

It sometimes gets overwhelming when you look to package the service for your audience, especially with one to one private sessions. There are multiple forms in which you can package:

  • An online course
  • A digital product
  • A one to one session
  • A recurring membership

However, we will talk specifically about the one to one private session in this blog post.

Why One to One Private Session is successful?

Your one to one private sessions provides value as you give your undivided time and attention to your client. In other words, this helps your client interact with your energy in real-time. This is mostly a done with you type of service, where you help your client with a transformation.

one to one private sessions
A one to one private deep healing transformation session

Let’s talk a little about transformation:

Any client that signs you up for one to one private sessions is looking for one of the three things:

  • Firstly, to learn a new skillset from you
  • Secondly, to help in a personal transformation
  • Lastly, to leverage your skillset for them

For example: If you teach your clients how to meditate, you are helping them learn a new skillset. If you teach your clients how to vibrate higher, you are helping in personal transformation. When you read tarot for your client, you are leveraging your skillset for their benefit.

Yes, all the three can be interlinked in a way as well (A meditation session is definitely a powerful personal transformation).

The problems with one to one private sessions:


However, there is only so much you can do with this approach. Yes, you are definitely adding value and helping people. But the problem here is this is not scalable.

It’s difficult to make tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars with this approach. You can absolutely do that if you are charging higher rates. But that would mean slogging every day to not just provide your client service, but also to consistently find high-value clients.

Add this to the tons of effort you put in. You:

  • Learn a new craft
  • Apply it to serve people
  • Create a platform for users to connect
  • Share valuable resources
  • Build your audience
  • Reach out with your service
  • Look to onboard the ideal clients
  • Pull your hair about the pricing
  • Bang your table due to technology bugs
  • Breathe in and breathe out to stop yourself from hitting the screen monitor as your client isn’t putting the right effort
  • And… much more

The point is…

You work hard! You really put in the effort. But you do not get the value you deserve.

It all boils down to one question: Why are you creating your current creation?

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The most common answers to this question are:

  • Have time for my family
  • Run my day on my own terms
  • Create value that helps the world

There are many more like travel, explore, learn etc.

Everything else is a part of the above three.

And the root of all is this: Moving towards self-actualization.

That’s the highest vibrations for a human being. Maslow was absolutely right in his hierarchy. You do all that you do for ultimate peace, love, and joy.

So what does the ideal creator scenario looks like?

  • You have all the time in the world to really do what you want to do
  • You can do what you want to do, when you want to do, and whoever you want do it with

This can be achieved when you have time to start with.

Here is how you can create value, impact, and earnings with minimum time and effort from your one to one private sessions:

1. Identify how you would help:

If you are reading this, there is already a good chance you are creating a service. If not, this is the beginning of how you would like to help. It’s good to have a mix of what you are good at and how you would like to help your audience.

2. What would you like to charge for an hour?

It’s good to have answers to the following questions before deciding. There is no correct answer as to the right price, but it’s a good thing to raise your price bar.

  • How much do value your time?
  • What’s the kind of transformation for your client looking like?
  • What value are you providing your client?

Think hard about how much value would a client get from you with your fully focused undivided attention.

3. Look at how you will scale?

With only one to one in an hour service, you are capping the income potential with a large amount of time. Now, this is how you will leverage your scale. Abandon your one to one private sessions. You cannot scale while you work more hours.

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There are only two ways you can scale:

  • Increase the price
  • Increase your clients

While increasing the price may not be the best option, have multiple clients on the same hour.

4. Package your program into a group cohort

A package would help you create the value and impact your clients deserve. Here is how you can design a group package:

  • Identify the number of hours required for the transformation of a client
  • What parts of the transformation can be broken down
  • What are the details in your curriculum
  • How will the program be transformative

5. Personalize your program

Now consider the personalization you would like to add to your program.

Make sure you add enough value here so that people can benefit from the joint program. Do you think 10 people can benefit together? 15? Or 50s or 100s can benefit together? Some of the other questions to ask:

  • Is there some pre-recorded sessions being provided in the program?
  • Any worksheet for your client to work with
  • Are there any recordings that your clients can refer to?
  • Is there a mastermind group?

You’ll want to ensure you provide enough value and justice to the cohort.

6. Price your package

Now that you have outlined your program, determine the

Price your cohort package based on the following:

  • Your hourly rate
  • Number of hours in the program
  • Number of peers your clients will be sharing space with

Come up with a price that will give justice to the value that you would be providing your client.

You may add some factors like:

  • Discounts
  • Upsells
  • Exclusives

A case study of $11,700 with 4 hours in a month with your one to one private session:

The below case shows how you can easily have maximum earnings with minimum efforts.

Let’s use some sample prices and a ball-park estimate of discounts and offers for your cohort group service. You can edit and replace the price points and certain variables as per your customized plan to learn the income potential and impact.

Max price:

Let’s say you price your hourly rate to $222. Let’s assume you have a 4-hour package.

The total price you will charge here from one client is: $222 * 4 = $888

This is the maximum limit you can charge from one customer.


Let’s say you give a discount to your audience as this is not personalized.

Assuming a discount of 20%, the charge for your service is now nearly ($888 * 0.8) = $712.

The values here are completely up to you. You can charge a higher amount or alter the discount percentage.


Let’s add an upsell to your process due to your expertise and customizations.

Perhaps, you have added a bonus worksheet and a mastermind group.

Assuming an upsell of 10%

You arrive at your final price of ($712 * 1.1) = $780

So, that’s your final price = $780

Considering your clients paying $888 for your 4-hour service, $780 sounds like a great deal!

How you can get 11,700 with 4 hours.

All you now need to do is find 15 clients for a cohort for a month. (This is totally achievable)

Therefore, $780 * 15 = $11,700 for 4 hours.

There you have it!

Just by working 4 hours a month, you make a total of around $11,700.

There is one catch – an upfront investment of your effort and time

Yes, there is more than 4 hours of work

Now there is no denying that there is a good amount of upfront investment needed:

  • Having a topic
  • Building an audience
  • Creating the curriculum
  • Drafting the course outline
  • Marketing your services


However, once you reach a point where you are able to achieve one cohort, it’s a simple repeatable system that you can follow.

The above process helps in the following ways:

  • You have more time for yourself
  • You help more people who could not afford your one to one prices
  • Your upside earning potential is unlimited
  • You can work on providing more value to your cohort
  • This can be applied to any kind of work that you would like to serve

And this gives you time to create more value and also move towards your dream of self-actualization.

The question is, will you work hard or work smart?

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