Wheatgrass is a super food. Food plays an important factor in expanding our consciousness and elevating our vibrations. It is important to consciously consume super foods like wheatgrass which are having high vibrations. This keeps us vibrating at a higher frequency and thus promotes well-being in our lives.

If you haven’t jumped on the wheatgrass bandwagon yet, it’s never too late. Wheatgrass is powerful and magical. It is okay to be health and fitness obsessed but its great to be obsessed with wheatgrass. A straight, real, hardcore natural drink, wheatgrass is considered to be the healthiest drink to have ever been known to mankind. From increased energy levels to improved overall health, from curing and avoiding chronic diseases to increased state of relaxation and vibrations; this juice serves you with amazement and awe.


Wheatgrass juice is nature’s finest pharmaceutical. It is a capable concentrated fluid supplement. Two ounces of wheatgrass juice has nutritional equivalent called five pounds of the best crude natural vegetables.

“It was clear to me that the leaves of the cereal grasses provide the nearest thing the planet  offers to the perfect food.”  Yoshihide Hagiwara

Wheatgrass has double the measure of Vitamin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges. It contains the all B complex vitamins, and also calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium in an adjusted proportion. Wheatgrass is a finished wellspring of protein, supplying the majority of the key amino acids.  Wheatgrass is a finished wellspring of protein, supplying the majority of the key amino acids, and more.

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Grass is the primary source of food on the earth. We do everything with grass except to eat it. Grass is powered by the high vibrations of the Sun, water, earth. It arrived long before humanity and will remain undoubtedly, after we have gone. The highest civilizations on the planet have coincided with the best grasslands. A lot of everyday cereals and grains emerge from these grasses.

The most precious gift of the Earthly mother is the grass beneath your feet, the grass which we tread on without thought. The grass covers the entire earth with her strength and vast domain. Man cannot live without the grass, the trees and plants of the Motherly Earth. Grass gave birth to all creation. The vibrations and energy of water along with the Sun powers this grass. And so does the cycle of life, surrounds and transforms itself to the life of the grass.

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Grass is the forgiveness of nature and her constant benediction. Its tenacious fibers hold the earth in its place and prevents its soluble components from washing into the wasting sea. It invades into the lands of the deserts, climbs inaccessible slopes of the mountains, modifies climates, determines the history, character and destiny of nations and brings nations together to question their continuance of existence.

Charles Franklin Schnabel was the first modern consumer of grass where on one fine evening, he mixed some of it in the meals of all members of his large family. He was an agricultural chemist and discovered the potent of grass at an early age. Commercial enterprises, thanks to Schnabel started to produce, promote and package young grass.

Grass as food:

Grasses are the most widely distributed group of flowering plants. Grasses have made a massive impact of our vast ecological and economic importance Wheat, corn, rye, rice, oats, barley, millet, spelt are all grass. All the world’s cereal crops are grasses and four of the worlds top five crops are cereals – Wheat, corn, rice and barley.

wheatgrass grains
Wheatgrass grains

They have been a dominant source of food throughout human history. Grains are a concentrated source of carbohydrates, B Vitamins, fatty acids, minerals, fiber and protein.

If only people know that grass is the most revolutionary concept introduced in the diet of society, in therapeutic amounts, wheatgrass internalizes a maximum of green chlorophyll and enzyme rich liquid food, to detoxify the body by increasing the elimination of hardened mucus, crystallized acids ad solidified, decaying fecal matter.

“All flesh is grass and its beauty is like the flowers in the field” – Prophet Jeremiah

Its high enzyme content helps to dissolve tumors. It is the fastest, surest way to eliminate internal waste and provide an optimum nutritional environment, so that the cosmic cell consciousness can rebuild our body.


Wheatgrass has a broad effectiveness, but its three most therapeutic roles are blood purification, liver detoxification, and colon cleaning. It has restorative and nourishing properties with a complete range of nutrients that it can, by, itself, sustain life. Humans don’t assimilate the energy of the Sun directly – and we turn to other sources which are plants.

Wheatgrass, have by testimony, helped people with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, gastritis, stomach ulcers, pancreas, and liver troubles, asthma, glaucoma, eczema, skin problems, constipation, hemorrhoids, colitis, fatigue, , arthritis, athlete’s foot, anemia, bad breath/body odor, and burns. In addition, wheatgrass has served as a wonderful first-aid for red eyes, wax in ears, congested nasal passages, bleeding gums, tooth pain, sore throats, and inflamed mucous membranes.




