With a massive spiritual awakening taking place in the world, you are coming back to yourself. You are curious to understand spiritual vibrations and frequency. Let’s understand what you need to know!

What are spiritual vibrations?

Everything in the universe is vibrations having a certain frequency. Anything that you see as a solid – like let’s say a rock has a very low frequency and hence a dense vibration.

That makes the rock a little heavy, and rigid. On the other hand, water is a fluid and can flow. It is easily transformed (with heat) or cold.

Water has a faster frequency and hence a lighter vibration. Water is considered a way of life as it carries information and memory. The earth and humans have around 75% of water within their being.

Similarly, you are vibrating at a frequency. This frequency is helping you with your spiritual vibrations. Your vibration is interacting with the vibrations of the cosmos too! And the resonance between what you have and what you attract is known as the law of attraction.

What is my spiritual frequency?

Your spiritual vibrations and frequency are constantly interacting with many forms. You as a whole are a representation of many different forms of energy functioning with each other. Each form has its own spiritual vibration and is having its own frequency. Let’s look at the various major forms where your spiritual vibrations and frequency are interacting:

  • Body: You are in a body. A vessel. Your body is vibrating at a particular frequency. Do you feel a difference when you are say, tired and sluggish or jumping and dancing? That’s your spiritual vibrations. Tired and sluggish is a heavy dense frequency. Whereas, jumping and dancing is a fast, quick frequency!
  • Emotions: Emotions are like frequencies entering and exiting your energetic field. These are mostly temporary, however, they are incredibly powerful! Some frequencies that are heavy and not processed stay in your body. These dense emotions did not find an opportunity to flow out. They become trauma and become toxic to your body. Do you feel a difference when you are sad and in grief? Do you feel a difference when you are happy, inspired, and in joy? Sad and grief is a heavy dense frequency, whereas happiness and joy is a fast and quick frequency.
  • Mind: As we understand everything is frequency and vibration. So is your mind. And your thoughts. When you have thoughts with a heavy dense frequency, they are usually related to fear. For example, I am not good and feel disconnected from the world. When your thoughts are with a light and fast frequency, they are usually related to love. For example, I am feeling good and connected with the world. Thoughts, like emotions, are temporary and can influence your whole energy system too.

Your spiritual vibrations are beyond your energy field

  • Actions: Actions are everyday activities that you perform. Your actions can influence your emotions and thoughts. Likewise, your emotions and thoughts can influence your actions. For example, when you do a kind deed, you feel light, good, and are in a fast vibration. When you do a cruel act, you feel dense, heavy, and are in a slow frequency and spiritual vibrations.
  • Environment: The energy system that is in immediate connection with your energy will also influence your vibration. For example, if you stay in a very well-lit, cozy home, you automatically feel light, and good. However, in a hospital or a prison, your frequency would, of course, feel dense and low.
  • People: And then the people you interact and surround with. They are all related to the way you feel, think, and act. Influence is a very strong concept largely due to a term called resonance. When your energy is interacting with another energy, both the energies is moving towards a common resonance. Thus, your relationships matter in the way you feel. If you are in a low frequency and interact with someone who is a high frequency, you will rise. Usually, a higher frequency is powerful than a low frequency, so if you give love to someone, you usually will feel more love.

Of course, your energy system is complex and not just dependent on the six aspects above. For example, there can be many other inter-related aspects like wealth, work, and hobbies, etc. However, with an effort to work on even a single aspect has an ability to change all the other aspects.

And that is largely due to a term called resonance. (A concept through which crystals and chakras operate). This resonance is what helps you maintain a frequency and thus your spiritual vibrations.

Watch what are spiritual vibrations

Raising your spiritual vibrations is all about sustainable growth

When you raise your spiritual vibrations, you can absolutely shift timelines! You can create the life 10 years from where you are in the six months. That’s the power of creating high vibrational frequency shifts. It helps you take quantum leaps! However, you won’t take the leap by ticking off some random list that will make you feel good at the moment.

