The June Solstice falls on 20th-21st depending on wherever you are in the world. The solstice brings about a powerful shift within mother earth and we are sure to feel this ourselves. As we welcome the solstice energies, we prepare for our path of greater ascension and spiritual awakening with Gaia. Let’s prepare ourselves for a great change which begins with each and every one of us.

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We are hosting our third edition of Solstice Intention Meditation and the ripples of love are getting bigger and stronger. Standing together by our willingness to stay on the journey, to feel our feelings, to stay centered in our path, to be introspective and to assist each other. Highbrators set powerful intentions to create a profound change in the field of unity consciousness of Gaia every Solstice.

As we are moving through such an intense shift of the solstice at this evolutionary time of the planet, it is incredibly important to reawaken our connection with mother earth. We are releasing a lot of stuck up energy and it is moving through us. There is an intenese need to change as we transition through this powerful shift. The energy feels laser-like: very focused, sharp, and penetrating, down to the very core of our being. It is acting like a sharp sword that cuts swift and deep.

Solstice Intention Meditation
Global Solstice intention meditation

Performing a solstice celebration is our own beautiful way to honor mother earth and to help her and ourselves shift to a higher vibration. We celebrate every solstice by coming together and performing an intention meditation. We guide the meditation and set the intention through multiple beings of higher vibrations and consciousness who come together to impart a powerful shift in the planet.

Let’s create a change together this Solstice!

We invite anyone on a spiritual awakening journey, lightworkers, indigos and any other being willing to ascend higher with these powerful shifts and energies of Gaia on every solstice.

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