Wheatgrass found to break down scars formed in the lungs also serves to remove various drug deposits from the body, filters the blood and organs and counteracts acids and poisons in the body, It builds the compound level in our cells, supporting in the revival of the body and the digestion system of supplements. These proteins help with dissolving tumors. Numerous individuals help with fighting tumors naturally and neutralize poisons.

Wheatgrass juice is especially high in chlorophyll along with some other constituents. Wheatgrass washes down and manufactures the blood because of its high substance of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the main result of light and in this manner contains more mending properties than some other component. From the sun, life is originated. Only green plants by the process of photosynthesis will utilize the vitality of sun. Chlorophyll is known as the ‘life-blood’ of the plants. Drinking wheatgrass juice resemble drinking fluid daylight


Wheatgrass boasts some impressive nutritional facts. It’s an excellent source of chlorophyll, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E, and to top it all, wheatgrass contains 98 of 102 elements found in soil including phosphorous, calcium iron, magnesium, and potassium as well as essential enzymes and 19 amino acids. Wheatgrass is overflowing with vitamins and liver enzymes.

Wheatgrass supplies the body with helpful measurements of vitamins, minerals, cancer prevention agents, chemicals, and phytonutrients, wheatgrass is likewise a capable detoxifier, particularly of the liver and blood. It kills poisons and ecological contaminations in the body. This is on account of Wheatgrass contains useful compounds that shield us from cancer-causing agents, including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), that decreases the impacts of radiation and overview poisons in the body. It scrubs the body from head to toe of any overwhelming metals, poisons and different poisons that might be put away in the body’s tissues and organs


The vibration of power enters through you, flowing inside you when we touch this stream of life through the blades of grass. The highest vibration of love is also present in the blades of these grass, for love is in the giving, giving of the generous energy of the Sun, water, air and the soil which constitutes it to grow. And this high vibrations of love, energy, life force and power comes within us to be a part of us and gives these higher vibrations to us.

Wheatgrass Powder

The food we consume has information encoded for our body to decode and put it to good use on the third dimensional plane of existence. The heavenly energies of the sun, water, soil, air and earth are crossed again and again, multiple times for it is trying to communicate its mysteries, which is time for you to now finally hear it.

A healthy human body has been measured at 62-68MHz, but if we have cold, our energy can drop to 58MHz. Having coffee lowers our vibration by 14MHz. It can take three days to recover and bring the body back up to 62-68MHz. By drinking coffee daily, our body’s frequency will constantly be in the lower ranges, which can lead to diseases. The foods we eat carry a large impact on the frequency our bodies hold. A big mac vibrates at 5MHz, cooked food at 50MHz, raw veggies at 80MHz, while sprouts and wheatgrass vibrate at more than 90MHz.

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When it is consumed fresh, wheatgrass is a living food and has bio-electricity. This high vibration energy is literally the life force within the living juice. This resource of life-force energy can potentially unleash powerful renewing vibrations and greater connectivity to one’s inner being.” This means more energy for you, and of course, more energy means increased stamina and vigor. You won’t be zonking out after just one round.


Grass has long had a long and essential relationship with humans and animals among various cultures throughout history and across the globe. As we explore deeper into ancient times, cultural and historical records gradually merge with human history, modern science and even mysticism. We are all vibrating beings with an invisible spirit.

Wheatgrass acts as a best fuel to the body as it gets us back into that harmonious field that we all have inside. This creates balance and a greater harmony and vibration alignment with Mother Nature again. This raises our vibrations, consciousness and awareness where we become aware that there is something higher going on that is not perceptible by our 5 physical senses but can be perceived with the higher senses which are dormant in us.

We have to make an effort to work and activate these spiritual senses through meditation and concentration. The more we work on our individual spiritual path, the higher we can actively work in our evolution


The Ancient Chinese held grass in a very high regard. Hebrews, thousands of years ago termed grass as regeneration or a path towards perfection. It was seen as the primary herb for healing humanity. Modern researchers have defined it as complete food. In the whole medical profession there is only one word which is not used and it is to ‘heal’. The doctors won’t be able to make profits if they heal us. We are all one consciousness, and we can come back together in spirit, in the consciousness, in truth.