A lot of people take the What’s your Vibration quiz. One of the common questions people have after they take the quiz is – How do I raise my spiritual vibrations? I performed a Google search and read a lot of articles that suggested 10-20-30 ways to raise your spiritual vibrations. But before analyzing the results of my search, let’s try to understand what is happening to you currently:

Do you think you, in this generation, believe a lot in instant gratification? That high when you get a like on our post, that easy service that gives you entertainment, that instant connection with an influencer on the internet. You as a human are designed for instant gratification from around 5,000 years back. Blame this on your ancestors who were worried about survival for the next meal or the next shelter. You are designed to only look at things that benefit us in the short term. One of the biggest reasons why your focus on long-term and long grind is difficult. Are you re-wiring yourself for that compound growth? Looks like a rapid rise in evolution, huh?

I wish higher vibrations were an easy instant jolt too! Unfortunately, it’s not.

With all due respect, a lot of these Google tips make sense. And they definitely seem valid to help you vibrate higher. For example, one of the articles said – Walk in Nature! You might know, I am a big advocate of spending time in nature. It heals you, It creates a huge space for you to add positivity.

However, it got me thinking if these methods would be sustainable?

How to really raise your spiritual vibrations today

When you work on raising your vibration, there is going to be some ebb and flow. This will mean you will have highs and lows. When you are in a high, it is certain that you will fall down and receive a low. That’s the law and rule of nature.

Everything works with a high and a low. The waves of the ocean. The heartbeat.

However, the important thing to note is how quickly you come back to your equilibrium when you are in your low. And your trajectory.

To raise your spiritual vibrations, focus on your vibrations trajectory

What a lot of people today focus on is getting on a high. Practice some yoga, eat the right food, take in the plant medicines, or do that reiki healing.

All of that is great! And is definitely helping you.

But, there will come a time when you will fall down from that high to the low. When you are in that low, are you accepting yourself? Are you acknowledging your low vibes? Are you being and healing those lower vibrations?

Or is it all love and light?

The real way to raise your spiritual vibrations is to work on yourself holistically for a period of time.

To focus on the trajectory. And this is with respect to multiple aspects.

  • Your energy cannot be high-vibe with physical health and not put your focus on relationships
  • There are not going to be higher vibrations having so many friends (fake?) and not put your focus on creating an impact on work
  • Your spiritual vibrations can’t be high-vibe having a wonderful mindset, listening, and speaking all your YouTube/ Insta gurus and judging the person not doing the work

Make some time for all aspects of your life. Slowly. Every day. That’s how you will rise.

Create space for your physical health, your mental health, your emotional health, your spiritual health.

Make time for your mind. Make time for your relationships. Make time for your work.

It all works together. And that’s how, over time, your trajectory moves up. That’s how you vibrate higher.

The many tips and techniques mentioned in the articles would only work if you do the following too:

Activities that you can you do together

Do all of the activities consistently

Perform all of the activities for a long time

The above three things are something that nobody is talking about.

  • You will not raise your vibration by giving your loved one a hug. It’s going to make you feel good for sure, for some time. But what truly matters is a deep life long loving vulnerable bond that will help you cultivate that relationship and provide the support for you to raise your vibration
  • Your spiritual vibrations will not become higher by performing a sound bath. It’s going to help you heal and cleanse your aura for sure. But what would truly matter is you creating a ritual to do a sound bath every day. If you are a sound bath practitioner, maybe you do this every day. However, don’t you think there are other aspects of your life that need your attention for you to vibrate higher too?
  • Do you seriously think you will raise your vibration by eating healthy sustainable foods? Of course, you have a great lunch today, and it will make you feel absolutely fantastic this afternoon. However, are you eating this every day? Does your food involve just the high vibrational foods? Along with this, are you also actively working on healing your emotional wounds?
raise your spiritual vibrations today

Here is what you can do today to raise your spiritual vibrations:

Reflect on your life aspects. Reflect on:

  • Where you are in your health
  • How your work is creating an impact
  • Your emotional states
  • How your relationships have been

Look at your life from a bird’s eye view and identify the current state of all your life aspects.

Then, go in-depth on each and identify what you can do every day in each aspect.

