To raise your vibration at work, you will need to vibrate higher sustainably. Your rituals will take you places. Rituals will generally include two to three good habits performed together in a time period! Any creative outlet needs to be consistently published. With consistency, you can create habits that help you build momentum towards achieving a great result. You can raise your vibration at work by becoming a powerful connector and a bridge between two different sources of energy and connecting them with love.

Your success is also determined by the success of the people around you. As vibrations are contagious, genuinely cheer for people around you to succeed to vibe higher! Sending an invitation to people, building relationships, asking the right questions, understanding your audience’s needs, and serving them with the right solutions help you create a high-vibe business. When you vibrate at a higher frequency, you will automatically raise your vibration at work too. Let’s discuss the topics in detail:

Raise your vibration at work with rituals

Do you remember the last time you had a completely packed schedule with one thing lined up after the other? Remember how stressed you felt? What if that presentation doesn’t go as planned? If the meeting takes a wrong turn? And some more worrisome what-ifs?

We all have those days when we have to get so much done that we can’t find a moment to breathe. We often get overwhelmed and start to fret about all possible outcomes, focusing mainly on the negative ones. And as a result of constant worrying and overworking our brains, we end up overwhelming ourselves.

raise your vibration at work with rituals

I have realized, when these days do happen, all your planned high-vibe routines go for a toss! Even when the days are not that stressful, most of the time routines are something that I for sure find hard to stick to. Well, you might wonder that routines will help you to build habits but that’s totally not true!

I am on my way to building life-long superior habits with the help of rituals.

Some of the daily rituals that can raise your vibration at work:

  • Starting my day by writing and gaining clarity on my daily planner, scheduling time for my most important activities, and creating big-time blocks for personal time and well being
  • Writing from my workplace overlooking the blue (mostly cloudy) sky every afternoon before and after lunch and publishing the newsletter, improving my spiritual connection with my spirit guides by reading and writing the tarot
  • Filling a bottle full of water, and going to my balcony to sip water and read every late afternoon
  • Spending 10-15 minutes in Nature either in the morning or evening, and getting my body work out and mindfulness meditation complete
  • Schedule night time only for complete relaxation, movies/ shows, coloring, or just talking with loved ones

You can also create rituals that occur less frequently to raise your vibration at work

I have also been designing my weekly/ bi-weekly/ and monthly rituals. For example, connecting with my wealth manager every month to review and refocus my investments, taking a nature walk trail every week or two weeks, having family dinners every week or two weeks, etc.

The best part about a ritual is that you are able to club two-three good building habits in the one-time frame. This allows you to remain flexible while getting a lot of things done right for your body, mind, soul. Continuing to adding things that you really wish to do adds a lot of positive vibrations into your lifetime.

You change your life when you set rituals, not routines. You don’t design your successful life with your routine, you set rituals to design a new successful life. Rituals have helped me spent the last 6 months, try and enforce new goals and habits to optimize productivity and get work done. Building rituals has helped me embrace, take responsibility, and put into consistent practice over the months week that has completely shifted the way I view goals altogether! Rituals work at the moment – routines work just for the day!

What’s one good ritual you will build today? Reply in the comments of this post!

Consistently and consciously create to raise your vibration at work

The biggest reason you have not been able to move from point A (where you are) to point B (where you want to be) is the lack of consistent action. Consistency is something I have personally struggled with – especially creating valuable content for Highbrate. One of the biggest reasons why I have struggled with being consistent is the lack of immediate results.

Have you heard of this before – 6 months of focus will shift you 5 years ahead in life? That’s usually what it takes. I have seen stories of people starting with no results to slowly piling exponentially on results with consistency.

I have been inconsistent with my work for the 4 years, and I know it sucks and is frustrating. But when I looked deep within, the reason was me. My lack of consistent work. That’s when I reflected a lot and came up with a framework of my own. It has helped me do so much this year already.

Here is how to build a consistent schedule:

Understand the purpose

Start with why. Why is it that you want to create something valuable? Whatever is the reason that draws you to work on a dream fuel it constantly. Make posters of your dreams and your why. Has it imprinted in your subconscious? The reason I have been working

Ask why you’re not consistent

Usually, the biggest reason you are not consistent is when you create a self-limiting belief. This has nothing to do with your capabilities, but what we think the results might be. Becoming frustrated by expecting results too soon is my challenge. I am looking to do away with the outcome and enjoy the process. I know it’s not easy.

