10 Massive Awakening Warnings that will make You See Bliss!

Spiritual awakening: 10 signs your vibrations are rising

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is a term that a lot of awake people are using to describe a mystical and magical experience. This term is very difficult to define as the limited words of human vocabulary are not capable to describe this complex transition or process. An awakening is unique to every individual as this stresses the uniqueness in human beings. It may be a slow, daunting process for some or maybe a quick, instant flash of a moment for others. One thing which a spiritually awakening definitely does is to make you realize that things which were not important to you earlier in the materialistic world (inner peace, inner happiness, love, kindness, compassion, contentment) are the most important things in life and the materialistic world(career, capitalism, job, promotions, society) are no longer important.

The characteristics of spiritual awakening are typically uniform which the permanently awake people are experiencing. The striking thing is to know that all these characteristics are usually and roughly happening with the same degree of intensity and uniformity. One of the distinct symptoms of an awakened individual is that they don’t perceive the world in the same way as other people do. The awake individuals experience a deep sense of gratitude and a higher degree of altruism towards all beings of life.

1st spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - you are experiencing a major setback in life 

You are lost. You are starting to question your life and are in all sorts of confusion. You notice old issues coming back into your lives. You have probably quit your job or are in serious consideration to quit. You feel there is much more to life than what you are experiencing at the moment. This setback can also show up in a major health crisis (losing or gaining a lot of weight), financial crisis, relationship obstacles, etc. These things may happen together or one by one. You are shaken into your reality. The success you had built with the low vibrations materialistic world no longer makes sense to your soul. Trust completely that you are rebuilding your life with infinite abundance, love, and happiness. Willingness to embrace, adapt and surrender to the divine will help to adapt easily to this new level of consciousness. Trust that the Universe is helping you discover the right path.

2nd spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - you are experiencing unexplained changes in your body

Your body is starting to shift from a lower vibration to a higher vibration. You witness a lot of unexplained aches, pains, rashes in your body. There are also a lot of energy shifts starting to happen in your body. At some intervals or moments, you experience high energy and at other points, you experience tiredness and lethargy. These energy fluctuations are flushing the lower vibrational frequencies out of your body and are replacing it with higher vibrations. There is an activity at the crown of our head. Tingling, itching sensations running over your scalp. Feeling like someone is applying pressure on the top of your head. This is the crown chakra opening, you are receiving divine energies/inspirations through the crown. The DNA also starts to change with these new higher vibrational frequencies. You feel tingling and nudges in your body. The body is adapting at a cellular level. Nature walks, relaxing salt baths and soothing music can help reduce these tensions. Take it easy on your body.

unexplained changes in body durin spiritual awakening

3rd spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - you are experiencing deep emotions

You are on an emotional roller coaster where you experience intense happiness for some moments and then crash down to heavy serious depression. These are emotional blocks releasing from your heart chakra. The death of the ego and the journey to the unknown are mainly the causes of these panic attacks. We start to feel we are going crazy as the world no longer resonates with us. What used to make you mildly nervous is now magnified into panic disorder, anxiety, and physical or emotional discomfort. You start to cry for no apparent reason and start to feel bliss for no reason. It is the Universe helping you see what needs to be healed on the soul level – in this lifetime or the past. Allow these emotions and past hurt to come up and do not try to suppress them. The more you feel these deep soul level emotions, the more quickly you will heal. It is time to honor all the bottled human emotions and feel them. This makes it easy to let go. Deep breathing is a really good method to embrace these intense emotions. Inhale all the infinitely abundant unconditional love from the Universe and exhale all the worries, anxieties and sadness.

4th spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - your sleep patterns are changing

You are having a hard time sleeping although you are physically exhausted. You are sleeping way early than usual or are waking up at strange times in the night. You sometimes wake up depressed. You are waking up between 3 am – 5 am for no reason and are then unable to go back to sleep. You are waking up at the same time every night i.e. 3:33 am, 2:22 am, 3:00 am. You sleep for 3 hours, then are awake for the next 2 hours and then go back to sleep for 3 hours. You feel lethargic before going to sleep and wake up with huge energy after 3 hours of sleep. Seek a creative outlet to allow this energy to flow through you. These are all vibrational shifts happening and your sleep patterns are adjusting accordingly. Know that these changes will not last forever. A new sleep pattern that works for you will emerge. Try to put slow soothing music or a relaxing guided meditation (start by accepting the Days 11:11 Minutes Meditation Challenge). Go back to sleep if you are experiencing these symptoms. You may also experience lucid vivid dreams and out of body experiences.