Then, perform that every single day.

That’s how you will raise your vibration.

Work on all aspects of your life together:

If you are looking for a shift, you got to play the long game. When you shift on one aspect of your life, you’ve got to have a solid base built up in other areas of your life too. For example, let’s say your focus is a lot on your work, and you get a 5 million USD investment for your firm.

Are your relationships good to have that celebrated with? Or is your health at your peak shape? Do you also find time for hobbies and to learn new things?

Well if you do, you are already on a path of expansive self-transformation. However, usually, this is not the case. Your focus might be on one aspect, like let’s say, for example, healing. But are you also using your mind intelligence to create a huge shift in your healing capabilities?

If you feel you are working on your body by hitting the gym, are you also giving time for your emotional health by working on the unmet childhood attachment issues?

to raise your spiritual vibration, work on all aspects of your life

I have realized, it’s better to make small, slow, easy, and incremental shifts in all aspects of your life, together. This will help you invite positive aspects from all walks of life. Your energetic system over time will be charged to receive every bit of high vibration.

We tend to adapt our lifestyle to certain aspects that we like. This is like when you wash yourself, you are only washing your face, head, and neck and skipping everything else. You’ll not be clean if you neglect certain aspects. You will need to transform all areas of your life, together, every day. That’s sustainable growth. And that’s higher vibrations and frequency over a course of time.

To empower your life, find ways to empower all aspects of your life. Small, slow, and consistent. Your vibe will be growing at an alarming pace in some months, you or anyone else would hardly be able to recognize or match your growth.

Your body holds your energy and spiritual vibrations

The whole idea behind your body’s growth is to help it carry higher vibes. Your body is like a carrier. A vessel that holds a lot of things! And yes, it’s not just your organs, cells, fluids, minerals, etc. It also carries your experiences with you. Your spirit. Emotions. Traumas.

Your body is essentially water. It does hold multiple elements of nature too like fire, earth, air, etc. But primarily, let’s focus on your body consisting of water. Based on the research conducted by Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, you as water are creating patterns based on the frequency you are exposed to.

For example, when you are in a high vibration environment, your body would naturally resonate at a higher frequency. That’s the reason the words you speak and listen to are so important. The frequency carried by these words is received through your sensory organ (ears), and imprints in your energetic system physically through the water.

Your body also carries memory.

That’s how the traumas that you must have experienced years, even decades, or lifetimes ago would manifest in certain ways in your body. For example, consistent lower back pain might indicate a block in your sacral chakra. This block might still exist due to some traumatic experience you might have faced in your past lifetimes.

Thoughts and emotions – two different forms of energy also flow through your body. Consider your body as a room and your thoughts and emotions as the breeze. A well-ventilated room would allow the breeze to smoothly flow in and out from your room. You can allow fresh air or even a breeze that smells great to come through to your room. A well-ventilated room allows you to have control of the quality of breeze that flows in.

how your body holds your spiritual vibrations

Let’s say you slack a little, and now you do not open some windows. The breeze stays within and is not having a healthy outlet. It settles in and does not flow. The primary purpose of the breeze is to flow through a carrier, but when the carries object its flow, the breeze gets polluted.

Long story short, your body is a carrier vessel that needs to be taken care of. Like you clean your room, it needs to be cleaned (exercising). Like you add some beautiful decor to your room, it needs high-quality fuel (food). Similar to how natural ventilation allows fresh air to pass through, you need to have an open mind (thoughts) and an open heart (emotions) to allow your body to flow.

Your vibrations are a holistic and integrated mix of everything that’s around you. You are moving in a vibrational pulse within this Universe, and so is your body. Your energy is constantly interacting on many levels from within and outside.

Your body is what interacts the physical world with the spiritual world. Treat your vessel well and your vibes will flow through from a higher frequency. And when that happens, everything else becomes high vibration.

