3 SHOCKING Reasons Beginners can't Start Meditation! (Research Backed)

It's SHOCKING! Carrying out research, 90% reasons why beginners can't start meditation boils down to these 3 simple reasons. If you are a beginner, you must surely want to start meditation as a daily habit. But are any of these 3 reasons stopping you from starting meditation as a daily habit, every day? Are you a beginner who can't start meditation?

Have you been trying to meditate recently but have failed to carry it forward. Research backs three major reasons why you are not able to meditate regularly and how to move past them! We discuss at length what these challenges are and how to address them to move forward on our meditation journey.

Meditation is the most beautiful practice known to mankind. I appreciate your beautiful soul to wanting to start this beautiful practice. However, with any beautiful achievement, there is a considerable amount of effort! Here are 5 reasons why meditation will make you valuable in the world. 

You may be wondering how to start meditation or are facing challenges while trying to adopt meditation as a practice. This article will help you look at three main reasons 90% of the people put off practicing this wonderful and beautiful practice. We help you uncover the top 3 meditation challenges for beginners and help them to get on the habit of the meditation practice.

It's easy to term such a beautiful individual like you as a beginner. The term beginner has a very disturbing connotation to the midset. Because everyone in this fast-paced digital world wants to be an expert. And yes, in a matter of seconds.

Realizing this effort, a lot of people give up when trying to start Meditation. It is because they are looking for quick-fixes and easy shortcuts. Attaining peace requires patience and practice.

However, it is also more about your mindset. We hear so many different things from the world around us. Backed by proven research, the top two reasons why beginners can't meditate is based on mindset. Mindset adopted by other people who also can't meditate.

Reason 1 beginners can't start meditation: You are not your first priority 

We often put other people's lives in front of others. We serve. The kids going to school, the significant other wanting some 'attention", parents need your support. Your boss is mad about the minor error in your presentation. Your car needs service. The list goes on.

Reason why you can't meditate: You re not your number 1 priority

We feel when we put others first, we care for them. It's right we absolutely do! But are we giving them our best undivided stress-free attention they deserve? No. Because we have depleted everything that can be given. Unless you do not recharge your own self, how do you expect to give back to others? It's time you put yourself, first. As a priority. And then attend to people you care about. Your energy will be full of love and high vibrations, which will make them feel actually "cared".

Reason 2 beginners can't start meditation: You think it's not or you

Yes, it's for the ancient sages sitting under the trees. Or the monk who sold his Ferrari, and settled in the mountains! No. Absolutely not. It's for everyone. And most importantly, it's for YOU! You can meditate anywhere, anytime! Period.

Reason 3 beginners can't start meditation: You do not have a strong "WHY"?

Meditation has benefits that are manifold. Do you have a strong reason as to why you want to start meditating? Is it about stress? Improving health? Clear Mindset? Whatever the reason, make sure it is strong and something you look forward to doing!

Reason you ca't meditate: You don't have a strong why

To raise the vibrations of the collective and also your own vibrations, there is no better tool than meditation. Meditation is an incredibly powerful tool and practice to completely change your life - for the better! Research reveals that the powerful practice of meditation not just helps us expand our spirituality, but also has powerful physical benefits. It helps to decrease stressimprove immunity and cardiovascular healthreduce depression and anxietyimprove sleepimprove concentration and memoryenhance relationships and compassionate behavior, reduce reactivitypromote emotional awareness and regulationenhance resiliency and frustration tolerancepromote flexibility and creativity.

Meditating regularly also has some spiritual benefits to upgrade your vibration and frequency! (Take the world's most complete vibration assessment quiz to know your vibrations). Meditation helps in acting as a purification system for our energetic field. It also helps in raising our awareness of senses - including the sixth sense. Apart from having control of our thoughts and emotions, it also helps us in making the right choices and keeping us in the present moment.

However, meditation has these immense benefits only when practiced consistently. Only when you continue this practice over a period of time, like a hockey stick curve (exponential curve), it's benefits are realized! But the more consistent you are, the "easier" the practice will become. You'll become familiar with the patterns of your mind. You'll notice less chatter and more stillness. You'll still have sessions that are boring or irritating, but you'll come to know that your practice, just like your life, is always changing.

Start meditation with Days 11:11 Minutes Meditation Challenge

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To do this we would require the assistance of at least 20% population of the Earth. This 20% would have to have a higher vibration frequency, an elevated consciousness and an expanded spirituality to set this powerful intention. Following the 80/20 rule and the 100th Monkey Effect, we would help in fulfilling our mission.

We have started The Days 11:11 Minutes Meditation Challenge to help a lot of people kick-start their meditation practice. The idea behind it is to have people who are new to meditation or have difficulty meditating consistently, inculcate and adopt meditation and mindfulness as a daily routine. Also, we plan to create revolutionary movement overtime to spread and adopt wildfire practice of meditation in a lot of people!

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