Some of the beliefs I have overcome to become consistent with my work:

  • It’s not about the number of people that are validating your work
  • You begin to learn patience rather than expecting results
  • Look to help just one person with your daily creation
  • Understand that great things take time
  • Don’t give up

Make a commitment

This is extremely important. Once you have your purpose and your reason for not being aligned, make a commitment. Establish a time period and frequency of work to deliver. This can be at your convenience and whatever works for you. Daily/ twice a week/ Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/ Monthly/ Once in three months, whatever it is. Just commit and deliver. My newsletter is now delivered weekly on Friday. I was not well the last week, yet just got up and put this out as I had made a commitment. Now, there you go, there’s your inspiration to act.

Reverse Engineer

What is it that you want to achieve with your work? Have an end goal in mind and break it down into time periods. The best way it works for me is a 12-month goal and review every 3 months. Then understand what needs to be done each week in the 3 month period. There you have it – you know what to do now with a clear, focused direction. Personally, I am shifting to having 6 monthly goals, and reviewing them every month. This is because my plans get too dynamic. Again, whatever works for you.

Start small

The easiest way to become consistent is to start small. I had literally baby steps written down as my daily targets. There came a point where I thought I could do much more daily. The best part is this realization came in when I had already started to become consistent. Now, I get much more done on a daily basis. Small steps lead to great mountains. And the most difficult step to take is the first one.

List your daily 3 and write your weekly goals

This is really helping me stay accountable for my goals. To know what you need to accomplish during the week, and set the three most important tasks for the day, you will slowly begin to become consistent. This has helped me immensely. Once you tick items every day, it’s a snowball effect with huge momentum on your side!

Organize your work in a planner and schedule

Last year, my biggest focus was to become organized and stay consistent. I was all over the place, doing multiple things and achieving nothing. That’s when my friend suggested a life planner to me. This is by far the best New Year gift I have received. It helped me organize all my thoughts and keeps a track of my daily activities, tasks, habits, weekly goals, gratitude list, and monthly review. I am looking forward to seeing how much I achieve by the end of this year. It’s never late, start life planning in a planner today.

Building consistency helps you to build momentum. At the end of the day, it’s all about creating something good for you and the world. You can achieve greatness with consistency.

What will you create consistently starting today?

Become a conscious connector to raise your vibration at work

Every June during the Summer Solstice, I host the Global High-Vibe Summit. This is to bring spiritual people globally on a single platform in the form of speakers and an audience. We connect and discuss diverse spiritual topics and in turn raise our vibrations together. This is one of the biggest strengths of a connector. It brings people, places, cultures, and love, together.

One of the strongest ways to create more love and high vibrations is by being a powerful connector. You are a part of one huge freaking ball of energy. You act as a medium through which energy channels and flows. This manifests in the physical part in the form of thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. This also manifests in the form of relationships and the way you behave and respond to people and situations in your life.

build a quality audience with 9 easy steps to raise your vibration at work
Bring heart-centered consciousness when you connect with people at work

When you start to become a connector, you become a medium for two forms of energy to resonate at one frequency. How cool is that? You help two or more beings have something that they desire. You and I are all mediums that are helping connect or bridge two different forms of consciousness. When you do bridge this gap with love, you create a powerful portal of high vibrations. Many forms of Nature are powerful connectors too!

Some of the important connectors in Nature that I can think of are:

  • Air connects flowers to cross-pollinate
  • Rivers connect two different points and all paths in between with life
  • Clouds precipitate to condense water and then evaporate to give back the rain

Some of the ways you can become a powerful connector to raise your vibration at work:

  • Share your knowledge
  • Give credit to people in public
  • Ask for help from people you know
  • Understand people’s desires and wishes
  • Build a genuine connection with people
  • Acknowledge people who know better than you
  • Understand people’s strengths and shortcomings

Being a powerful connector helps you become an authoritative and empathetic leader. A recent survey in management has also shown that leaders who connect people rise higher in position and power. It’s a life-long and loving skill to build. End of the day, it’s all about helping people with higher vibrations, isn’t it?

To raise your vibration at work, pray for people around you to succeed

The society that we live in is strange. How many times do you wish that people with who you used to hang out with drift apart? The primary reason is sometimes people will move ahead of you. When they do, you feel they are now not a vibration match and you allow that connection to let go.

Now imagine this, what if you did hold on to the connection (genuinely). Those high vibrations and frequency would come into your life as well. You would now raise yourself and move ahead in your life as well!

A lot of times, at least from my perspective, people get triggered when someone around them does well. This trigger is insecurity that is making you feel inferior to the person you assume to be equal. There is nothing wrong with feeling this way, this is how society has turned up.

But you are a #fellowhighbrator – you raise the vibrations of everything around you. What you will do instead is to genuinely want and feel for the person around us to succeed.

