The Society and its rules

The society is bombarded with information. The school, the media, the news, the television, the conditional beliefs are all based on someone’s own perspective. People are so blind these days that nobody cares to reason or to look beyond the false conditional beliefs put in place by the false failing system.

A lot of these rules have been placed, properly curated and have been handed over to you to keep you in this closed loop system. This undying matrix is forcing you to be a part and operate like a robot, a machine with no real meaning of what life actually is. This is clear massacre of your own powerful individuality.

“This” should have been done by “now”. Oh, if he really wanted “that” he would have told you “this” . Oh he said “that” so “soon”, he shouldn’t have done “that” “now”. “This” means “that” is not what “it” “should” be.. These rules cause false beliefs places in our sub conscious which we accept as the truth and the reality. But this is again an illusion of someone else which is not even close to our own truth. Never make decisions based on timelines, time is again a man made concept which is a false reality.



Your truth matters

Pay awareness to your inner thoughts and the way the information being fed is received by you. Your discernment should be the ultimate voice which should make a decision regarding any situation in your life. The truth from someone else’s eyes may be the perception of their own reality of their own life.

We are all unique beings and are having unique experiences in our lives and so we need to understand that your truth is unique only to you. Respect the advice which you receive and it is always wise to take guidance from others. But the only thing and the only rule which should matter is your own truth.

The rules and regulations of the conditioned society goes on. Never listen to anyone who is not resonating with your own truth. Never agree to anything you read or watch anywhere and place it as a belief. Question everything you read, everything you see and everything you hear and align the information you feed according to your own truth. This is what self awareness is all about.

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Ricky is the founder of the Highbrate community. Being a Lightworker, an Intuitive Empath and a fierce Indigo, he has been guided by his spirit guides to start the community and help raise our vibrations. Ricky lives in India and is working on healing himself and improving his lightworking abilities.

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