15 Valuable Lightwork-backed Love Abilities in the World

Lightworkers are said to be souls who have volunteered to come to Earth at this historic time. They are here to assist in the elevation of human consciousness and help uplift the consciousness of Gaia. All lightworkers have or are undergoing a spiritual awakening. A lot of the earth and its inhabitants are operating and vibrating at a very lower frequency, in the state of fear. There is a lot of focus on the 3D material world and the separation of human consciousness from each other is leading to the downfall of the man. Lightworkers are here to assist humanity, to help them become aware of their infinite potential off love and to play a role in the ascension of the earth to a new 5D love based higher vibration.

15 signs you are a lightworker

These are the signs or traits of a genuine lightworker. You may be a lightworker and are yet to awaken to your true calling.                                                             

1st Lightwork-backed love ability- you care for everyone

You silently bless everyone you meet and wish them the best – Not just to add drama or for any hidden intentions, but it comes out genuinely from the heart space and you wish each soul you interact with the best because you want the best for them. This happens out loud or more so internally in your thoughts and feelings.

2nd Lightwork-backed love ability - you care for animals and environment

You love animals and you care deeply for the environment – You are extremely passionate about the state of the current environment and want to make a huge difference to save the environment from destruction. You deeply feel connected with nature and all the animals as you realize we are all part of each other. You respect all life there is on the planet and are actively fighting against any sort of inflicted harm being caused for material gains.

3rd Lightwork-backed love ability - you intend to heal the world

You want to heal all the pain and suffering in the world – You are deeply compassionate and sense and see the suffering in the world and it causes deep pain and depression in you. This comes from the state of oneness among all beings. You realize to start healing the world, you need to completely heal yourself and project your light like a lighthouse in a sea full of darkness.

4th Lightwork-backed love ability - you have a spiritual awakening

You have or are undergoing a spiritual awakening (10 massive awakening warnings that will make you see bliss). This is common for all lightworkers and Indigos as the experience is needed to shake the 3D reality of what they thought they were to a higher vibrational frequency of what they actually are. Every lightworker will go through or might have gone through an intense spiritual awakening in this life or in past lives. Another reason to undergo an awakening is to experience all the lower vibrational frequencies and help transmute them to a higher vibration for the collective.

Spiritual Awakening

5th Lightwork-backed love ability - you are working on yourself

You constantly try to improve yourself and are committed to growing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You become self-aware of every reaction to any situation and try to heal everything which is not taking you closer to unconditional love for every being. This helps in raising your own consciousness which increases the consciousness of the collective.

6th Lightwork-backed love ability - you are witnessing synchronicity

You are experiencing a heavy dosage of synchronicity. You understand there are no coincidences and everything is going according to a well-scripted plan. The synchronicities are the signs from the Universe that you are on the right path. Have a deep sense of awareness to receive these guided synchronous messages from the higher realms of beings.

7th Lightwork-backed love ability - you connect with other dimensions

You are being guided or are in contact with the angels, the ascended masters, the source of energy (God) and other beings of the spiritual realms. You have now developed a strong sense of intuition or are in the process of developing. However, you now understand that there is much more to what appeals to the five senses and have now started to trust the spiritual realm.

8th Lightwork-backed love ability - you are moving away from the 3D matrix

The materialistic world and the 3D matrix no longer serves you. Regular small talks and the mad run after the materialism of the world no longer makes any sense to you. As the consciousness increases the lower vibrations of gossiping and hating decrease and you are starting to distance yourself from all the 3D drama.


9th Lightwork-backed love ability - you feel a strong connection

Feel a deep spiritual connection with yourself and every other being of life, you respect all forms of life. You no longer consume meat or low vibration food and have adopted a plant-based diet as you are consciously aware of the negativity involved in the killing of animals for meat. You start to realize every life form is important and connected and we are all one interdependent consciousness of life. Your food choices become healthy as you realize how the right food raises your awareness and consciousness! (Download our free e-book Food Vibrates)

Having high vibration actions from lightowrker

10th Lightwork-backed love ability - you are adopting a lot of spiritual practices

You are adopting a lot of spiritual practices to self-heal – Practicing Yoga, meditation and exercising, being aware of the food you are eating and taking care to only eating healthy, dropping all forms of contaminated additives like alcohol, nicotine, and tobacco and adopting many self-healing practices like reiki, chi-energy healing, and feng-shui. You have started to realize the divine in yourself.

11th Lightwork-backed love ability - you need to share

You feel a sense and deep need to share your experiences of higher vibrations of love, joy, and peace through writing, teaching, counseling or any means which you are gifted for and heal the collective. Your focus is to raise your vibrations, so you can help elevate others to higher states of vibrations too! (Assess your vibrations by taking the Vibration Assessment Quiz and know your current energy levels)

12th Lightwork-backed love ability - you embrace solitude

Solitary time feels normal or sometimes much needed. This alone time is to recharge your energy and grounding after the interaction of a lot of other energies from the matrix. The reason being the body is starting to vibrate at a higher frequency and is becoming sensitive to the energies around us.

embracing solitude

13th Lightwork-backed love ability - you feel at one with the cosmos

You feel at one with the cosmos. You spend a lot of time gazing at the stars and try to find a home. This is because of the deep inner knowing that there is another home out there and you begin to feel at peace. This is common with a lot of Starseeds.

14th Lightwork-backed love ability - you are a rebel

You are rebellious and are starting to question conformity. You start to challenge the system and are challenging your thoughts and the conditioned programming­­ of the society since birth. You are starting to reject organizations and corporate structures as they all appeal false. This is also common with Indigos. (20 exclusive secrets about Indigos you need to know)

15th Lightwork-backed love ability - you are a powerful

You manifest power and are aware of the importance of thoughts as the thoughts you have are the reality you create. You are helping to spread positivity and are starting to realize the power of alchemy in you.

If you resonate with a lot of the above abilities, you might be a lightworker. Your time to shine and spread your light has now come. Start to trust your intuition and follow your heart and start using your unique talents to help assist the planet and its beings.

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