5th spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - you are witnessing insane synchronicity

Synchronistic events flow as you are now being connected on your right path. Number sequence, meetings, places, visions, events, co-incidentally start to flow in your direction. These co-incidences have great meanings with your thoughts. You may start to hear your name being called out, voices and sounds. You may also start to see sparkles of light, shadows, lights, movements, auras around objects. Your five senses are fine-tuned and your 6th sense (intuition) is opening up. The lights, shadows, and voices are those of your spirit guides. You are also experiencing a lot of synchronistic events happening. The most common being seeing 11:11 on the clock. Other angel numbers like 2:22, 3:33 or anything related to your unique perspective will keep coming up. Pay special attention to your repetitive thoughts during these times as they are directing you towards your truth. You may also experience repeated signs and omens in your everyday life. These are all signs to start trusting your intuition and the divine light within you and to trust the benevolence of the Universe.


6th spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - you are starting to feel connected

You begin to see the whole world and all that it supports in a new way, a new understanding. You deeply desire to break free from old habits and restrictive patterns. The purpose of the awakening is to ditch the old and welcome the new. Trust the process and let go of everything which is no longer serving you your highest good. You start to treat people and the world with love and kindness. The need to prove oneself begins to diminish. The tendency to compare everything (looks, income, skill level) has disappeared. Whatever task you have at hand,  becomes clear. Even the task of life. Because there is a lesser need to win. Co-operation begins to show up instead of competition and you realize in the act of helping others, you are helping yourself. You start to feel connected with every life of nature and see the inter-connectedness within all forms of life. You start to realize the oneness of existence. (15 valuable lightwork-backed abilities in the world)

you start to feel connected during spiritual awakening

7th spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - you start to look within

After you experience the setbacks and the intense emotional purges, the darkness in your life takes you within. You start to realize your needs and look for love inside yourself. You start to realize that despite all the perceived shortcomings of the mind, the world and life, in particular, is still beautiful. You are forced to embrace the little things, to embrace the things which you loved before. The road is changing and you are now moving back in alignment with your true being. You realize you are love and you start to seek the divine light within you. Your body, mind, and soul are now adjusting to a new way of thinking, to a new way of feeling and to a new way of being.

8th spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - you are sub-consciously aligning your body, mind, and soul

You are subconsciously trying to align and unify the body, mind, and soul. To adjust the stress and worry, you are practicing yoga, meditation, light training, and strength exercises. The body is slowly adjusting to higher frequencies. Your diet is changing – Your body no longer responds to commercial dieting and manufactured substances. You feel ill, low and dull after the consumption of lower vibrational foods. Your body starts to crave organic, fresh plant-based foods that are high in energy levels. (Why Wheatgrass will make you healthy, loving and blissful)  A lot of past low vibrational favorite dishes are now been given up. Sugar, processed foods, medication become overwhelmingly intense to the physical body. You are starting to give up all sorts of addictions like smoking, drinking, etc and everything which you are aware of, is bringing harm to your body. You now are starting to connect better with your body and give up all the toxins entering. Listen to your body during these times of adjustment.

you start to unify mind, body, and soul during spiritual awakening

9th spiritual awakening warning towards bliss - your relationships with people are changing

Your relationship with past people starts changing. As you transcend to higher vibrations (Take the Vibration Assessment Quiz and know how high your vibrations are), old relationships and old situations slowly start to move away from your life. You are no longer interested in gossip or drama or judgments. Negativity, now becomes far more noticeable, particularly when it arrives in the form of gossip or judgments. These karmic relationships or environments (workplace etc.) are out of alignment with your new shift in vibrations of the body. You are naturally drawn away from anything which is not serving your truth. You will start to attract new people (20 exclusive secrets about Indigos you need to know), places and come in sync with situations that are aligned with your vibrational match. Trust the process and go with the flow as the Universe always wants the highest good for you. Do not feel guilty if your old relationships are breaking, wish the soul well and move ahead in your journey

10th spiritual awakening towards bliss - an intense increase in perception

Spiritually awake people see the world in childlike wonder - the beauty and the intricacy of the existence’s phenomena that other people take for granted and don’t pay much attention to. You start to feel a deep appreciation for everything in your life and see much of what is right in the world, along with what’s wrong. The small things become a huge sense of wonder and amazement. You are surprised by the beauty of how the world functions. You become increasingly aware of the present moment and the beauty it surrounds with. You do not care about the past or the future. The world looks brighter, colorful and more fascinating and a beautiful place particularly with nature and the strangeness and amazement of nature’s landscape. You start to feel open and are allowing the expansion of your mind and consciousness to integrate these new fields of energy.


Spiritual Awakening can be a taxing process but know that it is the most beautiful journey you can take in your life as it opens and reveals to you so much about yourself which you would have never known. Know and have faith that it only gets better and the journey never stops as life is all about healing and experiencing love, joy, peace, abundance, and happiness.

A lot of the spiritual awakening is navigated well by making sure are vibrations are high. Take the Vibration Assessment Quiz to know what your current vibration and frequencies are.

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