Solstice Intention Meditation - December 2018

Our next meditation is on December 22nd, 2018! We host worldwide intention meditations every solstice. The meditations are based out of particular themes to raise our vibrations. Participate for the next solstice meditation below

Food Vibrates ebook

Food plays the most important role in our vibrations. Everything we eat and consume has their own vibrations which start resonating. Read how vibrations of food affect us and get ready to change your whole outlook and perception of food.


Vibration Frequency Quiz

What's my vibration frequency? Take the vibration assessment quiz and know your frequency at which you are vibrating! This helps us in improving our self-awareness and understanding the choices and decisions we make in helping us rise higher in vibrations

Coming soon..

We are coming up with a bunch of tools and resources to help us elevate our vibrations. Join the Highbrate community and gain instant access. Unlock your infinite energetic being. You are powerful!