Yes you read that right! Your Vegan business is slowly becoming your most desired choice. No wonder the new age spirituality and awakenings (don’t forget us with high vibrations, eh) are spreading like hot cup cakes (vegan-based).

Although there are multiple ways you can start your vegan business, as a matter of fact you are passionate about your own unique recipe. After all, that is all that matters!

vegan business
The perfect vegan food recipe

FYI – I am personally interested to start a vegan based business here in India. It’s a market that is HUGE and nobody is a serious contender. If you have a vegan recipe for a product/ service/ food and would like to explore opportunity to collaborate with me, please write to me at

Why you should Start a Vegan Business Today:

  • Market: According to the Hustle, Firms are raising millions of dollars with plant-based protein companies, and integrating with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deploy tasty recipes. The plant based meat and dairy industry is worth a combined $22B and growing. The industry is projected to grow 31% YoY, reaching $85-$140B and most likely, many billion dollar companies are on the way.
  • Passion and Purpose: There are multiple ways you can start your vegan business. If you are passionate and have a unique recipe, that’s all that matters and counts. Here is my two cents on The vegan Business Model for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • Millennials Love It! Veganism is a movement. It is a cause. A way of life. It is serious. And the best part, a lot of people are serious about it. And you are too! So every reason why people will care for the perfect vegan based business you start.
  • Small Investment: You don’t need a ton of investment. All you need to invest is your love and the labor. The service you create and provide to this world is  one of the most noble acts a human being can do, today.
  • Stand Up For What Matters: You know and feel it in the heart about hat is right. Stand up for torture against beings for the unnecessary taste of capitalist pleasure.
  • Save Environment: This is a no secret that veganism can eliminate climate change problems. The vast amount of deforestation is to feed beings that are fed to obesity for a high wallet slaughter! help us in stopping this nonsense.

vegan business
The perfect yummy vegan food to fill your belly with love

The Secret Sauce is Your Recipe!

The most fundamental aspect of your vegan business is your recipe. Here is the magic formula:

(An original recipe) + (Vegans loving it) = (Vegan Business Success)

For example, at the present time, here are a few vegan companies making it big with their original recipes that people love:

  • Notco – a Bezos-backed plant-based protein company from Chile makes vegan milk, mayonnaise, ice cream, and burgers. And, their recipes are backed by their patented AI software, which helps them analyze new winning recipes
  • Just Inc makes plant-based eggs and is valued at $1B+
  • Oatly makes plant-based oatmeal milk raised $200m at $2B valuation

As a matter of fact, they are not serving the entire wide array of people. As can be seen, all they do is focus on a specific recipe and make it unique.

By the way, this is the healthiest drink in the world, ever!

It is equally important to know – a vegan based recipe does not have to be limited to food.

You can create anything vegan. Are you good at a craft that is vegan-based? You are already have your secret recipe!

vegan business to create a big impact
Ahh! What lovely delightful strawberries. Would you like to taste one today?

What are the types of Vegan Businesses you can start?

There are plenty in the offering now! Here are some of the ways you can get into the vegan business:

  • A Vegan Coach or a Vegan Consultant: Help people transition to becoming or turning vegan and become holistically healthy. Or anything that you feel you can help people about veganism that you have successfully adopted
  • Become a Vegan Chef: Offer coaching or offer culinary consulting to food based business or restaurants that are looking to serve vegan
  • Vegan Skin care: Skin care and vegan is the right hammer on the nail. This market is booming! Do you have a recipe that is vegan based and can nourish beauty, that’s a plant-mine. Right there!
  • Vegan Products: Replace everyday products made from animals and turn them through plants. Your product will hit the right note with businesses too!
  • Vegan Apparel: Create apparel and accessory products like shoes and belts that are plant-based and start your own fashion line
  • Vegan Food: This is the biggest and the most popular choice. Replace meat and dairy with plant-based for equal, or if not more nutrition and taste to vegan lovers. They will love you and so will your taste buds.
  • Vegan Blog/ YouTube Channel: If you feel veganism helps you with photosynthesis of your creative juices, educate people about veganism with your side hustle
  • Vegan Restaurant/ Smoothie Chain: This is yet another dream that shall come true. A vegan based restaurant or a cafe to serve healthy tasty meals packed with the right nutrition. Ahh! Slurp. Do invite me when you start one!

How can you enter into the Vegan Food market?

If you are looking at the plant-based food space (including dairy alternatives), there are three models that have successfully scaled:

The options for your vegan based business is endless. End of the day, it’s a cause you and a lot many people believe in. So be of service. Here is a perfect business system that might work for you.

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