The biggest reason you have not been able to move from point A (where you are) to point B (where you want to be) is lack of consistent action in your workplace. Workplace consistency is something I have personally struggled with – especially creating valuable content for Highbrate. One of the biggest reasons why I have struggled with being consistent is lack of immediate results.

Have you heard of this before – 6 months of focus will shift you 5 years ahead in life? That’s usually what it takes. I have seen stories of people starting with no results to slowly piling exponentially on results with workplace consistency.

My story of not being consistent at my workplace

I have been inconsistent with my work from the 4 years, and I know it sucks and is frustrating. But when I looked deep within, the reason was me. My lack of consistent work at workplace or showing up for consistent work, was me. That’s when I reflected a lot, and came up with a framework of my own. It has helped me do so much in the month of January, and I am continuing strong mid Feb.

Step 1 to have workplace consistency: Understand the purpose

Start with why. Why is it that you want to create something valuable? Whatever is the reason that draws you to work on a dream fuel it constantly. Make posters of your dreams and your why. Have it imprinted in your subconscious. The reason I have been working

Step 2 to have workplace consistency: Ask why you’re not consistent

Usually, the biggest reason you are not consistent is creating a self-limiting belief. This has nothing to do with your capabilities, but what we think the results might be. Becoming frustrated by expecting results too soon is my challenge. I am looking to do away with the outcome and enjoy the process. I know it’s not easy.

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Step 3 to have workplace consistency: Make a commitment

This is extremely important. Once you have your purpose and your reason for not being aligned, make a commitment. Establish a time period and frequency of work to deliver. This can be as per your convenience and whatever works for you. Daily/ twice a week/ Weekly/ Bi-Weekly/ Monthly/ Once in three months, whatever it is. Just commit and deliver. My newsletter is now delivered weekly on Friday. I was not well the last week, yet just got up and put this out as I had made a commitment. Now, there you go, there’s your inspiration to act.

Step 4 to have workplace consistency: Reverse Engineer

What is it that you want to achieve with your work? Have an end goal in mind and break it down into time periods. The best way it works for me is a 12 month goal and review every 3 month. Then understand what needs to be done each week in the 3 month period. There you have it – you know what to do now with a clear, focused direction. Personally, I am shifting to having 6 month goals, and reviewing it every month. This is because my plans get too dynamic. Again, whatever works for you.

workplace consistency
A man celebrating his consistent work in the workplace

Step 5 to have workplace consistency: Start small

The easiest way to become consistent is to start small. I had literally baby steps written down as my daily targets. There came a point where I thought I could do much more daily. Besides, the best part is this realization came in when I had already started to become consistent. Now, I get much more done on a daily basis. Small steps lead to great mountains. In conclusion, the most difficult step to take is the first one.

Step 6 to have workplace consistency: List your daily 3 and write your weekly goals

This is really helping me stay accountable with my goals. To know what you need to accomplish during the week, and set the three most important important tasks for the day, you will slowly begin to become consistent. This has helped me immensely. Once you tick items everyday, it’s a snowball effect with a huge momentum on your side!

Step 7 to have workplace consistency: Organize your work in a planner and schedule

Last year, my biggest focus for 2021 was to become organized and stay consistent. I was all over the place, doing multiple things and achieving nothing. That’s when my friend suggested a life planner to me for 2021. This is by far the best New Year gift I have received. It helped me organize all my thoughts, and keeps a track of my daily activities, tasks, habits, weekly goals, gratitude list and my monthly review. I am looking forward to seeing how much I achieve by the end of 2021. It’s never late, start life planning in a planner today.

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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