How vibrations manifest: My personal examples and stories:

When you work on your vibrations in a holistic way, things that are way out of your frequency start to resonate. Here are two examples of how this changed for me in my life. I am currently working on my 100 Days Life Project (a 100-day life plan working on different aspects of my life), and 100 Days of Joy (a challenge I have set out for myself to perform an activity for 100 days that gives me joy). Here are my journal pieces on of the random days:

  1. While working for my 100 Days Life Project, I started to realize how having a plan and a goal for the near term helps you. One of my goals is to have 10,000 visitors on my blog website. Since my life has been disrupting in many ways starting July (as I work deeper on my 100 Days Life Project), my subconscious mind allowed me to stay on track.
    This morning, right when I woke up, I suddenly started to pay attention to how I am going to achieve this goal. This is something that I hadn’t worked on till now. However, a brilliant idea and a strategy just popped up out of nowhere to my consciousness that I will be implementing this weekend. Just wanted to call out that having your life planned, discussed, and written sets some crazy universal manifestations on their way. Invites the frequnecy resonance. Huh?
  2. Today is dark and cloudy, yet beautiful. Nature always finds a way to balance. With so much Sun in the last couple of days, the clouds are finally announcing their presence with a loud roar! I am sitting here outside for my #Day27of100DaysofJoy on the balcony, witnessing the colors of my reality change. The temperature feels like falling ever so slowly by the moment.
    I sense a sudden movement from the birds. It’s like the roar has sent a hurried invitation for all of us to prepare for what feels like a slow, calm realization. A realization that says we are all equal, and we all need to be respected when our time comes. I am spending the next 100 days on one activity that brings me immense joy. I spend a minimum of 10 minutes every day in Nature and the Sun. What brings you joy? Would you perform your joyful activity today?

What High Vibration Does to you

The higher your spiritual vibrations, the lighter you feel in your physical body, your mental space, and your emotional body. This leads to high energy in your body, having positive transformative thoughts, and feeling good about yourself and everything around you.

These high spiritual vibrations will manifest in your life with greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. Your life flows with magical synchronicity, and you manifest what you desire with ease. Overall, your life is now of a hugely positive quality.

Wait, vibrating higher is the solution for it all, right? Wrong! If it was so easy to raise your spiritual vibrations, the world would have been that alien land you always dreamed about in your crib. Back in 2016, I had a huge spiritual awakening and was falling apart.

However, I felt closely connected with my spirit guides and realized I was naturally a high-vibration person. My spirit guides guided me to focus on my spiritual vibrations to bring me back!

I started the Highbrate community with one goal – to raise my spiritual vibrations! Not only did this help me channel my high vibration, but also created a community for me to help other light-hearted beings in their journey towards high spiritual vibrations. When you do put your focus on various aspects together such as your lifestyle, relationships, and impactful work, etc, you raise your spiritual vibrations.

But nothing works until you put in the work. Similar to meditation, your spiritual vibrations are something that only you can do for yourself. No one can change your spiritual vibrations or your spiritual frequency other than you.

Yes, someone can create that wonderful experience of spa and skincare. That results in you feeling good and a shift in your amplitude.

But with time, that amplitude naturally comes down. As a matter of fact, inherently, your vibration moves up through a spiral. When you shift, you move upwards, like rotating in a spiral, higher and higher. A shift in your vibe requires you to have a holistic change – something that you commit to for the long term.

what raising your spiritual vibrations does to you

Over time, higher spiritual vibrations will help you:

  • feel at peace and calm
  • become less reactive
  • feel present and connected
  • become involved
  • provide value
  • express joy
  • nurture love
  • manifest abundance
  • become happy
  • feel healthy
  • support humanity

and much more…

Do not get the sense of high vibrations wrong. When you vibrate higher, you are having a holistic shift in your life with more love, joy, peace, abundance, and happiness. And you need to take extreme ownership of your vibration.

Without ownership, you will continue to stay where you are. On your current vibration. And manifest the vibes that do not support your growth. Hence, take ownership of your life right now. Take ownership of your soul right now. Take ownership of your vibration right now. Become what you were always meant to become.

And when I on my own journey, was finding it difficult to take ownership of my life, a decision really helped me. That decision is to act with consistency on your vibration. Yes, when you put in the work consistently, that’s when results come.

About Author

Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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