All in all, Work schedules work in multiple ways. Do you remember the last time you had a completely packed schedule with one thing lined up after the other? Remember how stressed you felt? What if that presentation doesn’t go as planned? What if the meeting takes a wrong turn? What if…what if…what if…and some more what ifs.

We all have those days when we have to get so much done that we can’t find a moment to breathe. We often get overwhelmed and start to fret about all possible outcomes, focusing mainly on the negative ones. And as a result of constant worrying and overworking our brains, we end up overwhelming ourselves.

5 Work Rituals that I am looking to integrate in my life in 2021

Work Ritual #1: Early rising (Daily)

I am looking to start my day early. This is on top priority for me in 2021. I understand this will help me become unstoppable! I plan to start my day with sweating, and gratitude journaling. Although I am slowly making improvements, I am still a long way to go! My goal is to wake up at 5 am, and have drastically made changes to wake up currently at 7am from my usual quarantine 9am.

Work Ritual #2: Scheduling (Daily)

I remember my days back at school. We usually had a set time table? I was wondering the other day while journaling as to what happened as we grew up? As I was looking to have more productivity and relationships, I realized that the things that I scheduled are the things that got done. There is some magic in writing your schedule on a planner. I am blocking times for things that matter to me and sticking to it. The work ritual to schedule is really helping me get hold of my life. I am looking to shift from daily planning to weekly planning (it’s easy for me to currently daily plan)

work rituals

Work Ritual #3: Learning (Daily)

This is by far the most helpful work ritual. I am trying to make time to absolutely learn every day. I am looking to schedule 60 minutes a day to my learning. usually, I am booking  30 minute slot for an online course on Udemy and another 30 minute to read. Your everyday learning can be through an audio book, a podcast, writing your journal, or even reading this wonderful newsletter 😉 Learning everyday is surely going to take you places. If you are letting your days go by, start scheduling 30 minutes of your time daily to learn something about your craft. You will thank me later.

Work Ritual #4: Reflecting (Weekly)

I had a big break in my last month of 2020. In the holiday season, I started reading the book the Mastery Manual. It has a lot of questions to think and journal on and my practice to reflect deeply started. I quickly have learned so much about myself and my life. Although, I did start reflecting a lot since my solitude and spiritual awakening days, this manual has helped me move closer to my purpose. it’s not very common to reflect these days. It was earlier. Taking long walks, journal, conversation with friend, how much time are you spending in silence, solitude and stillness. Just thinking. Make this at least a weekly ritual. What’s the impact you are making? What is the one project you do over the next three months will change the game

Work Ritual #5: Over delivering (Bi-Weekly)

I was working with a designer some months back. It was a challenging part where the work was not up to the mark. Questions started to creep up about me having high expectations or me looking to do things perfectly. I realized, it’s not wrong to expect quality when you pay someone. After that, I started to relate this thought with my work. It’s rare to see people go the extra mile. You can generally get what you expect or less than what you expect. A world class business will always look to provide opportunities to give you more than you expect. Show something that is rare in today’s world.

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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