The truth cannot be changed or altered and will constantly exist. It cannot be changed as it is what it is and will always be what it is – The Truth. No one can change the truth. People will differ by opinions but it the truth which will bring them together. The truth that wheatgrass heals our whole system and spirals us upwards in vibration will remain a truth. The truth can only be realized and felt, and you will surely realize and feel the truth after having it.


Chlorophyll is as close to the molecular structure of human blood as anything on the planet. So we can actively revitalize our blood. The more we can rejuvenate our blood, the more we can slow down our ageing clock. The older we are, the harder it gets to digest our food creating complex complications in our body. This happens due to the lack of enzymes. Eating dead foods like cheese, meats, and processed food slows down the cycle of rejuvenation and creates frequent destructions which eventually makes our body older. So when we do juices and wheatgrass, we don’t experience it because we are constantly replenishing our system with the energy of the food from the young grass.


The blood rejuvenating chlorophyll held within its leaves restores natural health and longevity. What we feed ourselves majorly with today is cooked, fried, microwaved, processed – dead food with no vitality. Wheatgrass allows the vitality to take place in our lives. When we eat dead food, it brings the vibration of our body down, and our body has to then wrestle with it to flush it out of the system, then we come back up. When we eat food, it should make us feel energetic, happy and good.

Consuming wheatgrass is widely believed to improve your skin tone, slow down the aging process and assist in weight loss. It can even make you smell better by fighting the bacteria that causes bad breath and body odor. All of these things can do more than just make you more attractive; they can make you feel better about yourself.


For best purposes, it can be taken as 6-10 ounces of fresh juice daily. You can grow the grass yourself, buy it from a grower or health food store, drink the juice at a juice bar, or buy bottled grass tablets or powder. If you are sick or in a need to heal, it is highly recommended that you enroll in a wheatgrass retreat center

Wheatgrass Powder


Taking a “shot” of squeezed wheatgrass in morning breakfast every day is considered as a solid approach to begin the day, however it can get exceptionally costly. So, to make wheatgrass a standard piece of your eating routine, developing it yourself is the best way. The steps to grow wheatgrass are explained below.

Soaking and Germinating the Wheatgrass Seeds:  Before the seeds to be soaked and germinated they should be measured and washed. Allot enough seeds to make a light layer on the seed plate you use to develop the grass. For a 16″ × 16″ plate, use around two measures of seeds. Wash the seeds in cool, clean water utilizing a colander with little openings or a strainer. Channel them well and place them in a dish. The Seeds free from pesticides should be selected and soak them overnight. Soaking the seeds initiates germination. By the end of the process, the seeds will have sprouted small roots.

Planting the seeds: The paper towels should be arranged in seed tray to prevent the wheatgrass roots to grow through the holes in bottom of tray. Spread organic compost or putting soil as even two-inch layer inside the seed tray. The premoistened compost or potting soil should be free of pesticides or other chemicals. Mostly use organic soil to get the benefit from wheatgrass.

Plant the seeds: The seeds should be spread in an even layer across the top of the compost. Slightly press the seeds into the soil, rather than completely burying them. Piling of seeds need to be prevented. Sprinkle the seed tray lightly with water but each seed should get sprinkled water. Should cover the seedling tray with moistened sheets of newspaper to protect the seedlings from drying. The seeds should be damp as they root themselves in the seed tray. Everyday morning the seeds must be sprinkled with water by lifting the newspaper. Water logging should be prevented. Remove the newspaper after four days. The sprouted grass should be watered once a day. Try to keep away the sprouted grass from direct sunlight.

Harvesting the Grass Harvest the grass after they split and it can be harvested after 9 or 10 days of growth.


Let us make a concentrated effort to remedy the global problems by correcting the physical and mental imbalance in each of our lives. The individualization of our society has created an artificial lifestyle in which humans are being led further and further from the basic inherent of nature. Wheatgrass juice is the nectar of rejuvenation, the plasma of youth, the blood of all life. The elements that are missing in your body’s cells – especially enzymes, hormones, vitamins, and nucleic acids can be obtained through this daily green sunlight transfusion.


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