How to find your target audience for your spiritual business

Let’s focus on quality and not numbers for your target audience. It’s important you identify what really matters, a real connection. A list with high numbers and low engagement is just a number.

A target audience in a niche is a group of people interested in the “same thing”. This can be large or small. The most important thing is that they have the same problem that you are trying to solve.

For example, people working on a quarterly plan are a target audience. A group of people looking to start meditation is a target audience. Having specificity into understanding who the target audience is and why they are a part of your group will help you derive greater output from your lists or followers.


The above examples are broad target audiences.

You could drill down to a very specific target audience too. For example, online creators in the USA looking to change their life as a whole is a specific niche. A group of high school students who would like to start mindfulness meditation is another specific niche.

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When you get down to your target audience in-depth, you really start to build value for your audience and yourself. Here are some of the questions you can consider when you determine your target audience:

  1. Who are these people and where do they hang out?
  2. Are there enough of them?
  3. Do you like to be involved 24*7?
  4. Do they spend money?

It’s very common to start opposite

It’s common and counter-intuitive to build something first and then find someone for your product/ service. The problem with this approach is:

  • You do not know the well-defined problem for our specific audience yet
  • Your engagement for your product/ service in your current audience is poor
  • You have spent time and energy into building something worth nothing

That’s why the opposite approach works.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”U7e4Y” via=”no” ]Share this with your audience?[/ctt]Find and nail your target audience first, and then build your product around your audience.

Now that you understand what and how a target audience is defined, let’s dive deeper into a 9 step approach to building a business with a target audience:

What’s an inspiration?

Your inspiration is the product of the offer that you would like to help people with. is there something that you have personally transform yourself within? Have you created an action plan that creates transformational results? All you need to do at this stage is to identify how you are going to help someone.
Once you identify try to understand how this is relatable to someone. For example, I have worked on my 90 days life plan. I know that I can help someone who’s looking to work on their next quarter. At a high level, I have an idea that I can create a cohort-based coaching program for people looking for transformational results in the next three months.
Start with the basic idea and as you go for it look to validate and pivot as needed.

Where to look for your audience?

This is the most important step you need to find your audience that words resonate with what you have in mind. Check where your audience is hanging out online.
A lot of people might be on Reddit or on Instagram or Twitter for the first social media groups like slack group/ Facebook group or on YouTube comments etc. Look for people who have postage/ commented/created posts that resonate with you offer that you want to create.
target audience where to find them
An Instagram post about working on the quarterly plan from a huge account
target audience where to find them
some more people on Instagram
target audience where to find them on reddit
A Reddit group on the quarterly life plan
Build a list of everything that they are writing down. Try to understand what type of people are posting about it on social media. It’s a good practice to create a database of these people and also off what they are typing. Qualitative analysis and try to understand your audience their problems challenge success when and everything possible from what you have online.

Know why and when to connect

Once you build your potential less you would want to connect with them and talk about your offer. But before you do that it’s extremely important to know by you are connecting with someone and when to connect.
For example, for my 3-month transformational program, if somebody has written three weeks back that they were working on the next quarterly goals, it might not be wise to reach out to them right now.
Also, you need to trap the strong reason why you are connecting with someone. It may be just to talk to them and get a fair idea. Or to help them with your own program and create a waitlist. Your reason might behave a strong reason for connecting with someone and what’s in it for them.
At this stage, you would want to give before you take. Identify everything that you can give to your prospects at this point in time. The best idea here is to work on drafting your own transformational journey.

Connect with them to see their progress

Once you are ready and you know it’s the right time to connect send a message. Be extremely polite and honest about how and where you found them. Ask them:
  • The progress they have made on their own journey
  • Why do think they did not have the right results
target audience how to connect with them on instagram
Connecting with a potential target audience for my quarterly life program from Instagram
The goal here is to keep the conversation flowing and help them learn more from you about your own journey. This will start to build and create a relationship with your target audience. Let’s say you find out 50 people and start talking to around 10. That’s a great start to find a target audience within your nice.

Create a platform to bring them together

The next step is to bring all these people together. Ask them if it’s OK to join a group. This group will be your short target audience who vibe with what you have to offer and are looking for transformational results.
You can bring them together synchronously or asynchronously. Some of the way to bring them together are:
  • Whatsapp group
  • Private Facebook group
  • Slack community
  • Discord community
  • Telegram community
  • Email newsletters
Make sure you interact with them and seek their inputs while bringing them together.
Pro-tip: it’s a good idea to ask them where they would be comfortable and willing to join.

Continuously provide value and seek your feedback

Make sure to provide continuous value to the small group. This may be in the form of connecting regularly and also sharing helpful resources.

Understand their problem

While you continue to interact and share value, understand their problem. Schedule some calls and talk to them in-depth about all the problems of the value that you feel you’re to provide.
It’s good to go to the depth of your audience’s problems. While your audience might think they do not have enough time, the deeper problem might be their fear of failure that’s leading to procrastination.
This audience research extremely important not just to take it or mold your offer but also to create copy for a wider audience.

Provide them your solution

Identify your problem provide your solutions. When you do provide your solutions look for feedback from your audience group. Understand if something like this would help them achieve those results that they’ve always been longing for. Understand your pricing and everything possible about the details of your own program.

Iterate and repeat

Now, this is the last stage where you create your offering. Once you know what your audience really wants it really helps to create and have a sense of direction. Also, keep iterating and repeat the entire process.
make sure to sell your offer to some of these people from a target audience. Create a strong case of each and every new person and now you have a strong testimonial of providing real results to your target audience.
Keep iterating repeating and scaling your group. The lifetime value of these relationships that you create is gonna be so high that would be equivalent to a list of thousand people.
You continue to nurture them.
There are still many ways and techniques to build your target audience at the start. Look what works best for you and your industry/ niche.
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