Your Biggest Strength is Your Ability to Vibrate Higher with Behavior Shifts!

Did you know? Around 95.73% of people complain and throw the blame on someone else instead of accepting responsibility. The other left out-group is working to vibrate higher with behavior shifts.

There is a misconception that your vibration is defined by a lot of external things. And that is completely false. You can vibrate higher and shift all just by your own behavior.

Only you own your behavior and the way you respond. Nobody else owns it. Yes, most certainly you are influenced by early parenting, childhood friends, schooling sessions, college hangouts, etc.

However, today, you can vibrate higher with behavior shifts.

You have the free will and the responsibility to take control of your behavior. This shift in behavior will certainly influence a shift in your vibration.

Understanding the science of duality to vibrate higher with behavior shifts

Well… let’s get one fact absolutely clear – No one in this world can stay in a high vibration 100% of the time.

It’s not possible because:

  • You are a human¬†and have come here to experience a range of emotions and transcend the low vibes
  • The world you live in is a low vibration frequency, so unless you devote yourself to life in a secluded natural habitat, this is difficult
  • Your body is, by all means, a solid vessel allowing you to hold the light that can only withstand a certain permissible frequency

The world and life we live in are composed of duality:

  • high vs low
  • sun vs moon
  • night vs day
  • true vs false
  • right vs wrong
  • woman vs man

The vibration scale is either of high vibration or a low vibration following the principle of duality.

Vibrate higher with behavior shifts from Highbrate's vibration scale
Duality with our emotions

Here are three ways in which you can vibrate higher with behavior shifts and shift towards the higher vibration spectrum:

1. Shift your perception of the emotion

When you feel you are in a low vibration state of emotions, you can most certainly, at an instant feel right at the opposite end of the spectrum!

You can do this by just shifting your current perception of the emotion.

Example 1: Your boss is mean and you feel terrible. Instead of feeling terrible, right at that moment, shift your perception to something towards the extreme end of the spectrum. Say, “I feel joy in working with my boss that encourages growth.”

Example 2: Your job is shitty. Instead of feeling shitty about it, right at that moment, shift your perception to something great about your job. Say, ” I am so grateful for my job, it helps me eat food and live well. I am seeking growth in my current role.”

Your perception of something dictates the vibration around it.

Example 3: Your relationship sucks. Instead of feeling negative about it, right at that moment, shift your perception to something towards the extreme end of the spectrum. Say, ” I feel so much love for myself to recognize when something of love is not present. I am grateful for all the people in my life and I take care of myself.”

When you shift your perception, something powerful happens.

  1. You stop feeling as bad as you were feeling before
  2. Your vibration emotion shifts towards neutrality
  3. You have the power to now operate at a higher or a lower scale from neutrality

Something really huge happens when you do this. You would try to pinpoint the exact problem that has made you feel in a low vibration emotion. This will help you to challenge your limiting thoughts, beliefs, traumas, etc. When you keep probing to find the exact problem, you would find that the problem is much more and deeper than your boss, job, or relationship. It may be something as deep as you have to be the best at all times to feel lovable.

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2. Shift your actions

You are mostly going by your day operating in your subconscious patterns. This adds or subtracts to your vibration. The key here is to identify a pattern that is resulting in your spiraling down to low vibration. All it takes is some self-awareness and a lot of self-control to shift your habits.

Example 1: Your gym time or exercise time. When you approach your scheduled time to exercise, be careful of the excuse. And when you do have that excuse, shift to the opposite end of the spectrum. Jump up like a spring and just storm off to exercising. This sudden movement or action to disrupt your subconscious pattern adds to your higher vibration.

Example 2: You wake up and scroll your phone. The next time, try breaking the habit by placing your phone in a different room. When you allow yourself a change in your actions, it impacts your life in many other ways. Your emotions, mood, thoughts shift to something that you intend to. Your lifestyle helps you create an intention that sets the tone of the frequency of your vibration.

3. Shift your circumstances

Sometimes, shit happens in life. Certain situations and circumstances in life come to teach you a lot, mostly about yourself.

A shift in a circumstance is a perfect opportunity to balance your karma. To me, karma is a sequence of events that appears in your life until you have learned a true underlying lesson. usually, when something out of the blue happens to disrupt your life in a way, it comes with a strong message.

Balancing your karma to create positive situations will help you attract a higher frequency. When you balance, it most certainly has to do a lot with people around you. Life teaches you mystical and magical lessons, so you can share them with the people you love.

Example 1: Write down a book when you get injured. A long time back, I know a dear friend who I used to play a lot of football with. In a major upcoming tournament, he slid one in a practice and got his ligament tear. This was an injury and unforeseen situation we never expected. However, while on bed rest for months, my friend balanced his karma. He created a course for other sportspeople on how to navigate this feeling when you get injured. Not sure how many people would have taken the course, but it is certainly going to help someone on a hospital bed.

Example 2: Listen sympathetically or show compassion when someone is undergoing your shit you have experienced. A friend who just went through a tough breakup saw her close relative being dumped and feeling terrible. Now because my friend had a big heart, she patiently listened and supported her in the tough period. This helped her balance the karma of her own breakup while genuinely being there for another person during a tough time. Listening and sharing your experience with genuine compassion to offer support is how you become an angel to other people.


You can certainly vibrate higher with behavior shifts! Your vibration is your responsibility. Your behavior is also your responsibility. The biggest vibration shift you will receive is when you decide to take responsibility for your life. Your complete acceptance without any resistance is where you already begin in a higher vibration. But the most important question is – are you willing to come to this place of acceptance?

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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