Three things that happen when someone around you succeeds:

1.    Your person is adding positivity to the world

2.    Your person is adding positivity in your lives

3.    You are adding positivity to his success – that results in even more success

It’s a simple vibrational thing. The higher someone around you vibrates, the higher you start to vibrate.

How to feel genuinely happy about someone else’s success:

1.    Help people around you succeed

2.    Identify the root cause of any triggers

3.    Practice gratitude around that specific event

Be grateful for you to take part in the person’s success, be grateful for the person’s success, be grateful for the person, be grateful for your evolution and mindset, be grateful for witnessing the person’s success, be grateful for everything!

High vibration beings around you will help you become high vibrational. If you are high vibration and people around you are not, you are going to be dragged down to their frequency. All the more reason you need to encourage people around you to vibrate higher. And make sure you are patient while they are vibe-higher.

Create a high vibe business to raise your vibration at work

I have been involved in building two to three side hustles. Highbrate is one of them. The prime reason for me to work on my side projects is to experience financial and scheduling freedom, do things that bring me more joy, spend more time with my loved ones, experience growth in my skillsets, and have fun! Yes, I have fun when I look to create something that serves a human being. Starting something with the right reasons gives you the passion to continue and have fun.

While working on these multiple side hustles, there is one simple system that I am now following. Of course, this is still under experimentation in terms of results. However, I’d love to share a process that I currently follow to serve people with solutions for problems they need. Wait, let me start with what I was doing earlier.

I had been implementing complex systems and performing data analysis on models. I was tweaking the way my website looked and making sure the font was absolutely what was required. My biggest learning – I was doing all that except doing the real work –to serve an audience that really needs help.

That’s when I realized it was so easy to do 10 different things when you do start your business. That’s where you need to focus and shift. After all these years of doing the work and some big lessons, here is an extremely simple online business system that will help you stay focused and create income:

Saying Hello (Introduction)

This can be anything that introduces you to someone you would like to help.  There are many ways that someone could be introduced to your work or brand. You can post regularly on social media; post blogs, post videos, or create assessments for your audience. Anything that helps you create value for your audience. Choose what you are comfortable in and what makes sense to you and your audience. Also, it is wise to put our focus on one or a maximum of two channels.

Build Relationship:

When you say hello, make sure you build a good relationship. It’s similar to how your mom taught you to be nice and cordial to people in real life.


Understand your audience. Ask the questions when you say hello. Ask them what are they doing here? How did they find you? What are they looking to learn from you? How can you help them? Understanding your audience is extremely important. I will write a deep article about market research in a new blog post.

Regular Meet:

Create value that helps your audience at a regular touchpoint. This can be something that you post regularly, a small community, or anything where they see you on a more frequent basis. It’s like inviting someone for a dinner party after you meet them and get to know them.

Build Relationship

While you do this, continue to build the relationship, and continue to do research. This time you may want to know the deeper.


Your research can also improve. You can continue to find out more about your audience. You can ask them questions like: Where are they sending time online to find content like yours? Are they already paying for any of the stuff you create? Are they willing to pay? How well do some of the options look?

Serve to solve their problem

Exchange energy of currency for the value you would like to deliver on a deeper scale. This can be through an online digital product. There can be many forms of a digital product such as e-books, email newsletters, email courses, video courses, video + audio + written courses, manuals, master class sessions, one on one private coaching sessions, group coaching sessions, etc. Your research will tell you what your audience wants.

Lead a heart-centered attitude to inspire people around you and raise your vibration at work

To raise your vibration at work, it is important to operate from a space of love. Creating heart-centered work, even in a matrix-led environment will let you create powerful shifts with the people you work with. Find ways to do work in your job that really matters. Help people when you feel they are facing difficulties. Be there for people around you. In the short term, there might be instances you might be taken advantage of, but if you continue to operate out of love vibration, slowly people will start to gravitate towards you and your work. After a while, when they see you shine and ask the secret behind your success, tell them – ‘it’s all about high vibrations, my friend’!

Are you looking to raise your vibration? Here are some ways I can help you:

  • Take my What’s my vibration frequency quiz to discoveryour spiritual vibrations and frequency
  • Join the Daily In-Pulse Newsletter. We publish high-vibe content everyday to the community of global high-vibe beings
  • Listen to the recordings of the recently concluded Global High-Vibe Summit. We invited around 25 experts speakers on various spiritual disciples all to help you raise your vibration
  • From the 1st of next month, I will handhold you in a small intimta group with simple, easy, and holistic steps to vibrate higher with my program Velocity. Click here for more details

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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